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Inti, Auckland

A few weeks’ ago, I was invited to dine at Inti, a newly opened restaurant delivering freshly styled Hispanic cuisine to Auckland City.

Named after the Incan sun god, Inti has replaced Meat Fish Wine, an eatery at which I enjoyed the food and wine, however, dining at Inti is nothing like I have experienced before. At Inti, you can do two things:

  • Explore delicious modern interpretations of South American ingredients, flavours and techniques; and
  • Enjoy art by aerosol artist, Flox, bringing the space to life with Hispanic-inspired wall work.

Heading up the Inti kitchen is Spanish born Javier Carmona, who brings 27 years of experience and a passion for Hispanic flavours to Inti, creating a unique culinary journey for Auckland locals to experience.


On the night we arrived, Inti were hosting a special Argentinian wine tasting and we were able to join in! We tried four different organic Argentinian red wines, my favourite being the Septima Malbec 2016, an intense red with aromas of fresh cherries, balanced with toast and vanilla.

We also sampled various nibbles from Inti’s menu – we loved the mini versions of the Green chorizo with a 65 degree egg, salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and wood sorrel. Find out more about this dish below!


After the lovely wine tasting, we were led to our table, where Inti’s restaurant manager, Carolin, explained the menu, ethos and Hispanic art work. She was very welcoming and friendly. 

We then ordered further drinks – I love cocktails, especially fruity ones so I couldn’t go past ordering The Brazilian – a blend of Cachaça, guava and passionfruit. Cachaça is Brazil’s most popular spirit and is made from fermented sugarcane juice. It was very refreshing and a great start to our culinary journey…


The staff at Inti were very knowledgeable about the menu – great because we must of asked a billion questions about each ingredient – most you won’t recognise!

Inti’s menu is separated into four sections: ANTOJITO, STREETS, OLD WORLD NEW WORLD and DULCE. Out of the 17 dishes on the menu, we tried 14 of them. Each dish was beautifully presented on ceramic wares from Waiheke, and a highlight was that all the hot dishes arrived on warm plates… definitely makes a difference!


We started with ANTOJITOS, traditional Mexican street foods, which literally translates to ‘little cravings’. We enjoyed the following:

Plantain (chips, made using very green bananas) with a beautiful smoked sour cream, lime and burnt leek. Very moreish and we almost licked the plate!


Mussel Michelada – mussels marinated in a dark beer and topped with fermented celery and chili. These had a great kick!


Cactus “Guacamole” with seaweed, almond, epazote and avocado leaf. One of my favourite dishes of the night – guacamole like you’ve never had before, plus an edible avocado leaf to crunch on?! Amazing!!!


Salsa Tarasca, made from pumpkin and sunflower seeds, accompanied by a selection of Mexican breads – soft corn tortillas, panucho (a puffed fried tortilla, this one made with cricket flour) and our personal favourite, the concha – a sweet and incredibly fluffy bun – beautiful!


Next were the STREETS, our starters for the night. 

Firstly, the Green chorizo with a 65 degree egg, salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and wood sorrel. One, if not our favourite dish of the night – the herbs were lovely and the egg was perfectly cooked when we cut through the middle… just wow! Plus, check out the upside-down heart shape! The chorizo was also melt in your mouth. 


Our next dish was the Tostada – the prettiest dish I have ever seen. Served with morcilla (black pudding), pitaya (dragonfruit) and peanuts, the flavours were interesting and if you look closely, the Tostada is topped with black ants! At first, I was a bit hesitant, but they actually gave the dish a nice crunch.  


Our third and final dish from the STREETS menu was Anticucho, a popular dish originating from Peru, which consists of small skewered (and marinated) pieces of meat. Inti uses beef, cooked in jamon fat (Spanish ham) and served with aji Amarillo (medium to hot chilies) and lettuce juice. The beef was tender and had a spicy kick!


OLD WORLD NEW WORLD is the mains section of Inti’s menu. Our first dish was the Duck with burnt honey brine, rose petal mole and coconut horchata. The duck was succulent – melt in your mouth. We also loved the mole (pronounced mōh-lāy) which is the national dish of Mexico – a sauce usually made with onions, garlic, spices, herbs, nuts, seeds, chilies and dark chocolate. The rose petal mole was a different take on the mole that my dining companions had tried Mexico, but was tasty nonetheless. 

