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Georgieats’ London Food Guide

Following on from my 15 Best Things to Do in London post, check out my London Food Guide below!

#1  Broadway Market


Held every Saturday, Broadway Market is the best market I have been to in London and in the world to date. While it may not be the biggest market, it sure does have every cuisine you can think of, every treat you can imagine, and the street vendors are super friendly and passionate about their products.

It is THE market for ultimate food heaven. We enjoyed Haggis Scotch Eggs, Haggis Toasted Sandwich, Mini Meringues from Meringue Girls, a French/Caribbean vegetable stew and a Berliner custard cream doughnut. 

Other market highlights include: Mediterranean salads, tomatoes in all shapes and colours, olives, olives, olives, Ciabatta sandwiches (with fillings like salami and brie), ethnic dishes and salads, homemade pies, sausage rolls, rainbow bagels, falafel and Japanese satsuma chicken.

Plus, the array of sweet treats in general – think German fruit cheesecake, S’mores chocolate cheesecake, French pastries, sweet tarts, apple and cinnamon strudels, epic looking fudge, bounty brownie, eclairs, vegan cakes and doughnuts. Seriously everything!


5 Broadway Market, Hackney / Website / Instagram

#2  BAO


On my second visit to London, BAO, an upmarket Taiwanese eatery located in the Soho area, was high up on my foodie list. It is a place where you will always have to wait in line and they don’t take reservations, but waiting for their bao is worth it.

Their menu is simple. It consists of Taiwanese small plates – 9 dishes, 5 bao, 4 sides and one dessert bao. When ordering, you simply tick the box next to the dish you want on your menu and then hand it over to the wait staff. While I wanted to order all 19 dishes, I only ordered three – for starters, the Classic Pork Bao and Taiwanese fried chicken. 

But my favourite dish was the Fried Horlicks Ice Cream Bao – a must order when dining at BAO. It is a scoop of creamy malt ice cream between two sweet buns. Simple, but done well. Plus, it looks super cute!

I can’t wait to go back to London, just so I can try more of BAO’s creations!


53 Lexington St, Carnaby, London / Website / Instagram

#3  Chin Chin Labs


Chin Chin Labs is located in Camden Markets, and is just wow. If I lived in London, I would be make a beeline for Chin Chin every weekend as their ice cream is deliciously smooth and melt in your mouth. The secret? Liquid nitrogen! 

I only visited once, and tried only one flavour – Valrhona Chocolate 80%, topped with hazelnut crumb. It was absolutely divine and seriously the smoothest ice cream I have ever tried! Highly recommend.

Camden Markets, 49-50 Camden Lock Place / Website / Instagram


#4  Harrods Food Hall


Stepping into Harrods Food Hall was like all my wildest food fantasies had come true…

– Delectable desserts, sweet tarts and cupcakes ready to be boxed;
– Cookies, cronuts and doughnuts like you have never seen before;
– Wraps with exotic fillings and salads made to order;
– Perfect pies, Japanese delights and mouthwatering pizza breads; and
– Fresh juices with flavours like apple and raspberry.

And the best thing about all the delicious food is that it is handmade onsite, fresh everyday. Bonus!!!

Highlights included: A freshly made baguette with Thai chicken, spices, lettuce, red onion and peppers, a Mediterranean vegetarian pide pizza, a fresh raspberry juice, and another baguette with goat’s cheese, rocket and tomato… because they are that good!

Tip: Grab a few things for lunch and have a picnic in nearby Hyde Park.

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87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge / Website


#5  Duck and Waffle


Like the name suggests, Duck and Waffle is famous for one dish – Duck & Waffle. Looking at the menu, it was on the pricey side ($34 NZD), so I went for the Porridge with maple pecans, toasted seeds and banana and a pot of English Breakfast tea, while my Mum ordered the Poached Eggs on Sourdough Toast with hand churned butter. I loved the presentation of the Porridge and it tasted heavenly.

But, the best part about dining at Duck and Waffle? The view. Located in the Heron Tower (one of the largest buildings in London) and situated on the 40th floor, the views from where you sit are incredible.   

Duck and Waffle is one of those places I would visit just for the experience – dining up high, looking out over the spectacular views. However, next time, I would come back for a morning coffee or a drink after work, as I believe it is too pricey for what it is worth.

Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate / Website / Facebook / Instagram


#6  Borough Market


Another favourite market in London is
Borough Market, for its overwhelming choice of different foods. Every cuisine you can imagine – all under one roof!

The market is bustling with people, and it does get quite packed so make sure you come prepared! I have been twice and both visits have been great.

