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Recently, my parents moved overseas, which means my sister and I are now fending for ourselves in the kitchen – I was very excited, mainly because of the freedom we would have to cook whatever we fancied! However, after spending many nights chopping vegetables, making marinades, stir-frying meat, cooking rice etc. and then eating very late, I have come to the conclusion that poached eggs on toast, takeaways and food deliveries are simply the best.

And my new favourite dinner? Street food, like tacos, dumplings and burgers, delivered straight to your door!


Introducing LUCKY STREET, a new weekly meal-kit delivery service, run by taco aficionados Sarah and Otis Frizzell from The Lucky Taco.

Launching this Sunday 20 August, LUCKY STREET will offer two “fun, tasty and easy-to-assemble” meal kits which are delivered to your doorstep each week, each including award-winning Lucky Tacos and another dish that will change weekly. The second dish will be from famous food joints, such as cult Korean burger bar Tiger Burger, Brazilian-Japanese sushi from the Temaki Truck, pop-up Miss Changy, Thai eatery Farang Cafe and K’Road curry house Satya, with other exciting names to be announced soon.


Last week, I received LUCKY STREET‘s week one box. It contained all the ingredients to make mouth-watering Chipotle Chicken Lucky Tacos – marinated free-range chicken, soft tortillas, avocado crema, pink pickle, shredded red cabbage and fresh salsa, coriander and lime…


PLUS all the ingredients to make Tiger Burger’s Smokey Lee Burger – free-range patties, smoky bacon rashes, aged cheddar, crispy shallots and homemade Korean BBQ sauce and aioli, with a bibimbap salad and tasty dressing.


And the great thing? No complicated recipe cards… just quick and easy cooking videos on YouTube!

Both the Chipotle Chicken Lucky Tacos and Tiger Burger’s Smokey Lee Burger tasted out of this world amazing! Literally the best food delivery/takeaway/homemade dish ever. All the ingredients were of high quality, were fresh and had loads of kick!


I am so excited about the new LUCKY STREET meal-kit delivery service, for its delicious and easy to prepare meals. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The low down:
LUCKY STREET launches this Sunday 20 August (delivery will then be every Sunday).
• Choose from 1 or 2 options of the BEST famous eats in NZ.
• Weekly or fortnightly delivery available.
• Delivery to the Greater Auckland area for launch (from Long Bay to Papakura).
• Expansion to Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington is on the cards if the service takes off.
• Sign up to LUCKY STREET here.

For more information, click on the links below.
Website / Facebook / Instagram


  1. Hiya Georgie

    So THAT is why you are no longer at the gym at 7 am sharp on Saturdays. Where have Cathy and your Dad taken off to? Very exciting having your wonderful apartment left over to the girls!!

    Your Mate Paul

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