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Taste of Auckland 14


Over the weekend, I attended my first Taste of Auckland. I was so incredibly excited as it really is a foodie’s heaven! Held over four days, Taste showcases some of the best restaurants in Auckland. Each restaurant offers 2-4 dishes, costing between $8-$20. I only tried three meals from three restaurants – iVillage, Harbourside and Depot. Next year I will be trying more!

I have never been to iVillage Indian restaurant before, so I was excited to try a dish from their menu. I decided on the ‘Lamb Gilafi Kebab’ consisting of lamb mince on skewers with coloured bell peppers, which was delicious! Quite spicy for me, but I still scoffed them down nonetheless. My friend had the ‘Gol Guppa‘ which are mini poories with spiced potatoes doused with mint and tamarind water. I had never heard of or seen these before, so I was more than happy to try one! So light, but very flavoursome.

From the Harbourside stand, the ‘Smoked Ora King Salmon’ stood out the most. Served on grilled Vienna bread with a beetroot and mint salad, pickled grapes and horseradish cream, it was perfect. Everything went well together and I could have easily eaten another three!

Lastly, we couldn’t go past the freshly shucked oysters and Cloudy Bay Tuatuas (clams) at Depot – they were both spot on! Plus great meeting the owner of Depot, Al Brown – he was there shucking the oysters!

There was many other foodie things on offer including:
Dilmah Tea Garden (we tried their tasting plate consisting of four Dilmah teas and four small bites made by AUT University students – delicious!)
– Fisher and Paykel Chef’s demonstration kitchen
MINI tacos from The Lucky Taco (best tacos in Auckland)
Kapiti tent serving ice cream, cheese toasties and cheese
– Plus exhibitors like Ranga Gingerbeer, Culleys Hot Sauce (so spicy!), Brandhouse (the ARTA Tequila was to die for), sweet treats from The Baron, Whitestone Cheeses, Limoncello, Petal Cupcakes and delicious vegetables, dips and small bites from Fresh Combinations.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first Taste of Auckland. It was great trying dishes from top restaurants, meeting product owners and of course tasting different foods! Will definitely be back next year!

[See below for my photo diary of Taste. Check out the links above if you have time and if you have any questions about the products, feel free to ask! Hope you enjoy x]

IMG_2764 IMG_2765 IMG_2771 IMG_2772 IMG_2773 IMG_2774 IMG_2776 IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2784 IMG_2786 IMG_2787IMG_2790 IMG_2794 IMG_2796 IMG_2798 IMG_2801 IMG_2802 IMG_2803 IMG_2810 IMG_2812 IMG_2816 IMG_2822IMG_2825IMG_2826IMG_2827IMG_2828IMG_2829IMG_2831IMG_2832IMG_2833 IMG_2837 IMG_2838 IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2851


  1. Great photos! And you are right, the clams at Depot were gorgeous! I ended up purchasing a few bags from the Cloudy Bay Clam Stall to take home!

  2. Gorgeous photos Georgie! Being a Wellingtonian, I never got a chance to try out Taste of Auckland but since moving to London this year, I’ve made up for it at Taste of London! Definitely try more dishes next year, I’m ashamed to say my partner in crime and I tried over 10 on our first day and another 4 or so more the next time… 🙂

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