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The Lucky Taco


Last year, I discovered The Lucky Taco at The Auckland Food Show and it is definitely one of my favourite foodie experiences to date! Delicious authentic tacos in either a corn or flour tortilla plus an agua de horchata (sweetened, iced rice milk infused with cinnamon) and you’re all set for the day!

The owners (Sarah and Otis Frizzell) are so lovely, that you will definitely want to go back!

The second time I encountered The Lucky Taco was at The Auckland Food Show this year. They had a great set up at the show and their tacos were just as delicious as the year before. I was also really excited to see Sarah and Otis again and even more excited to try their Pulled Pork Taco. It is absolutely delicious, a bit spicy, but oh so good!

They also have a great little set up along Ponsonby Road which I have taken a long time to visit, however, today I did!

It was the most beautiful sunny day and I just happened to be walking in the area. I tried the ‘Breakfast Taco’ – spicy chorizo sausage plus an egg (ohmygawd delicious!) and a Pulled Pork Taco, which has a great kick! It will forever be my favourite taco!

Sarah and Otis were as friendly as ever today and there were many people queuing up for their tacos – you will definitely find out why once you try one! (Or two or three in my case!)

The Lucky Taco
230 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland
Open Friday to Sunday – 12pm to 3pm (their schedule does change, so check here for more details)
Good for people that love tacos or Mexican street food, people who are not afraid to try interesting ingredients (like beef tongues!) and love talking to the owners, while they make your food =)
Rating: 5/5

Below is my journey so far with The Lucky Taco. Hope you enjoy and try one of their tacos soon!

photo 3 (3)photo 2 (2)lucky tacoIMG_1837 IMG_1838IMG_1839IMG_1840IMG_1841IMG_1842IMG_1847 IMG_1848IMG_2203IMG_2204 IMG_2205IMG_2207 IMG_2208IMG_2209IMG_2210IMG_2211IMG_2212IMG_2213 IMG_2214IMG_2215 IMG_2216IMG_2217 photo


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