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Auckland Food Guide by georgieats

Hello readers!

Almost every day, I get asked what my favourite dinner spots are, where to have breakfast in Auckland CBD, where I go food shopping and of course, what are the best desserts in Auckland. So, I have decided to start my own Auckland Food Guide.

Below is my ultimate guide to all things food related, featuring my favourite eateries in Auckland and eateries I want to try, along with coffee spots, desserts, food trucks, favourite cocktail bars, food related activities, markets and shopping.

I will keep the list up to date to include new openings, and will link each place to either my Instagram posts, my blog posts or my favourite Auckland food blogger’s blog posts or Instagram posts.



A great breakfast/brunch spot to indulge in your inner sweet tooth, namely their hotcakes with toffee apple ice cream. Read more about Bestie here.
Address: St Kevin’s Arcade, 179/183 Karangahape Road, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Billy Cafe
Serving Asian-inspired dishes (the owners are Korean) and beautiful coffee!
Address: 79 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket
Socials: Website / Instagram

Cali Press
With two branches (one in Parnell and the original store in the CBD), Cali Press serves healthy and delicious juices, smoothies, superfood breakfast bowls and wholesome meals. Their aim is to create a fun and natural way of clean living! Read more about Cali Press here.
Address: Two locations, my favourite: 287 Parnell Road
Socials: Website / Instagram

I have only ever head great things about this cafe! They serve delicious breakfasts, a range of lunch options, plus coffee, and do catering. I haven’t visited Catroux yet – it is still on my foodie wishlist! Read more about Catroux here.
Address: 129 West End Road, Westmere
Socials: Website / Instagram

Daily Bread
… Read more about Daily Bread here. 
Address: A few locations, my favourite: Pop Up at 
Socials: Website / Instagram

Goodness Gracious
A bagel and coffee joint which opened up in Parnell last year (they also have a branch in Eden Terrace). So far, I have only tried The Brekkie Bagel and the Pulled Pork, but I plan to work my way through the list. Read more about Goodness Gracious here.
Address: Shop 10, 109-115 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell
Socials: Website / Instagram

Hello Friends & Allies
This vibrant cafe has an extensive breakfast and lunch menu and has one good looking food cabinet, filled with fresh pastries, baking, sandwiches and salads which change daily. Read more about Hello Friends & Allies here
Address: 93 Great South Road, Epsom
Socials: Instagram

Le Chef
A French cafe and restaurant located on Upper Vulcan Lane, Le Chef serves the best flat whites (see below) and their breakfasts are yummy too. My favourite is their $12 dish – two poached eggs and bacon on sourdough. Such a steal!
Address: Upper Vulcan Lane, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Little Bird Kitchen
Delicious raw vegan fare, they serve breakfast smoothies and juices, waffles, hot cakes, bagels and sprouted bread with a variety of toppings. 
Address: Corner Summer Street and Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Socials: Website / Instagram 

Probably the most Instagrammed dish on Auckland’s foodie scene, the ‘Nest‘ with sunflower seed crumbed soft-boiled eggs, in a filo nest with beetroot ketchup, feta and a rocket salad. Another eatery I am yet to try!
Address: 4A Owairaka Ave, Mount Albert

Major Sprout
A must try is their EPIC buttermilk pancakes with mascarpone, butterscotch, marshmallows, candy floss, freeze dried fruit AND unlimited Noble maple syrup! Need I say more?! Read more about Major Sprout here.
Address: 21 Graham Street, CBD
Socials: Instagram

Major Tom
Brought to you by the same owners as one of my favourite cafes – Winona Forever. I am currently 
eyeing up their Pulled Pork Benedict and Brioche French Toast with Caramel Panacotta.
Address: 87 Apollo Drive, Rosedale
Socials: Instagram / Facebook

Odette’s Eatery
Beautiful food, setting and service. Read more about Odette’s Eatery here.
Address: 90 Wellesley St West, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Ozone Coffee Roasters
Relatively new to Auckland, Ozone Coffee has been roasting coffee for over 20 years. Their original shop is located in New Plymouth, plus they also have a few stores in the UK. Their all day brunch menu is innovative and there is definitely something for everyone. Read more about Ozone Coffee here
Address: 18 Westmoreland Street West, Grey Lynn
Socials: Website / Instagram 

Raw Power Cafe
Head here for a vegetarian breakfast – my favourite is their EPIC French Toast! Read more about Raw Power here.
Address: 10 Vulcan Lane, CBD
Socials: Facebook

Rude Boy Deli & Eatery
Brought to you by the same owners as one of my favourite cafes – Winona Forever. I love their Eggs Benedict and Snickers Slice! They also have an amazing sweet foodie cabinet.
Address: 100 Parnell Road
Socials: Instagram

Takapuna Beach Cafe & Store

With incredible views over Takapuna Beach, this cafe makes for the perfect place to have breakfast or brunch. Their menu is simple – featuring all the classics, plus also serve pastries, gelato, sandwiches and coffee. Read more about Takapuna Beach Cafe here.
Address: The Promenade, Takapuna Beach
Socials: Website / Instagram

The Garden Shed
* Note this eatery is currently closed due to renovations*
I dined here for an #NZBloggers Brunch Club and loved it! Try their breakfast board or their famous burger! Read more about The Garden Shed here
Address: 470 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden
Socials: Website / Instagram