Tip: Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to this dish – it really brings out all the flavours!


We also enjoyed the Huitlacoche with raw oca, hoja santa, lemon and rice cracker – Inti’s only vegetarian dish, with the Huitlacoche being a fungus that grows on the ears of corn, also known as ‘Mexican truffle’ and oca being similar to that of a New Zealand yam. Definitely haven’t seen this combination on an Auckland menu yet, which made it so much more exciting! We also loved the presentation of this dish.


Our third and final main was the Cebiche – raw fish, served with red cabbage, salted tamarillo and sweet potato. Although it was not a hit among my dining companions, I would happily order this dish again. I loved the striking presentation, the generous serving of fresh trevally, the red cabbage marinade and the dehydrated sweet potato chips. 


Lastly, DULCE or dessert. There are four options on the menu and we tried them all.

I really enjoyed our first dessert, the Smoked Xocolate with mandarin, quajillo, chili and persimmon. Three variations of mandarin are incorporated into this dish – as a liquid in the ganache, as mandarin sorbet and as a mandarin powder (the mandarin skin is ground into a powder, with a similar texture to sherbet). Definitely not something I was expecting in a dessert, but overall it was a nice surprise!


Next was a take on the Spanish dessert, Crema Catalana. Made with goat’s milk and served with torched meringue, barley and custard apple, we couldn’t quite work out this dish. The meringue was served in chunks – not piped and the custard apple was most unusual!


Thirdly, Manchego with hibiscus, potato cracker and black quinoa. Although I loved the Manchego cheese, I wouldn’t order this dish again as I have a sweet tooth. However, if you are a cheese lover, then definitely try this!


We were then blown away by the Vanilla Queso with burnt pineapple, cucumber ice, lemon verbena and seeds. A refreshing way to end our meal and one of my dining companies exclaimed “it tastes just like a margarita!”. We agreed this would be the perfect palate cleanser between meals.


Overall, we were all very impressed by the food at Inti. We all had a similar feeling – like we had been transported to South America on a culinary holiday, surprised and excited by all the interesting flavours, tastes and presentation. If you are looking for a unique dining experience, then Inti should definitely be at the top of your list!

Side note: Don’t leave without checking out the bathroom – there are many surprises!

* I was invited to dine at Inti, courtesy of the restaurant, however all opinions are (and always will be) my own.

Open Tuesday to Friday, 12pm to 3 pm, 5pm to late and Saturday, 5pm – late
Address 2 Chancery Street, Auckland CBD
Notes Takes bookings, $25 lunch special
Instagram / Facebook / Menu

Inti Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

UberEATS app

Imagine this.

It’s Friday night, you are home from work and don’t feel like cooking. You also don’t feel like driving all the way across town to pick up your favourite takeaway. So, what’s the solution? The UberEATS app of course!

The UberEATS App allows you to order your favourite dishes online from over 100 participating eateries, which are then delivered straight to your door. Think bagels, bao, gourmet burgers, salads, gelato, sushi, fried chicken, curry… even a warming bowl of noodle soup.

Image 2

I love the UberEATS app for its simplicity and ease of ordering food – simply download the UberEATS app on your phone (for both iOS and Android), login with your same Uber account details, put in your address, and a list of eateries within your delivery zone will show up. Delivery is available between 8am to 10pm, meaning you can order your day’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Some of my preferred eateries are not within walking distance to where I live and work, so it is super handy having the UberEATS app on my phone.

One of my favourite eateries in Auckland is &Sushi, an eatery serving modern style and creative sushi, plus a range of Japanese and Korean dishes as well. They have branches in Newmarket and City Works Depot. Working in Auckland CBD, I am not able to make it to either of their stores at lunch time. But, thanks to the UberEATS app, I can enjoy &Sushi for lunch at work and at home. I recently ordered a range of their beautiful sushi and two meals – Sashimi Bibimbap and Bulgogi Beef Soba Noodle Salad.

Image 4

I simply put my order through for &Sushi on the UberEATS app and waited. I was then showed the status of my order – whether the meal was being prepared, whether the Uber driver has picked it up or it has been delivered to my address.

A few minutes after ordering, &Sushi telephoned me and advised that they had run out of rice paper rolls (as requested in my sushi order) and that they had no chicken sushi left. The girl said she would try her best with the sushi options. I appreciated her call and thought it very considerate.

