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Broadway Market, London

Broadway Market is my favourite market in London and in the world to date.


Well, it may not be the biggest market, but it sure does have every cuisine you can think of, every treat you can imagine, and the street vendors are super friendly and passionate about their products. It is THE market for ultimate food heaven.

The market only runs on a Saturday, so best to get there early… which means more time to eat! It covers one whole street, and is surrounded by a mix of shops and cafes, so it is really easy to navigate through. I recently spent a morning at Broadway Market and loved every minute of it.

Check out my highlights below, along with photos!


Fine Fayre for Scottish Eggs – or soft boiled eggs, wrapped in sausage, covered in breadcrumbs and fried until crispy on the outside. Prior to this, I had never tried a Scotch egg and after spending a few days in Edinburgh, we couldn’t go past their Haggis one. Served with mustard and chutney, it had lovely textures and flavours, in particular the runny yolk and outer crisp.

Deeny’s for a Scottish sandwich – like your normal toasted sandwich, but one step more gourmet! We were very happy because the sandwiches are filled with their homemade haggis spread (already missing haggis now that I’m back in Auckland!). The sandwiches were also oozing with cheddar and melt in your mouth!

Meringue Girls – I was looking forward to trying a meringue from Meringue Girls, mainly because we don’t really have anything like it in Auckland and also one of the co-owners is a Kiwi… so of course I had to try one! Their stand is very colourful, with rows and rows of beautifully presented meringues. They sell two varieties – their original ‘Meringue Kisses’ with flavours like passionfruit, chocolate, hazelnut and one called ‘Unicorn Poop’ and rounder meringues which come with an individual topping, like fresh fruit, shredded coconut and crushed pistachios. I chose a raspberry meringue, which was super cute and sweet!

Vegetable Stew from Creole Kitchen, serving French/Caribbean dishes. My Mum actually had this for lunch, but luckily I got a taste! Beautiful flavours and vegetables never tasted so good!

A Berliner (a German pastry similar to a doughnut) from Artisan Foods – my sweet treat after our Scottish eggs and haggis toasted sandwich. This was oozing with custard (one of my favourite things) and hit my sweet spot!

Other things you will find:

All the fresh produce and there is lots of it. Stands selling apples, all kinds of berries, tomatoes in all shapes and colours and a vast selection of vegetables.

Chegworth Valley – Instagram 

The Tomato Stall – Instagram 

The array of sweet treats in general – think German fruit cheesecake, Smores’ chocolate cheesecake, French pastries, sweet tarts, strudels (like apple and cinnamon), epic looking fudge, bounty brownie, eclairs, vegan cakes and doughnuts. Seriously everything!
End of the Eclair – Instagram 

Savoury delights – olives, olives, olives, Ciabatta sandwiches (with fillings like salami and brie), ethnic dishes and salads, homemade pies, sausage rolls, rainbow bagels, falafel and Japanese katsu chicken.

CHEESE, CHEESE and more CHEESE. My latest obsession and there is one stand selling it all.

As well as the vast array of foods, you will also find stallholders selling flowers, vintage items, clothing and coffee.  Other things I loved about Broadway Market is that there are dogs everywhere! Dogs AND Food meant one happy me. And there is street art too, and one mural (below) suited our rainy day particularly well.

Some may say that Broadway Market is super busy, and I totally agree. But it is truly an amazing market. If you are in London and are after some foodie heaven, then definitely add this market to the top of your list!

Broadway Market
Open Saturdays, 9am to 5pm
Location: 5 Broadway Market, Hackney
Nearest Tube: London Fields (then about a 15 minute walk to the market)


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