The Lula Inn

Bottomless Brunch for 2 hours sounds great doesn’t it? Simply choose a meal, plus you receive unlimited cocktails, mocktails, and prosecco. Live music is also provided, along with lovely views of Auckland’s Viaduct. Read more about The Lula Inn here.
Address: 149 Quay Street, Viaduct Harbour
Socials: Instagram / Details

The Smoothie Bowl
This place is popping up on my Instagram feed a lot, this smoothie bowl place looks amazing! Definitely heading here next time I’m on the shore.
Address: 33-45 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
Socials: Instagram

Winona Forever
I love their Insta-famous Eton Mess French Toast, buckwheat hotcakes and anything from their amazing food cabinet! Read more about Winona Forever here.
Address: 100 Parnell Road
Socials: Website / Instagram


Best Ugly Bagels
Their main jam is bagels, but their Havana coffee is amazing!
Address: A few locations, my favourite: 3A York Street, Newmarket
Socials: Website / Instagram

Billy Cafe
Beautiful Supreme coffee – cannot fault it! 
Address: 79 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket
Socials: Website / Instagram

Cova Cafe
An long-time favourite cafe of mine – their coffee is consistently good every single time – I have never had a bad one. Their original store was in 277 Newmarket Mall, but since the mall has undergone renovations, they are now located inside Sylvia Park Mall.
Address: Sylvia Park (Pak ‘n’ Save end)

Le Chef
$3 large flat whites, all day, every day. And they serve soy if you’re dairy free, so only $3.50! I think this may be the cheapest soy flat white in Auckland CBD!
Address: Upper Vulcan Lane, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Head here for Miann’s ‘Valrhona Hot Chocolate Edition menu’, which includes eight hot chocolate drinks, all made with Valrhona chocolate (my favourite). Options like ‘Freeze dried passionfruit and coconut’ and ‘Hazelnut praline’ are guaranteed to satisfy! Read more about Miann here and here.
Address: 37 Galway Street, Britomart, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Major Sprout
Serving Flight Coffee, which is creamy and delicious.
Address: 21 Graham Street, CBD
Socials: Instagram

Marua Road Cafe
Very good coffee (Jack’s) and the cutest latte art I have ever seen. Read more about Marua Road Cafe here.
Address: 159 Marua Road, Mount Wellington
Socials: Instagram

Head here for Miann’s ‘Valrhona Hot Chocolate Edition menu’, which includes eight hot chocolate drinks, all made with Valrhona chocolate (my favourite). Options like ‘Freeze dried passionfruit and coconut’ and ‘Hazelnut praline’ are guaranteed to satisfy! Read more about Miann here and here.
Address: 37 Galway Street, Britomart, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Nice coffee, plus I love their Valrhona hot chocolates! Read more about Rosie here.
Address: 82 Gladstone Road, Parnell
Socials: Website / Instagram

Stolen Summer
A recent addition to High Street, Stolen Summer serves delicious coffee (and extra hot yay!) and sometimes you receive a complimentary mini chocolate chip cookie too. Their coffee shop is super cute and great for the ‘gram!
Address: 18 High Street, CBD
Socials: Instagram


Try their Fry-pan brownie pan dessert, with raspberries, raspberry marshmallows and butterscotch raspberry ripple ice cream, which won an award in the 2017 Metro Restaurant Awards. They also serve their Famous Pavlova – three ways, plus various other desserts which will have your mouth watering.
Address: 91 St. George’s Bay Road, Parnell
Socials: Website / Instagram

Duck Island Ice Cream
One, if not, my favourite ice cream store in Auckland. I am absolutely head over heels YUM. Read more about Duck Island Ice Cream here
Address: 1/182 Ponsonby Road
Socials: Website / Instagram

A must try dessert is their Loukoumades aka Greek doughnuts, served with a perfect coffee ice cream, nutella sauce and hazelnuts. Read more about Gerome here.
Address: 269 Parnell Road
Website / Instagram

Another favourite ice cream shop Auckland, for their delicious and innovative flavours, such as Giapo Buono, Siamu Popo, 
Feijoa & Chamomile Sorbet, Afghan Cookie, Siamu Popo with Fries(!!), Vegan Chocolate Chip, Easter Egg Creation, NZ Blackberry Martini Rosso, Feijoa and Hot Cross Bun. Read more about Giapo here.
Address: 12 Gore Street, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Krispy Kreme
Original Glazed Doughnuts. Kreme Shakes. Coffee. Sundaes. Your chance to see them making the doughnuts. All this and more at the first NZ Krispy Kreme store in Manukau. More recently, a store opened up in Chancery Square – literally 30 seconds from my work place! Read more about Krispy Kreme here and here.
Address: A few locations, my favourite: Chancery Square
Socials: Website / Instagram

Little & Friday
Head here for the BEST DOUGHNUTS IN AUCKLAND, filled with creme patisserie and raspberry coulis. They also have an amazing food cabinet filled with mini sweet cakes and slices, plus savoury options like tarts, quiches and filled sandwiches.
Address: 11 McColl Street, Newmarket
Socials: Website / Instagram

An amazing dessert bar! My favourites include their ever changeable gateaux, plated desserts, handmade bonbons, Valrhona hot chocolates and ice cream (love the s’mores). Read more about Miann here and here.
Address: A few locations, my favourite: 37 Galway Street, Britomart
Socials: Website / Instagram