The meals from &Sushi arrived promptly. The food was fresh, well presented and delicious – it was just like we were eating at the restaurant.

Image 3Image 5

There is so much to like about the UberEATS app – it is simple and easy to use, reliable and fun – it is definitely my number one app!


The Chocolate and Coffee Show 2017


Hands up who loves Chocolate? And/or Coffee? How about Cupcakes, Gelato, Desserts and Espresso Martinis? Me! And I am sure a lot of you who are reading this also put your hand up!

Today, I attended The Chocolate and Coffee Show, held at The Cloud on Queen’s Wharf, a show which celebrates everything indulgent – from boutique chocolatiers and artisan coffee roasters, to producers of tasty treats. There are also talks and cooking demonstrations by chef Julie Le Clerc, chocolatier Karl Hogarth and Homestead chef Sam Mannering, various masterclasses you can participate in – barista skills, cupcake decorating, a chocolate and tea tasting workshop and a Milse Pop-Up – woohoo! You can also check out the winners of the very first New Zealand Chocolate Awards.

I had a really fun experience today, so I have rounded up my favourite coffee, chocolate and tasty products that I came across/tried at the The Chocolate and Coffee Show. If you have any questions about the products, feel free to ask! If you are heading to the show tomorrow, have a great time!


We first started off with coffee, from Hail Elsie. Coffee served in a bright orange caravan… yes please! Coffee is Allpress and they are selling a selection of home baked goods.



Low sugar, nut based bliss balls which come in 7 different flavours – my favourites are the peanut butter jelly and chocolate orange.


French style food trailer, creating seasonal dishes with decadent chocolate treats, plus this year they have launched their own natural and organic chocolate spreads – perfect with fresh crêpes and pastries!


Aurigin Espresso Martini – Ready to drink
As mentioned before and under ‘Cocktails’ in my Auckland Food Guide, you will see that I am a HUGE fan of Espresso Martinis. Now, thanks to discovering Aurigin at The Chocolate and Coffee Show this year, I can indulge in ready-to-drink Espresso Martinis, which come in cute 300ml bottles. All you do is chill a bottle, shake well and pour. Life is officially made!


Bohemein Fresh Chocolate
Handcrafted chocolates made with natural and fresh ingredients right here in New Zealand. One of their shops is located on O’Connell Street (in Auckland) which is slightly deadly as my work is just around the corner! I love their chocolates and my workmate swears by their pure hot chocolate drink too!

Enter on their Facebook page to win this giant chocolate fish!

Bondie Designer Cupcakes
You may recognise the name, their store used to be located in Takapuna, however they have now located to Rosedale. Loved their hot chocolate cupcakes!


Boundary Road Brewery (BRB)
One of my friends is a beer lover, and thanks to her mission to try all of New Zealand’s beers, she told me about BRB, a brewery located in Auckland. They have two beers that I have been dying to try for ages – Chocolate Moose – Chocolate Porter and Arabica Dabra – Coffee Oatmeal Stout. Both were delicious!


I love Cadbury chocolate, so I was really excited to see them this year. They have a fun interactive display where you spin a wheel to see which chocolate flavour you are. Definitely check it out, as there is free chocolate involved!


Chocolatier Mirams
Contemporary artisan chocolate crafted in Napier. How cute do their bon bons look?


Despicable Cupcakes
Aka badass cupcakes! Some of their flavours include: ‘Nuts for Nutella’, ‘The Strawb-Mob’, ‘Pretzel-Caramel Affair’ and ‘Unicorn Crunch’. I love their wacky decorations!


Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter
I am a huge fan of Fix & Fogg’s Honey Peanut Butter. They also make a delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter too. If you are ever in Wellington, they have a cute hole-in-the-wall shop where you can buy freshly toasted bread lathered in their peanut butter!


Hogarth Craft Chocolate
Nelson’s only chocolate manufacturer and one of the few in the country who make chocolate from bean to bar. Hogarth have won many awards for their chocolate, and after tasting it today, I can definitely see why! My favourite flavour was the Dark Giandua – could eat it all day!


Honest Chocolat
This was my one of my favourite stands today. Beautiful, honest chocolate made using a rang of organic, sustainably sourced, single origin chocolate with no artificial flavourings, preservatives or palm oil.


