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Borough Market, London


Borough Market = amazing!!!

An absolute must if you are a foodie fanatic (like myself) or love trying out new foods!

We visited Borough Market on our last day in London – luckily my appetite was back, because the food options here are outstanding, both in presentation and taste. You’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables, pungent cheeses, savoury breads, cookies the size of your hands (see picture below), sweet treats, handmade chocolates and ice cream.

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, there is ethnic food available (for example from the ‘Soul Food’ and vegetarian Indian stands), super tasty pies (Pieminister), haloumi burgers (The Veggie Table), salted caramel doughnuts (Bread Ahead Bakery) and fresh juices and smoothies.

While I would have loved to have tried one of everything, I was craving a pie. Pieminister were serving the most delicious array of pies, plus they use free range meat and chicken and have two vegetarian options. I went with the ‘Free Ranger’ consisting of chicken, ham hock, leek and thyme, while my sister ordered the ‘Classic Moo’ with beef and ale. They keep their pies in the oven, so they are super hot when given to you. The pastry was perfect and there was loads of filing. At £4 each, this was a steal!

I would definitely revisit Borough Market again, solely on our pie experience! Next time I would love to try some soul food, a salted caramel doughnut and a fresh smoothie. There is so much choice here that you will leave feeling full and happy. Highly highly recommend!

Side note: Also saw that Bread Ahead have their own bakery school next to the Borough Market where they offer bread making classes to the public, so something hands on to try for next time!

8 Southwark Street / Website / Instagram


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