Auckland’s first dessert bar, selling gateaux, macarons, plated desserts and my favourite ice cream on a stick – Bombe Alaska, with the sorbet flavour inside changes according to season – yummy! Read more about Milse here.
Address: 31 Tyler Street, Britomart
Socials: Website / Instagram

Who could say no to cookies and milkshakes? My favourite cookies in Auckland! They also make a delicious vegan peanut butter cookie and vegan peanut butter milkshake – swoon!
Address: 309 Karangahape Road, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Petal Cupcakes
These cupcakes taste just like the real thing! With flavours like mango, salted caramel, red velvet and espresso, they are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet cravings!
Address: 8 Teed Street, Newmarket
Socials: Website / Instagram

Pie Piper & Doornuts
American style pies and donuts, delivered straight to your door! I LOVE their maple bacon donut – tastes just like pancakes. Mmmmm. Read more about Doornuts here.
Address: 321 Karangahape Road, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram / Website / Instagram

The Caker
Looking for a celebration cake? The Caker is your answer. Beautiful handmade cakes, usually adorned with flowers and all things pretty. Also love their cake mixes! Read more about The Caker here.
Address: 446 Karangahape Road, Newton
Socials: Website / Instagram

The Dairy
Does Kapiti ice cream sandwiches and sodas topped with fairy floss sound good to you?! If so, you will love The Dairy!
Address: Ponsonby Central
Socials: Website / Instagram

French patisserie located in Parnell serving beautiful gateaux and crunchy baguettes. Read more about Vaniye here.
Address: 1/7 Windsor Street, Parnell
Socials: Website / Instagram

Winona Forever
Sweet sweet food cabinet heaven! Doughnuts. Lamingtons. Cheesecake Slice. Croissants. Rocky Road. Brownie. Meringues. Read more about Winona Forever here.
Address: 100 Parnell Road
Socials: Website / Instagram


My favourite lunch place in Auckland. My favourite dishes include their Sashimi Don, Yakisoba Noodles and Kimchi Pork Donburi. Their sushi is beautiful  too! Read more about &Sushi here.
Address: A few locations, my favorites: City Works Depot and 2 Tyler Street, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Bird on A Wire
Fresh and delicious salads, served with homemade rotisserie chicken – delish! Read more about Bird on A Wire here.
Address: A few locations, my favourite: Ponsonby Central
Socials: Website / Instagram

A great Japanese restaurant in the CBD. Nice ambience, good service, variety of dishes, good lunch special, plus on Friday nights, they do a short drum performance, which is very cool! Check out this, this and this.
Address: 22 Durham Street West, CBD
Socials: Website 

Little Bird Kitchen
Delicious raw food, with a variety of lunch dishes. They also sell smoothies, juices,
desserts and more. Read more about Little Bird Unbakery here.
Address: Corner Summer Street and Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Socials: Website / Instagram

Lucky Buddha
An all time favourite, serving Japanese, Korean, Thai and Filipino food. Read more about Lucky Buddha here.
Address: 48 Fort Street, CBD
Socials: Instagram

Hands down the best fried chicken in Auckland, which is perfectly spiced and crunchy! Also love their quesadillas, guacamole and shots of the 1800 coconut tequila. Read more about Mexico Britomart here.
Address: Several locations, my favourites: 23 Britomart Place, CBD and Sylvia Park
Socials: Website / Instagram

Poderi Crisci
Located in Waiheke, Poderi Crisci serves the dreamiest lunch spreads, all Italian fare. Read more about Poderi Crisci here.
Address: 205 Awaawaroa Road, Wa
iheke Island
Socials: Website / Instagram

Raw Power
Head here for awesome vegetarian food, in particular the salads, corn fritters, tofu sandwich, falafel and pumpkin curry soup. Read more about Raw Power here.
Address: 10 Vulcan Lane, CBD

The Kimchi Project
Fast becoming one of my favourite places to grab lunch during the working week, The Kimchi Project serves Korean-inspired dishes. My favourite menu item to order is their Korean Lunch Set complete with Bulgogi Beef, Purple Rice, Salad, Lotus Root Chips, Kimchi and Sprouts. YUM. Read more about The Kimchi Project here.
Address: 20 Lorne Street, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram


Aroy Thai Eatery
This eatery serves super filing and tasty Asian dishes, with most priced under $15. I love their Pad Thai!
Address: 13 Commerce Street, CBD
Socials: Website

Belly Worship
A Chinese-fusion style restaurant located on Dominion Road, serving a range of dishes such as steamed and fried dumplings, taco buns, spicy pancakes, stir-fried noodles, chicken, pork, beef and tofu dishes. The restaurant is not licensed, but they do offer a self-service bar where you pay just $3 for unlimited soft drink, alongside popcorn, corn chips and pretzels. This is a great idea – something to snack on while you wait for the rest of your party. A very cool cheap eat! Read more about Belly Worship here
Address: 547 Dominion Road, Mount Eden
Socials: Instagram

Best Ugly Bagels
The best bagels, but definitely not ugly. My all time favourite bagel is the tomato, mozzarella and basil. But the TAB is also delicious – tomato, avocado and bacon. Read more about Best Ugly Bagels here.
Address: A few locations, my favourite: 3A York Street, Newmarket
Socials:Website / Instagram

Better Burger
Looking for a cheap burger, but don’t want to eat at McDonalds?! Then head to Better Burger for a super tasty meal and cheap too. Read more about Better Burger here
Address: A few locations with two in the CBD
Socials:Website / Instagram