House of Chocolate
Contemporary chocolate makers, based in Beachaven on the North Shore. They also have a dessert shop in Takapuna. I absolutely loved their chocolates – my favourite being the Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter bonbon.


Jenny’s Tamarind Chutney
One of my favourite NZ products and the most divine chutney you will ever eat. I love spreading it on pizza, adding it to my meals or just eating it out of the jar! Here’s a pizza recipe to get you drooling…


Koko Loa
Delicately crafted by Samoa’s own local chocolatiers. Their range includes: Samoan Origin 72%, Fruit and Nut and Coconut Milk Chocolate (my favourite).


Marcel’s Pancakes
Delicious homemade gluten free crepes, hotcakes and blini. These are so convenient as all you have to do is reheat and then add your toppings – I like chocolate spread, caramel sauce and pure maple syrup! They are selling their pancakes and crepes with your choice of toppings.


Milse Pop-Up
Auckland’s first dessert bar, selling gateaux, macarons, plated desserts and my favourite ice cream on a stick – Bombe Alaska, with the sorbet flavour inside changes according to season – yummy! Check out my post here. At The Chocolate and Coffee Show, they are selling their gelato sticks, gateaux and macarons.


Stir It Up
I have been seeing Stir It Up’s products on Instagram recently, so I was pretty excited to try out their products at The Chocolate and Coffee Show. They make dairy free, gluten free plant based not-milk powders, including almond, coconut, soy and oat. I picked up some of their oat milk, soy milk and almond milk. All you do is add warm water to the powder, shake it up and you have your milk! Super easy.


The Chocolate Tour
Imagine receiving a box of all your favourite chocolates to your door? Well, The Chocolate Tour does just that. Every month, they curate a new collection of the best craft and artisan chocolate, along with tasted notes and delivered straight to your door. Sounds awesome!


The Macho Mini
Another favourite stand today serving cute cupcakes, which are between the size of a mini cupcake and regular cupcake, which to me is the perfect size! Loved the stand presentation, packaging and the cupcakes looked delicious.


Urban Blends 
A father and his son are behind Urban Blends, where they make latte blends, like Cacao Hot Chocolate, Cacao White Hot Chocolate, Raw Spice Chai and Pink Beetroot Latte. We loved their Cacao Hot Chocolate!



All the details…

The Chocolate and Coffee Show
 On tomorrow, Sunday 24 September 2017 and will run from 9am to 5pm.
Address: The Cloud, 89 Quay Street, Queen’s Wharf
Tickets Online ($18.50 for adults, $13.50 for students, under 12s free)
Instagram / Facebook / Website

5 Reasons Why I Love GIAPO



The best ice cream in New Zealand.

Here are five reasons why I love GIAPO (and why you should try their ice cream!):

1. Owner Gianpaolo (Giapo) Grazioli.

Giapo is the creative mastermind behind all the wondrous ice cream creations. He is very passionate about his ice cream and is the most enthusiastic person I know! You will often find him at the store, talking to customers and/or taking orders. Not many hospitality owners do this around Auckland, so I think this is pretty awesome. Also a special mention to Giapo’s wife, Annarosa, who is lovely, kind and always a joy to see at the Giapo store.

2. The ice cream flavours and the different options to ‘hold’ your ice cream.

The menu at Giapo is extensive, with many flavours to choose from. All of the ice creams are gluten free, with four being vegan – definitely something for everyone!

Their ice cream is different to that of the normal ones you would get at a dairy or supermarket – Giapo’s are like works of art. I particularly like that all of their ice cream flavours are hidden from the public, however you can taste as many as you like.

[September 2017 Menu – I will update this to include new flavours]

My favourite flavour at Giapo is Giapo Buono – it is a classic winner! Think lightly salted caramel ice cream, rolled in hazelnut praline and amaretti biscuits, topped with swirls of Italian meringue and bronzed hazelnuts. Dreamy.


Other Giapo flavours which I have enjoyed:

  • Kiss Kiss Kiss – my second favourite flavour featuring Christchurch Hazelnut gelato, topped with dark and milk chocolate, candied hazelnuts and a pair of chocolate lips!

IMG_5519IMG_5331“The only lipstick I wear is chocolate…”

  • Chocolate Evolution – the most decadent out of all the flavours. I would describe the ice cream like a dark chocolate mousse, with Dominican dark chocolate and cacao nibs.


