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Taste of Auckland 19

HEADS UP FOODIES… TASTE OF AUCKLAND IS HERE!!! November is the most exciting month of the year, for three reasons: 1. It is my birthday month; 2. It is starting to feel like summer; and 3. Taste of Auckland has arrived – woohoo! On Thursday night, I attended my sixth Taste of Auckland, including the VIP Opening, where Taste presented the ‘Best in Taste Awards’, judged by MARCO PIERRE WHITE (and daughter), Tony Stewart (Clooney), Chand Sahrawat (Sid at The French Cafe/Cassia) and Amanda Linnell (VIVA). The winning dish was the Beetroot Taco Pao with Pulled Sticky Pork Belly, Pickled Carrot and Crispy Shallots by Nanam. Jessabel Granada / Executive Chef at Nanam Plus, a new award this year – ‘People’s Choice Award’ – judged by Nicole O’Brien, who won a VIVA competition to become the judge! Her top pick was the “Miann Hot Dog” with Chocolate Parfait, Eclair, Passionfruit and Raspberry by Miann. Read more below to see a picture! Held over four days (31 October – 3 November), Taste of Auckland is ideal for those who love food, cooking and everything in between. In other words, it is …

Georgie’s Favourite Foods Party

Today I turned 26 – woohoo! Over the weekend, I celebrated my birthday. I usually spend the whole year planning it – previous years, I have had a ‘G Party’ where everyone came dressed as something starting with the letter ‘G’, a Hawaiian Luau, complete with a pineapple cake, pina coladas, and luau dancing etc, and last year I had a Mexican Fiesta… it was so much fun! Fast forward to this year, all I wanted to do was go out for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert. Seeing as it just wasn’t practical, I turned to my food blogger friends for advice. Thanks to Bri, she came up with the brilliant idea of holding a buffet style lunch at my house, featuring all my favourite foods. Introducing, Georgie’s Favourite Foods Party. I am forever grateful for the generous amount of food provided from some of my favourite eateries. Check out what we ate for lunch below, plus something fun we did (DIY ice cream bar), the CAKE, and a fun surprise for my …

Taste of Auckland 17


I am always incredibly excited when November rolls around, for three reasons:

1. It is my birthday month;
2. It is starting to feel like summer; and
3. Taste of Auckland has arrived – an event I look forward to every year!

The Chocolate and Coffee Show 2017

  Hands up who loves Chocolate? And/or Coffee? How about Cupcakes, Gelato, Desserts and Espresso Martinis? Me! And I am sure a lot of you who are reading this also put your hand up! Today, I attended The Chocolate and Coffee Show, held at The Cloud on Queen’s Wharf, a show which celebrates everything indulgent – from boutique chocolatiers and artisan coffee roasters, to producers of tasty treats. There are also talks and cooking demonstrations by chef Julie Le Clerc, chocolatier Karl Hogarth and Homestead chef Sam Mannering, various masterclasses you can participate in – barista skills, cupcake decorating, a chocolate and tea tasting workshop and a Milse Pop-Up – woohoo! You can also check out the winners of the very first New Zealand Chocolate Awards. I had a really fun experience today, so I have rounded up my favourite coffee, chocolate and tasty products that I came across/tried at the The Chocolate and Coffee Show. If you have any questions about the products, feel free to ask! If you are heading to the show tomorrow, have a great time! …

Taste of Auckland 15

Today, I attended my second Taste of Auckland. I was so incredibly excited as it really is ultimate foodie heaven! Held over four days, Taste showcases some of the best restaurants in Auckland. Each restaurant offers 2-4 dishes, costing between $8-$20. Like last year, I made a beeline for Depot, because their oysters and tuatuas (clams) are top notch. I also tried a wood fired margherita pizza from Farina (again, amazing) and rice paper rolls with shredded pork and prawn from Vietnam based restaurant, Koto (which were fresh, light and perfect on this hot spring day). But, the best part about Taste of Auckland is definitely sampling all of the foodie products! Below is a list of my favourites from today: – Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney were selling their delicious chutneys, and we bought a jar each of their mild and extra hot versions. They both tasted amazing! – The Baron, where I purchased their sweet and salty nuts (great for Christmas stocking fillers!) and an edible chocolate moustache – yummy! – Delonghi Group, showcasing their coffee machines and other kitchen appliances and Moustache making delicious cookies, including a marmite and cheese combination! …

Taste of Auckland 14

Over the weekend, I attended my first Taste of Auckland. I was so incredibly excited as it really is a foodie’s heaven! Held over four days, Taste showcases some of the best restaurants in Auckland. Each restaurant offers 2-4 dishes, costing between $8-$20. I only tried three meals from three restaurants – iVillage, Harbourside and Depot. Next year I will be trying more! I have never been to iVillage Indian restaurant before, so I was excited to try a dish from their menu. I decided on the ‘Lamb Gilafi Kebab’ consisting of lamb mince on skewers with coloured bell peppers, which was delicious! Quite spicy for me, but I still scoffed them down nonetheless. My friend had the ‘Gol Guppa‘ which are mini poories with spiced potatoes doused with mint and tamarind water. I had never heard of or seen these before, so I was more than happy to try one! So light, but very flavoursome. From the Harbourside stand, the ‘Smoked Ora King Salmon’ stood out the most. Served on grilled Vienna bread with a beetroot and mint salad, pickled grapes and horseradish cream, …