I absolutely love Burgerfuel – my all time favourite burger is the Peanut Piston, but sadly it is not on the menu at the moment. I am a huge fan of their vegetarian burgers – Combustion Tofu which has a beautiful peanut and teriyaki sauce. More recently, their vegan burgers are pretty amazing – Beyond Beleaf (with not-beef) and Chook Free (with not-chicken). 
Address: Various locations, with two in the CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Eden Noodles Cafe
Located on Dominion Road, this restaurant specialises in Sichuan cuisine. The menu is lengthy, and all dishes are reasonably priced. You can order fresh and handmade dumplings, noodles, soups, wontons, hotpot, rice dishes and Sichuan snacks. My favourite dish is their Pork and Chive Dumplings in Spicy Sauce – 20 for $12 – such a steal! Read more about Eden Noodles Cafe here.
Address: 105 Dominion Road, Mount Eden
Socials: Website / Instagram

Head to Faro in the CBD for a reasonably priced Korean lunch (my favourite being the bibimbap!). I really enjoy their side dishes too. Read more about Faro here.
Address: 5 Lorne Street, CBD

Flavour Pitalicious
For when you want a quick, cheap and yummy lunch. I love their ‘Flavour of the day’ for $5, my favourite day being Wednesday, because that means falafel!
Address: 29 Vulcan Lane, CBD

Hello Mister
My favourite Vietnamese in Auckland! Amazing rice paper rolls, noodle salads (so far, I have tried the lemongrass chicken and crispy pork), beef pho and watermelon juice!
Address: Three locations, my favourite: 29A Customs Street, CBD
Website / Instagram

Indochine Kitchen Express
Cute takeaway spot serving delicious summer rolls, beef pho, papaya salad and banh mi.
Address: 7 High Street, CBD (down the stairs)
Socials: Instagram

A great place for lunch in the CBD if you are craving Malaysian food. Love their
beef rendang, curry chicken and char kway teow. Read more about Mamak here.
Address: 50 Kitchener Street, CBD
Socials: Facebook

New Flavour
My favourite place to get dumplings! I have been going here since I was 18 (do the math…) so a very long time. The best part is that they are open till the early hours of the morning – I would much rather go here than McDonald’s after dancing the night away.
Address: 537 Dominion Road, Mount Eden
Socials: Instagram

Poke Poke
I absolutely love a good Poke Bowl. Having tried many around Auckland, Poke Poke remains my favourite. Great prices, good range of ingredients and friendly staff. Read more about Poke Poke here.
Address: Three locations, my favourite: 17A Remuera Road, Newmarket
Socials: Instagram

A super cheap meal to have before catching a movie or show in the CBD. Bonus, if sitting outside, you can order a drink from the bar next door. Their rice donburi and udon noodles are only $13.50 – such a good price! Read more about Renkon here
Address: 10 Durham Street East, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Revive Vegetarian Cafe
Delicious salads, soups, meals that change weekly! Read more about Revive here.
Address: Lorne Street and Wyndham Street, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

The concept behind Scarecrow is to showcase seasonal produce and artisan products from around Auckland and beyond, whether it be trying out one of their breakfasts, lunches, dinners or cabinet food from their cafe or fresh produce and breads from their grocer.
I love their $10 soup and salad specials, plus their iced drinks made with Little Island ice cream. Read more about Scarecrow here.
Address: 33 Victoria Street East, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Another great place to get your Malaysian fix, with very cheap prices! We love their laksa (hello three meals!), Beef Rendang and sweet buns. Read more about Selera here
Address: 487 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket 

Sumthin Dumplin
Some of the tastiest dumplings you will ever eat. Favourites include ‘The OG’ and ‘Premium Beef’ dumplings.
Address: 12 O’Connell Street, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Try It Out Vietnamese
I have only ever heard good things about Try It Out, an eatery serving authentic Vietnamese food. It is on the list! Read more about Try It Out here.
Address: 79 Atkinson Avenue, Otahuhu

Umu Pizza
If you are craving a top quality woodfired pizza, then look no further than UMU Pizza. Their pizzas are seriously good. They also run a daily happy hour between 5-6pm where all pizzas are half price with any drink purchase. Read more about Umu Pizza here
Address: 469 New North Road, Kingsland
Socials: Website / Instagram

Uncle Man’s
Probably my favourite Malaysian eatery in Auckland (along with Selera, see above). Love their made-to-order Roti and Beef Rendang. Super cheap prices too! They also just opened a new eatery in Eastridge Mall. Read more about Uncle Man here
Address: 277 Karangahape Road, CBD and 215 Kepa Road, Mission Bay
Socials: Instagram

Xuxu Dumpling & Bar
Cocktails, Dumplings and Dessert. Three of my favourite things. And three things that you will find atXuxu, making it one of my favourite eateries in the city. Read more about Xuxu here.
Address: Corner Galway Street and Commerce Street, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram


Coco’s Cantina
Happy Hour runs every day, 4pm to 6pm – $7 prosecco, wine and beer
Address: 376 Karangahape Road, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram


Spitting Feathers
On Thursday, Heninekens are only $3 each. It is not my favourite beer, nor it is the most tasty, but at that price, I would happily drink it.
Address: 16 Wyndham Street, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram



Bedford Soda & Liquor
Instagram worthy cocktails! I once went to a cocktail masterclass at Bedford Soda & Liquor and it was awesome – read more about it here.
Address: Two 
locations, my favourite: 2 Richmond Road, Ponsonby
Socials: Website / Instagram