  • Hokey Pokey – this is an iconic Kiwi sweet and now it is in ice cream form! Made using Tongan vanilla and topped with chocolate and honeycomb toffee, I highly recommend this flavour to first time visitors!


  • Siamu Popo – Coconut and caramel jam from Samoa and made into ice cream, dusted with cocoa powder and topped with a chocolate disc. This flavour is always a hit among my workmates.


  • Afghan Cookie – Caramelised white chocolate ice cream, rolled in cornflakes and topped with a homemade cookie and walnut halve.

giapo 1

  • Coconut Chocolate Chip – creamy coconut ice cream, topped with dark chocolate, rice puffs and a half dipped vegan chocolate cookie. This is a great choice for vegans!


  • Satsuma Mandarin & Red Capsicum – one of Giapo’s lovely sorbets, made using mandarins from Thames and red capsicum from Kerikeri and topped with cardamom seeds.


  • Chocolate and Peanuts – tastes just like another Kiwi icon – Peanut Slab!


After selecting your ice cream flavour at Giapo, you can then decide what you would like your ice cream to be served in. Introducing the “Hold Me” options:

  • In a waffle cone or in a deluxe cone coated in chocolate (and either swirled with chocolate, rolled in freeze dried fruit or crushed nuts)
  • In a cup or in a deluxe cup made out of chocolate (and either swirled with chocolate, rolled in freeze dried fruit or crushed nuts)
  • In a Yorkshire pudding
  • In a ‘Selfie Cone’
  • Or in traditional Paroa Parai (Maori fried bread).

Giapo Buono in a Yorkshire Pudding

IMG_6672Chocolate and Peanuts Ice Cream in Paroa Parai – Traditional Maori Fried Bread

3. The incredible creations

If you want to go next level, then I recommend trying one of Giapo’s “Whammies” aka extra add-ons to your ice cream. These include adding a sourdough doughnut to the top of your ice cream, the ‘Two Become One’ – two chocolate halves to join together, ‘The Visio’ and ‘Sky Tower’.

  • The Visio – inspired by New Zealand’s Te Papa Museum’s world famous Colossal Squid (I recommend sharing this between two… or three!)


  • Auckland’s Sky Tower – the tallest ice cream in the Southern Hemisphere!


  • Sourdough Doughnut – fried a la minute.


4. Giapo’s Discombobulating Menu.

Since moving to their new and much larger premises at 12 Gore Street, Giapo and his team have created a “Discombobulating Menu”.  Here, you will find ice cream incorporated with foods around the world. Think Montreal’s Poutine, Italy’s Arancini, India’s Pani Puri and Japan’s Gyoza.

  • Poutine – a sweet and savoury dish combining fries, ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. The current Poutine flavour features Kau Piro cheese – a smelly stinky cheese from Whangarei as the ice cream, drizzled with salted caramel sauce.


  • Arancini – a saffron rice ball filled with caramel ice cream. It is a hot and cold combination!


5. The little things.

Upon arriving at Giapo, you may get asked if you want to try shortbread or brownie while you wait. Definitely try some! The best is when they bring round tiny cups of their pure hot chocolate drink. These little things set you up for the ultimate sweet tooth experience!


Giapo has been operating since 2008, and each time I visit, it continues to amaze me. And thus, it still remains one of my favourite places in Auckland today and I think, for many more years to come. Seriously get to Giapo now if you haven’t already – you will literally be in ultimate foodie heaven!

Address 12 Gore Street
Open Sunday to Thursday, 12.15pm till 10.30pm and Friday + Saturday, 12.15pm till 11.30pm
Notes Seating inside and out, ice creams available for tasting
Website / Instagram / Facebook

Giapo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Auckland Restaurant Month: Odettes Eatery


We are now in the last week of Auckland Restaurant Month! This annual event celebrates the central city’s diverse dining scene, offering 26 unique dining events and the chance to experience over 100 special menus, priced at $25, $40 and $55+.

It is also a great opportunity to step outside the box and eat odd – try a food you wouldn’t normally eat and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

A fellow foodie friend (Bri) recently won a voucher (thanks to Neat Meat) to dine at her restaurant of choice… so last Tuesday night, Bri, Michelle, Genie and I had dinner at Odettes Eatery, where we tried their $40 Restaurant Month Menu – a four course banquet shared between four.

