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Ditching the Dairy: Coffee Options in Auckland CBD

Having recently started switching up my coffee order to include drinking dairy-free milk, and also having no idea which cafes in Auckland CBD were offering dairy-free milk options (and specifically which ones), I have decided to create this post, so that when you feel like dairy-free milk in your coffee, you will know where to go!

For each cafe, I have also added my recommended treat/breakfast dish too, because food is life!

Note: I have researched about 20 places all up, mainly visiting these places to check out their prices and if dairy-free milk is on offer. If a place is not included, it is either because their coffee with dairy-free milk is way too expensive or the coffee tasted like burnt toast. 

Stolen Summer

Stolen Summer is at the top of my list because it is my most recent coffee discovery and currently my favourite place to get a great coffee. The cafe is small, but cute, and fairly new to High Street. The owners are friendly, the cafe fit out will look good on your ‘gram and I love their coffee. At work, we buy all our baked goods from here, and can confirm they taste great too!

I usually order a medium flat white with almond milk, which costs $5. Stolen Summer’s coffee is consistently good – I have never had a bad one! On some occasions, my coffee comes with a mini chocolate chip cookie – too cute! Tip: Bring your own keep-cup and receive 50c off! Because their non-dairy milk is an extra 50c, you basically get it for free!

Dairy-Free Milk available: Soy and Almond (+50c each)

Recommended food: One of their homemade muffins or scones, made fresh daily.


18 High Street / Weekdays 7am-3pm, Saturday 11am-2.30pm

Le Chef

I love going to Le Chef because the owner and staff are always friendly and welcoming. Here is a little secret – it is also the warmest place in winter, thanks to the brick interior!

Their coffee is excellent– always extra hot, creamy and loads of fluff, especially when I ask for dairy-free milk! They have a great special deal lasting all day, every day – order a Large Flat White and pay only $3.50! With soy and almond milk being only an extra 50c, you will only pay $4 for a large flat white. Out of all the cafe options in this list, Le Chef has the cheapest option when buying a large coffee with dairy-free milk.

Dairy-Free Milk available: Soy and Almond (+50c each)

Recommended food: A freshly baked croissant or pain au chocolat!


Upper Vulcan Lane / Monday-Saturday 7am-11pm, Sunday 7am-4pm / Instagram / Facebook


One of my favourite all-round cafes in the Auckland’s CBD is Chuffed, for its delicious coffee, food and decor. On my most recent visit, we noticed they have changed their coffee cups to pink! #YAY and great to brighten up the ‘gram! Their coffee is excellent too and like Eighthirty, they offer three dairy-free milk alternatives, including soy, almond and coconut. A medium coffee with coconut milk is $5.10. Would recommend dining here also, because their food menu is A+.

Dairy-Free Milk available: Soy, Coconut and Almond (+60c each)

Recommended food: Anything from their cabinet – love their Gluten Free Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie, and the look of their savoury scones and lemon tarts!


43 High Street / Weekdays 7am-4pm, Weekends 9am-4pm / Instagram / Facebook


Walking up High Street, you probably would not notice Eighthirty cafe as it is hidden from the street. I love everything about this cafe – the welcoming staff, the fresh and clean look and design and their delicious coffee. They also have a standout pink feature wall, which is great for the ‘gram! 

Eighthirty offer three dairy-free milk options – soy, almond and coconut. On my first visit, I took a long time to decide, because I had not tried almond nor coconut milk in a coffee before. The girls behind the counter were super helpful, and even gave me samples of the almond and coconut milks to try – bonus! I ended up ordering a small coffee with coconut milk ($4.90) which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Dairy-Free Milk available: Soy, Coconut and Almond (+70c each)

Recommended food: Definitely a sweet treat! I love their Gluten Free Raspberry and Chocolate Slice.


35 High Street / Weekdays 7am-3.30pm / Instagram / Facebook

Misters Real Food

Misters has the widest range of dairy-free milks available, with their homemade milks being no extra cost. These include: Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Hazelnut Milk and Coconut Milk. They also offer Soy Milk, which is 50c extra. I have so far tried their hazelnut milk, which is slightly less creamy than the others, but gives the coffee a nice subtle flavour. A regular coffee with hazelnut milk costs $4.40. 

Dairy-Free Milk available: Almond, Cashew, Hazelnut and Coconut (Free) and Soy (+50c)

Recommended food: For breakfast, the Midnight Baker Freedom Loaf with Free Range Organic Scrambled Eggs ($11.80) is my top pick, otherwise one of their raw treats from the cabinet!


