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5 Reasons Why I Love GIAPO



The best ice cream in New Zealand.

Here are five reasons why I love GIAPO (and why you should try their ice cream!):

1. Owner Gianpaolo (Giapo) Grazioli.

Giapo is the creative mastermind behind all the wondrous ice cream creations. He is very passionate about his ice cream and is the most enthusiastic person I know! You will often find him at the store, talking to customers and/or taking orders. Not many hospitality owners do this around Auckland, so I think this is pretty awesome. Also a special mention to Giapo’s wife, Annarosa, who is lovely, kind and always a joy to see at the Giapo store.

2. The ice cream flavours and the different options to ‘hold’ your ice cream.

The menu at Giapo is extensive, with many flavours to choose from. All of the ice creams are gluten free, with four being vegan – definitely something for everyone!

Their ice cream is different to that of the normal ones you would get at a dairy or supermarket – Giapo’s are like works of art. I particularly like that all of their ice cream flavours are hidden from the public, however you can taste as many as you like.

[September 2017 Menu – I will update this to include new flavours]

My favourite flavour at Giapo is Giapo Buono – it is a classic winner! Think lightly salted caramel ice cream, rolled in hazelnut praline and amaretti biscuits, topped with swirls of Italian meringue and bronzed hazelnuts. Dreamy.


Other Giapo flavours which I have enjoyed:

  • Kiss Kiss Kiss – my second favourite flavour featuring Christchurch Hazelnut gelato, topped with dark and milk chocolate, candied hazelnuts and a pair of chocolate lips!

IMG_5519IMG_5331“The only lipstick I wear is chocolate…”

  • Chocolate Evolution – the most decadent out of all the flavours. I would describe the ice cream like a dark chocolate mousse, with Dominican dark chocolate and cacao nibs.


  • Hokey Pokey – this is an iconic Kiwi sweet and now it is in ice cream form! Made using Tongan vanilla and topped with chocolate and honeycomb toffee, I highly recommend this flavour to first time visitors!


  • Siamu Popo – Coconut and caramel jam from Samoa and made into ice cream, dusted with cocoa powder and topped with a chocolate disc. This flavour is always a hit among my workmates.


  • Afghan Cookie – Caramelised white chocolate ice cream, rolled in cornflakes and topped with a homemade cookie and walnut halve.

giapo 1

  • Coconut Chocolate Chip – creamy coconut ice cream, topped with dark chocolate, rice puffs and a half dipped vegan chocolate cookie. This is a great choice for vegans!


  • Satsuma Mandarin & Red Capsicum – one of Giapo’s lovely sorbets, made using mandarins from Thames and red capsicum from Kerikeri and topped with cardamom seeds.


  • Chocolate and Peanuts – tastes just like another Kiwi icon – Peanut Slab!


After selecting your ice cream flavour at Giapo, you can then decide what you would like your ice cream to be served in. Introducing the “Hold Me” options:

  • In a waffle cone or in a deluxe cone coated in chocolate (and either swirled with chocolate, rolled in freeze dried fruit or crushed nuts)
  • In a cup or in a deluxe cup made out of chocolate (and either swirled with chocolate, rolled in freeze dried fruit or crushed nuts)
  • In a Yorkshire pudding
  • In a ‘Selfie Cone’
  • Or in traditional Paroa Parai (Maori fried bread).

Giapo Buono in a Yorkshire Pudding

IMG_6672Chocolate and Peanuts Ice Cream in Paroa Parai – Traditional Maori Fried Bread

3. The incredible creations

If you want to go next level, then I recommend trying one of Giapo’s “Whammies” aka extra add-ons to your ice cream. These include adding a sourdough doughnut to the top of your ice cream, the ‘Two Become One’ – two chocolate halves to join together, ‘The Visio’ and ‘Sky Tower’.

  • The Visio – inspired by New Zealand’s Te Papa Museum’s world famous Colossal Squid (I recommend sharing this between two… or three!)


  • Auckland’s Sky Tower – the tallest ice cream in the Southern Hemisphere!


  • Sourdough Doughnut – fried a la minute.


4. Giapo’s Discombobulating Menu.

Since moving to their new and much larger premises at 12 Gore Street, Giapo and his team have created a “Discombobulating Menu”.  Here, you will find ice cream incorporated with foods around the world. Think Montreal’s Poutine, Italy’s Arancini, India’s Pani Puri and Japan’s Gyoza.

  • Poutine – a sweet and savoury dish combining fries, ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. The current Poutine flavour features Kau Piro cheese – a smelly stinky cheese from Whangarei as the ice cream, drizzled with salted caramel sauce.


  • Arancini – a saffron rice ball filled with caramel ice cream. It is a hot and cold combination!


5. The little things.

Upon arriving at Giapo, you may get asked if you want to try shortbread or brownie while you wait. Definitely try some! The best is when they bring round tiny cups of their pure hot chocolate drink. These little things set you up for the ultimate sweet tooth experience!


Giapo has been operating since 2008, and each time I visit, it continues to amaze me. And thus, it still remains one of my favourite places in Auckland today and I think, for many more years to come. Seriously get to Giapo now if you haven’t already – you will literally be in ultimate foodie heaven!

Address 12 Gore Street
Open Sunday to Thursday, 12.15pm till 10.30pm and Friday + Saturday, 12.15pm till 11.30pm
Notes Seating inside and out, ice creams available for tasting
Website / Instagram / Facebook

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