Frida’s Margaritas – Mexico
12 different margarita flavours – I love the Raspberry & Elderflower, Mango & Passionfruit and Lychee & Salt – all top notch! Read more about Mexico Britomart here.
Address: Several locations, my favourites: 23 Britomart Place, CBD and Sylvia Park 
Socials: Website / Instagram

Love their 
espresso martinis!
Address: 41 Shortland Street, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Soul Bar & Bistro
All of their cocktails are perfect, but of course, their espresso martini is my favourite! Read more about Soul Bar here.
Address: Viaduct Harbour, CBD
Socials:Website / Instagram

The Vodka Room
Again, love their espresso martinis!
Socials: Website / Instagram

White & Wongs
I haven’t tried it yet, but my friend swears by their “Dragon Drop” cocktail with gin, vodka and elderflower liqueur. I loved their “Madame Butterfly” cocktail with gin, chambord, passionfruit and white chocolate garnish. Highly recommend! Read more about White & Wong’s here.
Address: 149 Quay Street, Viaduct Harbour, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram

Xuxu Dumpling & Bar
Amazing cocktails, but my favourite is their passionfruit mocktail (it is not on the menu, but just ask). Read more about Xuxu here.
Address: Corner Galway Street and Commerce Street, CBD
Socials: Website / Instagram


Beautiful Italian-inspired meals, featuring pasta handmade on-site and seasonal ingredients.
……… /
Socials: Website / Instagram

Hello Italian. And meatballs. Read more about Baduzzi here.
……… /
Socials: Website / Instagram

Blue Breeze Inn
A modern Pacific Asian fusion restaurant serving up mouthwatering eats. Don’t leave without trying their crispy pork belly bao and cocktails in coconuts.
Address: 146 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Socials: Website / Instagram

Burger Burger
Never fails to amaze me! Order a few burgers, a side of broccoli and potato skins. And a peanut butter thickshake. And, if you are dining at their Newmarket or Takapuna branches, then you will want to save room for dessert – ice cream sandwiches!!! Read more about Burger Burger here.
Address: A few locations – Newmarket, Ponsonby Central & Takapuna
Socials: Website / Instagram

Cafe Hanoi
One of my favourite restaurants in Britomart, for its forever buzzing atmosphere, great service, and of course, their South-East Asian/Vietnamsese food is always full of flavour and presented well, no matter what you order! Read more about Cafe Hanoi here.
Address: Corner Galway & Commerce Streets, Britomart
Socials: Website / Instagram

Cafe Viet

Read more about Cafe Viet here
……… /
Socials: Website / Instagram

Delicious Taiwanese street food. I recommend their Pork Belly Bao, Tofu Bao, Spicy Popcorn Chicken and any of their cocktails!
Address: 4 Owairaka Ave, Mount Albert / Instagram

Beautiful Italian-inspired food, all very reasonably priced. Homemade pasta and loads of cheese. Get there quick! 
Read more about Cotto here.
375 Karangahape Road, Auckland / Instagram / Facebook

Dantes Pizzeria
Authentic Woodfired Italian pizza. This is my go to for a mouthwatering Margherita pizza! Read more about Dantes Pizzeria here.
Two locations, but my favourite is at Ponsonby Central, 136 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby / Website / Instagram

Owned and run by Al Brown, Depot is one of my favourites. I love their oysters, kingfish sliders and potato skins! Read more about Depot here.
86 Federal Street, Auckland CBD / Website / Instagram

Eight at Cordis
The best buffet in Auckland, featuring eight different food stations. Definitely something for everyone on the menu. Oh and there’s a chocolate fountain, complete with marshmallows and fruit on sticks! Read more about Eight here.
83 Symonds Street, Grafton / Website / Instagram

If you are looking for authentic New York style pizza, look no further than Epolitos in Grey Lynn. Owner ……. hails from New York and her pizzas are amazing. My favourites include the Pepperoni, Sicilian Sausage, Margherita and Artichoke and Lemon.
166 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn / Website / Instagram

Federal Delicatessen
New York Jewish deli style food. My favourite dish? Their Montreal poutine with fries, cheese curd and gravy. Read more about Federal Delicatessen here.
86 Federal Street, Auckland CBD / Website / Instagram

Gemmayze Street
One of my favourite restaurants in Auckland for its beautiful and authentic Lebanese food. I have dined here three times now and already dying to go back. I highly recommend their hummus, pita, falafels, tabbouleh, fish and for dessert, turmeric cake with all things nice. Read more about Gemmayze Street here.
Shop 15-16 St Kevin’s Arcade, Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD / Website / Instagram

The latest newcomer to Parnell’s dining scene, serving beautiful modern Greek food. Read more about Gerome here.
269 Parnell Road, Parnell / Website / Instagram

Modern / Korean fusion is how I would describe HANSIK. We love going here for dinner – we usually order the Bibimbap (it’s the largest serving I have ever had), or the Sundubu (spicy tofu seafood soup) or one of their set menus, which comes with a variety of dishes. The only glitch? You have to pay extra for side dishes! Read more about HANSIK here.
19 Drake Street, Victoria Park Market, Freemans Bay / Website / Instagram

Little Bird Kitchen
Famous for its delicious raw food, Little Bird Unbakery recently opened for dinner (January 2019). Loved their pakoras, BBQ cauliflower and one of the best desserts I have eaten this year, their salted caramel ice cream sandwich. Read more about Little Bird Unbakery here.
Corner Summer Street and Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby / Website / Instagram