On my first visit, Pieminister were serving the most delicious array of pies, all with free range meat and chicken. I loved their ‘Free Ranger’ Pie, consisting of chicken, ham hock, leek and thyme, while my sister ordered the ‘Classic Moo’ with beef and ale. The pastry was perfect and there was loads of filing. At £4 each, this was a steal!

On my second visit, I went back to Pieminister again to try their ‘Matador’ Pie with mushy peas (delicious as per the first time) and then devoured a Salted Caramel Doughnut from Bread Ahead Bakery – this is an absolute must!

If you are not into pies or doughnuts, other highlights include fresh fruit and vegetables, pungent cheeses, savoury breads, cookies the size of your hands, sweet treats, handmade chocolates, ice cream, ethnic food (for example from the ‘Soul Food’ and vegetarian Indian stands), haloumi burgers (The Veggie Table), fresh juices and smoothies.


8 Southwark Street / Website / Instagram

#7  Whole Foods Market


If you are into healthy eating or are following a particular food plan, then my ‘go to’ lunch (or dinner) place in London would be Whole Foods Market.

It is part grocery store, part cafe and takeaway/eat-in self-serve food bar. You simply fill a box with your favourite foods, then pay by weight. There are so many options to choose from – hot meals (like curry, pasta, soups, chicken, pies and stews), vegetables of every kind, falafel and salads. You can also purchase fruits, vegetables, breads, wine, cheese, deli meats, plus homemade baking (hellloooo brownie) and health food products. All of these options also make it great place to stop by before a picnic!

We ate here on two occasions – for a takeaway dinner from the Clapham Junction branch and a sit down lunch at the branch in Soho near Piccadilly Circus station. I ordered (and loved) their falafel with dips and side salad, coconut iced coffee and a blueberry custard tart.

There are many food choices, so I can guarantee you will find something that you love to eat. They have several stores, but the best in my opinion is located in Soho near Piccadilly Circus station!

20 Glasshouse Street, Soho (near Piccadilly Circus station) / Website / Instagram


#8  Ottolenghi


After a morning spent walking around Notting Hill (including visiting the Portobello Road Market), stop at the famous Ottolenghi. Run by the Israeli born chef, Yottam Ottolenghi, you will be amazed once you step inside his Mediterranean inspired cafe.

Upon entering, you will gawk at the meringues piled high, cakes of all shapes and sizes, cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, tarts, scones, muffins, mini loaves, croissants, pastries, and many more delectable treats.

On a more savoury note, they have about ten different fresh and healthy salads and vegetable sides, all served on large platters and white bowls, like a buffet. Reminded me of Christmas! 

We picked up a few salads and a delectable treat (peanut and chocolate s’mores, yes please!) and enjoyed these at a nearby park. The reason we got takeaway is because seating is limited, with only a communal table out the back. 

Ottolenghi has a few different cafe locations, but Notting Hill is my favourite. Mainly because of the food displays and looking through the large window from the street… piled high with cakes, tarts, meringues, cookies, chocolate… it is a sweet lover’s dream. 

63 Ledbury Rd, Notting Hill / Website / Instagram

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#9  Tas Pide


If you are looking for a delicious and reasonably priced meal before/after watching a play at Shakespeare’s Globe, then I recommend Tas Pide, which is conveniently just around the corner. They serve Middle Eastern food, have plenty of seating and the service is great.

We ordered a selection of their Mezze, which included the following:
Maydanoz Salatasi (chopped parsley salad of tomatoes, onions, cracked wheat, olive oil and lemon juice);
Kisir (Bulgur wheat mixed with crushed walnuts and hazelnuts, spring onions and tomato sauce, seasoned with fresh mint, dill and herbs);
Ispanakli Yoghurt (made with fresh spinach and garlic);
Zeytinyagli Bakla (fresh broad beans with olive oil, red and green peppers, coriander, dill and garlic, served with yogurt);
Zeytinyagli Patlican (eggplant with olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, pepper and chickpeas)
Mercimek Kofte (lentil and fine bulgur wheat patties, flavoured with spring onions, tomato puree, herbs and olive oil, drizzled with pomegranate sauce);
Borek (filo pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach); and
Hummus, Falafel and Homemade Bread.

We also ordered a bottle of Australian sparkling wine, and paired with the food, it was a very delicious dinner. Tas Pide’s food is great for sharing between two or three or in a large group. I would definitely re-visit next time I am in London, and on the way to watch a Shakespeare play. 

21 New Globe Walk, Bankside (nearest tube: Mansion House, then walk across
Southwark Bridge)
/ Website / Instagram / Facebook

Hope you enjoyed my London Food Guide post! Stay tuned for more travel posts coming very soon! x


  1. Such a handy food guide as always! I also nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award if you want to check that out on my blog 🙂

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