Odettes Eatery is located at City Works Depot, and has been on my foodie wishlist for a while. It is a charming eatery, with a relaxed ambience, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their menu is fresh and creative, drawing on flavours from the Mediterranean and changes seasonally.


Two of our party arrived early, so we had a few of their happy hour drinks. This is every night, from 4pm to 7pm and includes $8 tap beers, $8 wines and $10 Aperol Spritz. Following this, we tried two of their cocktails – Espresso Martini with Broken Shed Vodka, Dark Cacao and Espresso (one, if not, the best espresso martinis I have ever had) and a Fig Daiquiri with Angostura 3 Y/O, Lime and Pedro Ximénez.

Espresso Martini with Broken Shed Vodka, Dark Cacao and Espresso

Here’s a peek of the dishes we tried:

To start: Olive Pickle with Zatar and Cumin Lavosh. Loved the crispy lavosh – inspired to now make it at home!


Course 2 (Includes two dishes):
Chicken & Lime Dumplings with almond salsa and chili. We had to order another plate of these – our favourite dish of the night!


Crab slider with brioche, crayfish sambal and aioli. These were fantastic!


Course 3 (Includes three dishes):
Lamb Meatballs with Saffron Mustard, Sourdough and Pickled Eggplant. These were delicious, however we agreed they were a bit on the dry side…


Roasted Carrots with Black Quinoa, Muhummara (hot pepper dip) and Toasted Hazelnut. A good side dish, since I have been lacking in the vegetable department lately!


Chips with Berbere, Honey Mustard and Curry Leaves – loved these, especially with the honey mustard sauce!


Course 4: Coconut Affogato with Ice Cream and Espresso. A refreshing end to our meal.


A special thanks to Bri and Neat Meat for spoiling us rotten! x

Odettes Eatery’s Restaurant Month Menu will be available the whole month of August and costs $40 per person for a four course banquet.

Odettes Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Odettes Eatery
Open Monday to Sunday, 11am till late
Address City Works Depot, 90 Wellesley St West, Auckland CBD
Notes Definitely book a table / Good for groups / Reservations only for 6 or more
Instagram / Facebook

For more information about Auckland Restaurant Month and a full list of events, click here.

Photo credit for non food pictures: Heart of the City / Odettes Eatery / Anna Kidman

Auckland Restaurant Month: White + Wong’s


If you’re looking for top-notch Asian fusion food, consistently good service and a buzzing atmosphere, then look no further than White + Wong’s, located on Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.

White + Wong’s menu is one of my favourites in Auckland – it’s ‘east meets west’ and takes its inspiration from the street food found in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. I love the variety of food choices – think raw/cold cuts, noodles, curries, delicious dumplings and buns. Their food is fresh, flavourful and looks exciting on the plate.

I first dined at White + Wong’s a few month’s ago – we tried their edamame beans with a killer spicy and sweet sauce, a selection of their dumplings and gua bao, and their refreshing nashi pear iced teas. The service was great and the food was fantastic!


Fast forward to earlier this month, I saw that White + Wong’s were doing a special menu for Auckland Restaurant Month. I just had to check it out! So, on Friday night, a fellow foodie friend and I tried out their 3 course menu. It was a pleasant evening, which meant we could sit outside on their expansive deck overlooking the water and boats. If you get the opportunity to sit outside, then definitely do!


Starting with drinks, my friend ordered wine, while I couldn’t go past one of their delicious cocktails. The Madame Butterfly really stood out – Beefeater Gin, Chambord *yay*, passionfruit, lemon juice and white chocolate garnish. It was pink (my favourite colour) and the white chocolate was definitely the cherry on top. They also serve wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic concoctions.


We then indulged in their 3 course menu ($40 pp) and tried the following:

Appetiser: Prawn Crackers & Chilli Salt to share.

Raw Dish: Fijian Style Kingfish Sashimi with heirloom tomatoes, chili, lime, coconut cream and coriander. A refreshing start to our meal!


Dumplings: I chose the Wagyu Beef, Shiitake & Cumin Shumai (pictured below), while my friend had the Prawn and Coriander Ha Gao.


Roti Roll: Roti filled with slaw, coriander, mint, lime, soy & sesame dressing, crispy shallots, toasted almonds and your choice of chicken, pork or eggplant. My friend chose the Bang Bang Chicken and I had the Char Sui Pork.