Love Exposure
From the same owners as Kiss Kiss and Happy Boy, Love Exposure serves delicious Vietnamese food in a bright and colourful setting. Also check out their super funky website. I have not yet been to their restaurant, but have ordered their Green Prawns and Pork Belly Bao. Blog post coming soon!
191 Dominion Road, Mount Eden / Website / Instagram

Hands down the best fried chicken in Auckland, which is perfectly spiced and crunchy! Also love their quesadillas, guacamole and shots of the 1800 coconut tequila (and one or three of their delicious Frida’s Margaritas). Read more about Mexico here

Several locations, my favourites being Britomart and Sylvia Park / Website / Instagram

Filipino-inspired dishes, using fresh New Zealand produce. You will find twists on favourite Filipino classics such as Roast Chicken ‘Sinigang’, Pork Belly ‘Lechon’, Crispy Pata, Taco Pao and desserts such as Turon and Halo Halo. Read more about Nanam here.
178 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna / Website / Instagram

Non Solo Pizza
Another favourite – sitting outside at Non Solo Pizza you will feel like you are somewhere in Italy. They have a wood-fired oven and you can watch them preparing and cooking the pizzas which I love. Their pizza is AMAZING! They also serve pasta of all kinds. Blog post coming soon!

259 Parnell Road, Parnell / Website / Instagram

Oh Calcutta
My favourite Indian in Auckland. I love the restaurant, with its starch white tablecloths and white napkins, the tandoor oven at the back, plus the service is great and the food heavenly. I recommend their Chicken Tikka Masala and Tandoor Chicken.
151 Parnell Road, Parnell / Website

I have visited Orleanson a few occasions – mainly for their Waffles with Fried Chicken and Maple Chili Syrup at lunch and at night when they have live jazz music. You can also sit at their bar and have cocktails and small plates, or go there for a delicious Southern meal, complete with dessert. Read more about Orleans here
259 Parnell Road, Parnell / Website / Instagram

Pasta e Cuore
I haven’t been here yet, but it is on the list! Plus I have heard super good things. Chefs make the pasta from scratch every day and you can watch them preparing it also. A friend has dined here and loved it. Her favourite dishes were the Tagliatelle BologneseSpaghetti alla chitarra alla Carbonara and Spaghetti alla chitarra al Gorgonzola. Great service too.
409 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden /
Website / Instagram

Another long-time favourite Italian restaurant which has been around since 1986. Excellent pasta, pizza and desserts. Plus, great service. 
226 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby / Website / Instagram

Po’ Brothers
Asian fusion cuisine, with dishes like pork belly, prawn sashimi, chicken karaage and deep fried dessert bao. Read more about Po’ Brothers here.
185 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby / Website / Instagram

Sen Vietnamese Bar & Kitchen
One of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Auckland. We love their Pho, Goi Cuon, Roasted Duck Salad and the Green Papaya Salad. Every dish is fresh and flavourful. 
26 Normanby Road, Mount Eden
/ Website / Instagram

Soul Bar & Bistro
Fantastic food, cocktails, service, atmosphere and surroundings. Read more about Soul Bar & Bistro here.
Viaduct Harbour, Auckland CBD / Website / Instagram

I’ve heard that this is the new go-to place for dumplings. Read more about Tao here.
61 Davis Crescent, Newmarket / Website / Instagram

Tiger Burger
Awesome eatery, with top notch burgers and the best kimchi fries (omg!). In love. Read more about Tiger Burger here.
549 Great North Road, Grey Lynn / Website / Instagram

Tok Tok
I first tried dishes at Tok Tok at last year’s Taste of Auckland. Since then, I have been once for lunch, but have been dying to go back. I highly recommend their Steamed Buns, Crispy Hapuka Dry Red Curry, Popcorn Shrimp, Cloudy Bay Clams and the best dish ever: CRISPY HALF DUCK, which you must order! Read more about Tok Tok here.
129 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna / Website / Instagram

White & Wong’s
My second favourite restaurant, which has absolutely amazing food! I love their dumplings, edamame (with a killer sauce), pork belly bao, Korean spicy chicken bao, kingfish sashimi, roti rolls, cocktails and nashi pear iced teas 🌸 Read more about White & Wong’s here.
149 Quay Street, Viaduct Harbour, Auckand CBD / Website / Instagram

Wu & You
Think mouthwatering food, cocktails, ambience and service. Plus, there is so much pink. Sold. Read more about Wu & You here
149 Quay Street, Viaduct Harbour, Auckand CBD / Website / Instagram


Akemis Gyoza
I enjoy seeing Akemis Gyoza at various foodie events, most recently at the Auckland Lantern Festival this year. Owned and run by Akemi Obata, her gyoza is authentic and delicious, and are made using her grandmother’s recipe. Flavours include Pork and Garlic ChivesChicken and Prawn and Miso and Shiitake, all served with homemade ponzu sauce and chili oil. I have tried all three – my favourite being Pork and Garlic Chives which are very tasty. Website / Instagram

