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Cotto – Auckland

I tried Cotto for the first time last week. I know, I know, I am super late on the bandwagon, but I finally made it… and I am so glad I did! It was everything I imagined and more. Cotto originally opened as a handmade-pasta pop up, but two years later they still occupy the same spot. Why, you may ask? Well, the team behind Cotto serve incredible Italian-inspired food. And some of the most flavourful dishes I have tried in Auckland. And the best part? Ordering 10 plus dishes between four will only cost you around $45, including a cocktail/beer/wine. Such a steal! Their menu is designed to be shared and is split into four sections by price – $5, $15, $20 and $10. Two of our group were vegetarians, but when looking at the menu, all I wanted to eat were the vegetarian dishes so this worked out really well. Everything we ordered was spot on. And full of cheese. Absolutely brilliant, because cheese is life. Below are all the dishes we savoured: $5 Farinata A …

Poderi Crisci – Waiheke

I love love love Poderi Crisci. Situated on Waiheke Island, about a 25 minute drive from Kennedy Point Wharf, you will find Poderi Crisci, a vineyard and Italian restaurant owned and run by Antonio Crisci and his family. Surrounded by rolling hills and immaculate gardens, together with a stunning setting including an Italian style kitchen, displays of Italian cheeses and cured meats, and copper pots and utensils, you will feel like you are in Tuscany.  I dined here for my birthday with my family and it was a very memorable meal… and day overall. Everything was exquisite – from the surrounds and views, to the alfresco dining and beautiful food and wine. The service is also very welcoming, professional and friendly. For starters, we enjoyed a glass of prosecco, accompanied by three platters, all of which were beautifully presented and each dish was savoured: Pane & Olio A selection of homemade grissini, Italian inspired bread and olives with Poderi Crisci olive oil Contorni A selection of Antipasti style side dishes, including free range egg frittata, …

Auckland Restaurant Month: SOUL

Food lovers rejoice because Auckland Restaurant Month is here!

Restaurant Month is about celebrating the central city’s diverse dining scene, offering 26 unique food events and the chance to experience over 100 special menus (priced at $25, $40 and $55+) during the month of August. 

To kick off my Auckland Restaurant Month experience, I dined at SOUL last Friday night. We indulged in their $50 three course meal, along with a cocktail and matching wines.

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