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Miann Britomart

Heads up dessert lovers, chocoholics, and gelato stick/macaron fans, Miann has just opened up their second store in Britomart!

If you are any of the above, then I guarantee you will love Miann, a sophisticated dessert bar and patisserie in Auckland CBD.


2015 is definitely the year of desserts. First there was Milse, which although it opened in 2013, it forever remains my favourite restaurant, for their ever changeable desserts and exciting creations. It is also where I can go and order dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and not feel weird about it. Then came the Sweet Cuisine Dessert Pop Ups. Like a sit down dinner, but instead of a ‘normal’ three course meal, you were served three courses of desserts. This brought a whole new level to dessert dining. And now, there is Miann. A sophisticated dessert bar/patisserie serving beautiful gateaux, gelato on sticks, handmade chocolates, and stand out macarons. The mastermind behind creating all these delectable desserts is pâtissier, Brian Campbell. With 15 years’ work experience under his belt, including having held the position of head chef at Milse and starting up his own company, namely Sweet Cuisine (you may recognise his dessert pop ups around Auckland), Brian has done great things for Auckland’s foodie scene. More recently, he and his wife, Roselle, have opened up Miann on Fort Street. My friend and I visited Miann earlier this week for lunch. Walking in, the fit out is dark and intimate, but …

Sweet Cuisine Dessert Pop Up

Most of you would have heard of Milse. The amazing dessert bar and patisserie that opened up in Britomart a few years ago. Serving gelato on sticks, gateaux, chocolates, sweet tarts, plus their stand out macarons, Milse has become a bit of a phenomenon. Because really, who doesn’t love chocolate and dessert?!?! The mastermind behind creating all of Milse’s desserts is pâtissier, Brian Campbell. He has 15 years’ experience working in Michelin star restaurants in the United Kingdom and at award winning restaurants here in New Zealand, at the likes of Kermadec and The French Cafe. Most recently, Brian has left Milse and has started up his own company, namely Sweet Cuisine’ A Dessert Pop Up. So far, he and his partner, Roselle Campbell have hosted a dessert night at Fred’s Espresso in Ponsonby where they teamed up with Giapo to create ice cream sandwiches, sundaes and drinks and they also had a dessert pop up at Merediths last week. And, a few nights’ ago, I attended their second dessert pop up (however this one was special because all the …