Double Dutch Fries
These guys serve only one thing, but they do it so damn well, so much so, I now actually enjoy eating fries. Your choice of small or large serving of fries and toppings – tomato sauce, Dutch mayonnaise or satay sauce (or all!). I chose a small serving of fries, drizzled with Dutch mayonnaise and satay sauce – both are heavenly. Also loved the addition of diced red onion on top. Their fries are very filling, so I recommend sharing with friends, or just don’t eat anything else [hehe]. 
DDF have just opened a shop in Takapuna / Website / Instagram

Located on Albert Street, Egloo serves ice cream (topped with goodies) in egg waffle cones, just like they do in Hong Kong. I am interested in trying new things, and I love dessert, so I was super excited to check out Eggloo. I’m a chocoholic, so of course, I went for the ‘Just Chocolate’ combination – chocolate egg waffle cone, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate bar (at the time it was Snickers). It was delicious – who doesn’t love an overload of chocolate? Eggloo is the perfect treat come summer! Unless of course you like eating ice cream in winter… guilty…! Website / Instagram

Judge Bao
My favourite food stand/truck in Auckland, who make soft and fluffy Chinese steamed buns filled with mouthwatering tofu, pork belly or beef (and sometimes fish and chicken), fresh herbs and delicious sauces. My favourites are their pork belly bao and also the mapo tofu. Owners Debbie and Jamie are the sweetest too! Read more about Judge Bao here.  Website / Instagram

Meaning ‘brother’ in Filipino, Kuya is Auckland’s first Filipino food truck. The food is inspired by family recipes, and served LA street food style. On the menu, you will find Pork Adobo Tacos, Singigang Fried Chicken in a purple bao and the Fili Cheeseburger. I tried the ‘The Purrrp’ – a PURPLE BAO filled with Buttermilk fried chicken, red cabbage, sweet and tangy sinigang sauce and coriander. Kuya say the bao gets it purple colour from mixing the dough with ube, a naturally purple root vegetable from the Philippines. So freaking cool! The chicken inside was finger licking good, crispy on the outside and what she said – moist on the inside.  

Lalele Organic Gelato
Owners Mulan and Nathan run Lalele Organic Gelato and make delicious hand crafted gelato, using organic ingredients, and they have many vegan options available. My all time favourite flavour is their Mango Sorbetwhich tastes like he real thing! At recent foodie events last year (like Taste of Auckland), I enjoyed Lalele Organic‘s newest flavour – Black Sesame – which I highly recommend. Instagram

Peach’s Hot Chicken
I have only tried this food truck once, but I will definitely be back. Between three, we shared their Chicken Sandwich with fried chicken thigh on a brioche bun with aioli and pickles [OMG] and the Pimento Mac & Cheese [OMFG]. The fried chicken was super crunchy, and tasted so damn good. But the Mac & Cheese… mouthwatering. I would definitely recommend ordering this as a side to your chicken dish. Next on my list to try is their Fried Chicken & Waffles with pure Canadian chili maple syrup and garlic butter. Ooh la la. Website / Instagram

Temaki Truck
One of my favourite food trucks in Auckland (along with Judge Bao and The Rolling Pin). The reason why I love them is because they are New Zealand’s first Temakeria, which literally means hand-rolled sushi… but theirs is different as it is served in a cone! Each of their Temaki sushi cones are filled with rice, your choice of protein – either Spicy Salmon, Kimchi Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, Tofu (or my favourite, Spicy Prawn, and paired with delicious sauces and wrapped in seaweed. They are healthy, tasty and fun to eat. Also, good for the ‘gram! 
Website / Instagram

The Lucky Taco
The first food truck I ever tried! Sarah and Otis are so lovely and make the most delicious and authentic tacos in either corn or flour tortillas with fillings such as spicy chorizo, pulled pork, skirt steak, spiced fish, beef tongue, tiger prawns and many more! If you can’t make it to The Lucky Taco truck on the weekends, you can also buy their Chipotle Chicken and Sizzlin’ Steak Taco Kits from Farro Fresh stores or order their Lucky Taco Fiesta Kits for your next Mexican party on their website here. Read more about The Lucky Taco here.
230 Ponsonby Road (weekends) / Website / Instagram

The Rolling Pin
Gordon and his team at The Rolling Pin are some of the loveliest people I have ever met. They are a long time favourite of mine at food truck events, who serve scrumptious handmade dumplings, topped with a delicious slaw.
They make three delicious flavours – Buddhas Delight Dumplings with tofu, shiitake mushroom, pumpkin, bok choy and cabbage, Tsingtao Spicy Pulled Pork Dumplings and Penang Pulled Beef Cheek Dumplings. with mirepoix and sambal. All are very delicious, with my favourite being the Pulled Beef! Website / Instagram

Wise Boys Burgers
YUM. This is what comes to mind when I think of Wise Boys Burgers. They make vegan burgers and they are so damn delicious. I have tried most of their burgers, thanks to the Vegan Food Fair, Late Night Art and Go Green Expo events. My all-time favourite Wise Boys combination is their Kumara and Moroccan Spiced Patty Burger with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, relish and… their yummy homemade egg-free aioli on a toasted bun.
Website / Instagram



Auckland Fish Market
Read more about the Auckland Fish Market here.
……… / Website / Instagram

Auckland Food Show
Read more about the Auckland Food Show here, here and here.
Website / Instagram

Eat Auckland Food Tours
A chance to try new dishes and learn about different cultures, all led by an experienced guide. They offer four tours: Korean Food Tour, Sandringham Spice and Food Tour, Balmoral – More Than Dumplings Food Tour and Ponsonby Food Tour.
Website / Instagram