All the meals were fresh and tasty, and had us wanting more. Our favourite dish of the night was the Roti Roll. This is something I wouldn’t normally order off a menu, so I’m really glad I got to try White + Wong’s version. The roti was crispy, yet soft, and both our chicken and pork were cooked perfectly. It made for a very flavoursome end to our night!

White + Wong’s is fast becoming one of my favourite dining places in Auckland. Head here for pre-dinner cocktails, a dumpling feast or eat to your heart’s content with their yum cha menu on weekends. Their Restaurant Month Menu will be available the whole month of August and costs $40 per person for a three course meal.

White & Wongs Bar & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

White + Wong’s
Open Monday to Sunday, 11am till late
Address 149 Quay Street, Cnr Lower Hobson & Quay Street, Viaduct Auckland
Notes Definitely book a table / Good for groups
Instagram / Facebook

For more information about Auckland Restaurant Month and a full list of events, click here.

Photo credit for non food pictures: Heart of the City / White + Wong’s


Recently, my parents moved overseas, which means my sister and I are now fending for ourselves in the kitchen – I was very excited, mainly because of the freedom we would have to cook whatever we fancied! However, after spending many nights chopping vegetables, making marinades, stir-frying meat, cooking rice etc. and then eating very late, I have come to the conclusion that poached eggs on toast, takeaways and food deliveries are simply the best.

And my new favourite dinner? Street food, like tacos, dumplings and burgers, delivered straight to your door!


Introducing LUCKY STREET, a new weekly meal-kit delivery service, run by taco aficionados Sarah and Otis Frizzell from The Lucky Taco.

Launching this Sunday 20 August, LUCKY STREET will offer two “fun, tasty and easy-to-assemble” meal kits which are delivered to your doorstep each week, each including award-winning Lucky Tacos and another dish that will change weekly. The second dish will be from famous food joints, such as cult Korean burger bar Tiger Burger, Brazilian-Japanese sushi from the Temaki Truck, pop-up Miss Changy, Thai eatery Farang Cafe and K’Road curry house Satya, with other exciting names to be announced soon.


Last week, I received LUCKY STREET‘s week one box. It contained all the ingredients to make mouth-watering Chipotle Chicken Lucky Tacos – marinated free-range chicken, soft tortillas, avocado crema, pink pickle, shredded red cabbage and fresh salsa, coriander and lime…


PLUS all the ingredients to make Tiger Burger’s Smokey Lee Burger – free-range patties, smoky bacon rashes, aged cheddar, crispy shallots and homemade Korean BBQ sauce and aioli, with a bibimbap salad and tasty dressing.


And the great thing? No complicated recipe cards… just quick and easy cooking videos on YouTube!

Both the Chipotle Chicken Lucky Tacos and Tiger Burger’s Smokey Lee Burger tasted out of this world amazing! Literally the best food delivery/takeaway/homemade dish ever. All the ingredients were of high quality, were fresh and had loads of kick!


I am so excited about the new LUCKY STREET meal-kit delivery service, for its delicious and easy to prepare meals. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The low down:
LUCKY STREET launches this Sunday 20 August (delivery will then be every Sunday).
• Choose from 1 or 2 options of the BEST famous eats in NZ.
• Weekly or fortnightly delivery available.
• Delivery to the Greater Auckland area for launch (from Long Bay to Papakura).
• Expansion to Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington is on the cards if the service takes off.
• Sign up to LUCKY STREET here.

For more information, click on the links below.
Website / Facebook / Instagram

Auckland Restaurant Month: SOUL

Food lovers rejoice because Auckland Restaurant Month is here!

From 1-31 August, Restaurant Month celebrates the central city’s diverse dining scene, offering 26 unique dining events and the chance to experience over 100 special menus, priced at $25, $40 and $55+.

It is also a great opportunity to step outside the box and eat odd – try a food you wouldn’t normally eat and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

Last Friday, a friend and I were invited to dine at SOUL. In honor of Restaurant Month this year, SOUL goes L.A. Chic! They have a limited edition menu which is inspired by the flavours and food trends of Los Angeles. It’s new, it’s funky, it’s delicious!

