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Supie NZ

I have found my new favourite way to shop!

Introducing Supie, an online membership-based supermarket with access to over 4,400 products!

While I enjoy going to the supermarket, I have a slight obsession in that I usually visit more than three times a week. I tell myself that I need to keep up to date with all the lastest products hitting the shelves, when really it is just an excuse to buy food and drink products that I do not necessarily need. Sometimes I even forget about what foods I have bought and this leads to food waste – something that I am trying to curb. So, thank you Supie for helping me on this journey!

Supie founder Sarah Balle grew up on a vegetable farm in Pukekohe where she saw edible produce being wasted. Fast forward to June 2021, Supie launched into the Auckland market and has been ever popular since. Supie’s everyday mission is to create a better tomorrow, by hand-selecting each product for their online supermarket. They are working towards a more sustainable way on how we buy and sell food in New Zealand, by making socially conscious decisions in everything they do, as everything we do today will affect all of our tomorrow.

How it works involves signing up, either as a Supie Member or a Supie+ Member. A Supie membership is free, but you do have to pay a flat rate delivery fee of $15. If you sign up for a Supie+ membership, you pay $99 a year, and receive free delivery for orders over $70, plus priority delivery slots, complimentary packaging, 2-10% cashback on all products, exclusive deals and discounts, and free product samples. $99 divide by 12 months is $8.25, so you will save money on the delivery fees, as well as receiving more extras in return.

Once signed up, you build your grocery order – choosing products, expertly curated and hand-selected from only the best growers, food producers and from your favourite brands. Supie has personal shoppers who sort, pick and pack your order with care and then the products are delivered to your door! Their packaging is recyclable and reusable which means that you are doing your part to better the environment. In my view, it is a win win for everyone.

I was invited to try out Supie for the first time, so jumped at the challenge. I had heard only good things about Supie. For this order, I was excited to try out Supie’s ‘Deal Bundles’. These vary, as do the prices, and it is one of the main reasons that I will continue with Supie.

The two deal bundles I chose are below:

~ Seasonal Produce Bundle ~

For $15, I received the following: Green beans, 3 courgettes, patty pan squash, bunch of baby carrots, King sweetie capsicum, sugar snap peas, 2 corn cobs, asparagus, eggplant, 9 baby golden gourmet potatoes, 2 nectarines and 4 apricots, strawberries and cherries. The produce was super fresh and all in season – yum!

~ Winter Roast Bundle ~

For $13, I received the following: Half-crown pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, 3 x each of purple kumara, Beauregard kumara and sweet potato, parsnips, red and brown onions and garlic.


Roasted Vegetables from Supie! (Basil is homegrown)

Supie also has ‘No Waste Deal Bundles’ which range from frozen meat, to milk and bread. These focus on reducing unnecessary food waste by providing heavily discounted groceries as they are past their use by date.

I also ordered some essentials for the week, highlights included Best Ugly Everything Bagels, Chantal Organics Tomato Pizza Sauce and Paneton Ready to Bake Pizza Bases (can confirm their bases are the best I have tried!), Serious Cookies, Kumatos (similar to normal tomatoes but sweeter), and Avocados, plus much more!

The Avocados have been amazing. I ordered an ‘Avocado Bag’ which was 4 avocados for $2.79. They ended up giving me 6(!) and I loved that some of them were ripe and some were not. This meant that I could have one for lunch the next day (on Freya’s bread with Kumatos), and save the rest for the weekend and the following week. Below is one of my favourite lunches – simple, yet delicious!

Another awesome thing about Supie is when you click on a product, say the Avocado Bag, it gives you a description of the product, plus a ‘Message from Producer’ including where the product is grown, and nutritional and storage information. Very useful and interesting!

My first order total came to $152.83 (the fruit and vegetables, and some of the branded products, worked out to be cheaper than the supermarket) and can confirm the produce has lasted more than a week!

Would highly recommend trying out Supie! If you are interested, they have given me a discount code to share with you all. Use the code GEORGIE10 for $10 off your order (minimum spend $100). I can gurantee you will love it… especially their wonderful Bundles!!!

Georgie x

Disclaimer: I received a voucher code from Supie for this order (ad | gift)

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