Night Noodle Markets
Held annually, the Night Noodle Markets celebrate mouthwatering Asian street food from around the country. Generally held over 10 days, you will find a variety of dishes, think dumplings, BBQ’d meat, summer rolls, ramen, bao, loaded fries, spicy karaage fried chicken, pakoras, roti rolls, donburi, poke bowls, noodles, gelato, deep fried ice cream and smoothies in pineapples. Always a great night out with friends and family! Read more about the Night Noodle Markets here

Website / Instagram

NZBloggers Brunch Club
Are you a fellow blogger or thinking about starting a blog? Then you have come to the right place! I am part of the NZBloggers group and also help with organising their monthly Brunch Club events, where a bunch of bloggers meet up and brunch together! The thing I love most about these events is meeting other bloggers whom you follow on social media, but otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to meet.  Read more about our March 2019 Brunch Club here. Join the Facebook group to ensure you don’t miss out on future events!
Website / Instagram / Facebook

Pasta Fresca Workshop at Pasta e Cuore
Learn how to make fresh handmade pasta in a two hour workshop. Read more about Pasta e Cuore’s workshop here.
409 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden / Website / Instagram

Taste of Auckland
Held annually, this event is ideal for those who love food, cooking and everything in between. Like the Auckland Food Show (one of my other favourite events), it is ultimate foodie heaven. Taste showcases some of Auckland’s best restaurants, all in pop up style at the festival and offers 3-4 dishes for you to purchase. Your ticket entry to Taste also includes trying new and existing food products from all over New Zealand, watching your favourite chefs cooking in action, as part of the Electrolux Taste Theatre and lounging on sun chairs while listening to live music. Read more about Taste of Auckland here, here, here, here and here.
Website / Instagram / Facebook

The Chocolate and Coffee Show
Held at The Cloud on Queen’s Wharf, The Chocolate and Coffee Show celebrates everything indulgent – from boutique chocolatiers and artisan coffee roasters, to producers of tasty treats. There are also talks and cooking demonstrations, various masterclasses you can participate in – barista skills, cupcake decorating and workshops. A great day out if you love chocolate or coffee, or both! Read more here
Website / Instagram / Facebook

The Uber Eats app allows you to order your favourite dishes online from over 70 participating eateries, which will then be delivered straight to your home/office. My favourite eateries include &Sushi, Burger Boy, Best Ugly Bagels and Miann. Read more about Uber Eats here, here, here and here.
Website / Instagram


Avondale Market
A wonderful mix of Asian and Polynesian food and culture, held every Sunday. Read more about Avondale Market here.
Avondale Racecourse, Ash St, Avondale 
/ Website

Catalina Bay Farmers Market
Read more about it here
Catalina Bay, Hudson Bay Road Extension, Hobsonville / Website / Instagram / Facebook

Clevedon Farmers Market
Held every Sunday, the Clevedon Farmers Market offers a wide range of foodie products to buy and eats to devour. I have not been here yet, but it is on the list! Meanwhile, read more about Clevedon Farmers Market here
Clevedon Showgrounds, Monument Road (Gate 6, The Munro Entrance) / Website 

Coatesville Market
Coming soon!
Corner Mahoenui Valley Road and Coatesville-Riverhead Highway / Facebook

Farro Fresh
Sells all the goods, including The Lucky Taco Kits, Culley’s Hot Sauce, Joshua’s Ice Cream, Garage Project beer, Goodness Kitchen Smoothie Packs, Kohu Road Ice Cream, and amazing cheese and chorizo!
Several stores, but my favourite is Grey LynnWebsite / Instagram

Good For Store
An organic wholefoods refillery, with rows and rows of plastic bins containing all your favourite products like pre-made muesli, lentils, rice, crackers, kombucha, spices and nuts. Read more about Good For Store here.
Grey Lynn, Parnell and Takapuna / Website / Instagram

La Cigale French Market
My favourite market in Auckland. I may be biased as it is just around the corner from my house, but it seriously has it all. French macarons, tarts and gateaux, crepes, fresh juices, smoothies, gozleme, smoked salmon, Turkish dips and wraps, paella, dumplings, freshly baked pastries and breads, fresh fruit and vegetables, wonderful cheeses… and loads more. Read more about La Cigale French Market here.
69 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell / Website / Instagram

Matakana Farmers Market
Only a one hour drive from Auckland, Matakana Farmers Market showcases fresh and delicious produce. There are crepes, fresh juices, feijoa wine, homemade baking, dumplings, I Love Pies, Mexican food, oysters, breads, Italian sausages, fruit and vegetables, and the most amazing chocolate stand, selling my absolute favourite treat – dark chocolate marshmallows. Read more about Matakana Farmers Market here
Matakana Village Complex, 2 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana / Instagram


Milly’s Kitchen Shop
My favourite kitchen shop in Auckland!
273 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby / Website / Instagram

My one stop shop for Valrhona French chocolate, smelly cheeses, olives, garlics, Spanish chorizo, Italian Panettone, plus many more delicious things. 
57 Normanby Road, Mount Eden / Website / Instagram


  1. This is great Georgie! I’m always on the look out for recommendations, and am constantly being asked for them myself, so thanks! Nice to have all of this curated in one place. A brilliant resource 🙂

  2. Tracey says

    amazing Georgie, can’t wait to come home to try some of the places on your list

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  4. Pingback: The Chocolate and Coffee Show 2017 | georgieats

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