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Little Bird Unbakery, Ponsonby

I first visited Little Bird Unbakery with a friend in late 2013. After having trouble finding a park in Ponsonby, we were told we would have to wait an hour for a table. All that driving around made us ravenous and we couldn’t wait that long, so instead we grabbed a Raw Mixed Berry Cheesecake from the cabinet and headed up to the main road for some quick (and healthy) food.

A few weekends ago, I decided to try out Little Bird for brunch one Saturday. It is an incredibly popular place and one of the waitresses told us that it is normal in the weekends to wait about an hour for a table. To fill in time, I suggest browsing through the products they sell, which you can buy online here (the cacao and raspberry macaroons are delicious), scanning the menu, reading through their recently published cookbook and last but not least, deciding which sweet treat you will have after your main meal, because even though you may be full, you won’t want to go home without trying something from their to.die.for sweet cabinet!



We were eventually seated after an hour’s wait and were super excited! To start with, I ordered their ‘Smoothie of the day’ (you can keep up to date via their Instagram and Facebook page) – a Spiced Chocolate Smoothie. Made with cacao, dates, vanilla, banana, almond milk, cashew butter and Little Bird’s secret spice mix, the smoothie was creamy, rich and had just the right amount of spice. My friend ordered a Kombucha, which was just as tasty!


It took us ages to decide what to have for brunch. I have a mega sweet tooth and whenever I see ‘Waffles’, ‘Pancakes’ or ‘French Toast’ I go crazy, so after seeing countless Instagram photos of their Buckwheat Waffles, I knew I just had to try them! Best waffles I have had, hands down. They are served with fresh berries, banana, maple syrup, mint, plus a scoop of their homemade raw cashew ice cream. Heavenly.


My friend, having more of a savoury tooth, went for the Courgette Pasta – so delicious! Made with kelp noodles, broccolini, oyster mushrooms and topped with pine nuts, fresh herbs and a yummy sauce, you wouldn’t even know that it wasn’t real pasta – it tasted that good!


We couldn’t go past a slice of their Raw Strawberry Cheesecake, which we ended up sharing. It was rich, creamy, delicious, melt in your mouth – oh I could go on! Highly recommend leaving extra room for one of their cheesecakes, or any of their amazingly-beautiful looking sweet treats from the cabinet.



As well as the food being outstanding, I also love the decor – think brick walls, hanging pot plants, plus it is light and airy. Although it is a relatively small place, it is nice and cosy. The staff are also very friendly and helpful. Oh and they have a lot of patience! Seeing as it takes ages to decide on one dish (they probably get that a lot).

Overall, I loved my experience at Little Bird Unbakery. I felt very full afterwards, but definitely in a good way. I can’t wait to visit again and try many more dishes, namely the ‘Acai Bowl’ and ‘Chia Bircher’ for breakfast and the ‘Kimchee Pancake’ and ‘BBQ Tempe Donburi’ for lunch. In fact, I would like to eat my way through their whole menu!!!

Little Bird Unbakery
1 Summer St, Ponsonby / WebsiteInstagram



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