12 Wyndham Street / Weekdays 7am-3pm / Instagram / Facebook


Fancy a coffee while you wait for your laundry, or while you get your hair done? Well, you can do just that at Coffix, which is situated between a laundromat and barbershop on Beach Road. Did I mention their coffee is only $2.50, plus Fairtrade and organic?!

I pass this place every morning on my walk to the city. The $2.50 coffee sign entices me every time, so one day, I just had to try it! I ordered a large cappuccino with coconut milk and this came to only $4.50! A regular coffee is also only $3.50 with dairy-free milk. Like Le Chef, it is the cheapest option if you want a coffee with dairy-free milk.

Dairy-Free Milk available: Soy, Coconut and Almond (+$1 each)

Recommended food: They sell the most delicious slices for $2! I am eyeing up the Chocolate Caramel one for next time! 


2 Anzac Avenue (corner of Beach Road) / Weekdays 6.30am-3pm / Facebook

The Receptionist

The Receptionist is a small coffee kiosk located next to Khartoum Place and a few of my favourite spots (like KAYA, Revive and Auckland Art Gallery). It is owned and run by a guy called Kay (an ex-Deadly Ponies designer(!!)), who is friendly and welcoming. He offers three ‘Special Milks’ which include soy, coconut and almond. I am loving coconut milk at the moment, so I ordered a medium coffee with coconut milk which costs $5. It was delicious, creamy, and loved the chocolate on top. Will definitely be back. 

Dairy-Free Milk available: Soy, Coconut and Almond (+50c each)

Recommended food: No food available the time I visited, so just enjoy the coffee!


32 Lorne Street / Weekdays 7.30-4.30pm, Sat 8am-3pm / Instagram 


I have been frequenting Scarecrow since March 2015 when it first opened. Back then, it was a small and cozy cafe and grocer. Fast forward to now, it has undergone renovations, and now has an open kitchen, a large grocer, an extensive range of food and drinks available and there is also a florist on-site. It is a great place to have breakfast and lunch, and also catch up with friends over coffee and many sweet treats. 

They serve delicious Kokako coffee – I ordered a medium flat white with coconut milk in my new SOL KeepCup, which would have originally come to $5.50, but if you bring your own KeepCup, you receive 50c off!

While waiting for our coffees, we perused the shelves which are filled with all sorts of fabulous food goodies. Be sure to check out the fresh section because we discovered Little Island’s Coconut MilkBarista Style! Having never ever seen this been sold in retail, it was an exciting discovery! Scarecrow also uses this milk in their coffees, which I think it makes the coffee taste so good. 

Dairy-Free Milk available: Soy, Coconut and Almond (+$1 each)

Recommended food: Scarecrow has one of the best looking food cabinets in Auckland CBD, with a range of baked goods (love the Paleo banana bread), cheesecakes and tarts, plus handmade chocolates. Swoon. 


33 Victoria Street East / Weekdays 7am-5pm, Weekends 8am-5pm / Instagram / Facebook

Giles Luncheonette

What I like about Giles Luncheonette is that it is one of the few places in the CBD that serves All Press Coffee – one of my favourite coffee roasters. What I did not like about this cafe was that when walking in, we received no friendly or welcoming greeting from front of house – to be frank they did not seem enthusiastic at all. I ordered a medium flat white with almond milk which cost $5 and it was okay. The reason I have included this place in this list is because the dairy-free milk available is only an extra 50c, so it is one of the few cafes in Auckland’s CBD offering it this cheap. 

Dairy-Free Milk available: Soy and Almond (+50c each)


21 Shortland Street / Weekdays 7am-4pm, Weekends 8am-3pm / Facebook


Last but not least, Huffer. While technically not a cafe, every Friday, the Huffer store in Britomart offers free small coffees. My workmates and I usually meet here every week, because 1. Their coffee is Allpress, 2. It is free (although at the moment they are asking for a gold coin donation for the Mental Health Foundation which I think is great) and 3. They offer soy milk – at no extra charge! They always have doughnuts available too – sometimes small cutie pies and other times the Little & Friday doughnuts which are the best in my opinion.

Dairy-Free Milk available: Soy (Free)

Recommended food: Complimentary doughnuts!


12 Customs Street, Britomart / Fridays 7am-10am / Instagram

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