We indulged in their $50 three course Restaurant Month dinner, matched with a delicious gin and pineapple rum cocktail and wines. I particularly enjoyed their Smoked Chicken Liver Pâté with date vinegar, Oxtail Agnolotti, and to finish, a decadent Chocolate Budino Tart. The Santa Monica Sling cocktail, Pencarrow Pinot Gris and Kumeu Village Chardonnay were also perfectly matched!

Here’s a peek of the dishes we tried:

To start: 

Santa Monica Sling Cocktail with black robin gin, pineapple rum, rosemary, kaffir lime syrup and almond spice. Lovely refreshing cocktail with strong flavours. A great start to the night!


For entrees:
Smoked Chicken Liver Pâté with date vinegar and grilled bread. My first time trying chicken liver pâté – it definitely exceeded expectations!


Salt & Pepper Squid with almond skordalia, chilli oil and lemon. SOUL’s salt and pepper squid is always a highlight!


For mains:
Oxtail Agnolotti with pistachio, rosemary, brown butter and currants. My favourite dish of the night – melt in your mouth!


Mushroom Tortelli with balsamic and hazelnuts. Our least favourite dish of the night, as the pasta was under cooked.


For dessert:
Chocolate Budino Tart with salted caramel, olive oil and sea salt. Glossy, rich, decadent, divine.


Food aside, service was friendly and attentive – we couldn’t fault a thing! The atmosphere was buzzing and the setting always a highlight. Think waterfront views, boats, twinkling lights and pretty white flowers hanging above.


The ‘SOUL goes L.A. Chic’ menu will be available the whole month of August and costs $40 per person for a two-course meal or $50 including dessert.


For more information about Auckland Restaurant Month and a full list of events, click here.

Photo credits for non food pictures: Heart of the City / SOUL

Soul Bar & Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Georgieats’ Weekly Faves

Following on from my first post of Georgieats’ Weekly Faves, and in memory of attending The Food Show this time last week, I will be sharing my favourite foodie products which I purchased at The Food Show. There were some amazing products, along with some great show specials – I ended up coming home with 7 bags! I have narrowed this list down to my Top 10 products. Enjoy!


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Weekly Faves

Tamarind Chutney by Jenny’s Kitchen


Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney is my all time favourite chutney by far, and something you will always find in our fridge at home. It is the most divine chutney you will ever eat, and tastes great with everything. I love spreading it on pizza, adding it to salads, with vegetables, with lasagna, or simply eating it straight out of the jar. I especially love their X-hot flavour!

Below is a Caramelised Onion, Chicken and Tamarind Chutney pizza by Jenny’s Kitchen to get you drooling. Recipe here.


Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney is available at Farro Fresh, IE Produce and Binn Inn.

Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney
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Silver Fern Farms


Silver Fern Farms makes quality New Zealand lamb, beef and venison. It is expensive, so I have rarely bought it, hence I haven’t tried a lot in their range. They did however have a great special at The Food Show (3 products for $32), so I purchased their Beef Stir-fry, Lamb Stir-fry and Venison Mince. I plan to make thisthis and this. Stay tuned on Instagram for my snaps!

Silver Ferns Farms is available at Countdown, New World and Farro Fresh.

Silver Fern Farms
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Nut Butters by Pic’s


Hands up who’s a fan of Pic’s peanut butter? I reckon it’s one of the best peanut butters on the market and who can resist their latest ice cream collaboration with Lewis Road Creamery? (For more details, click here).

Prior to The Food Show, I had never tried their Almond or Cashew nut butters. They are delicious. So far, I’ve enjoyed both on rice crackers (see below), on toast and of course, eating it straight out of the jar!

Pic’s nut butters are available at New World, Pak & Save, Countdown and Farro Fresh.

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Blackcurrant Powder by Sujon


Sujon was started by two Kiwis, Sue and John Gibb (hence the name) who run Australasia’s first and longest berry company. You can buy their Sujon berries frozen, powdered, mixed and in capsules.

Their blackcurrant powder is our favourite – it is essentially crushed, freeze dried blackcurrants. A load of research has been done on blackcurrants – they are definitely the next superfood! Check out the information here and here! And best of all, the powder, when sprinkled on porridge/cereal, blended through smoothies or mixed with water, tastes delicious! Check out this yummy recipe here.

Sujon’s frozen berries are available to buy at New World and Pak N Save, however you can only purchase the blackcurrant powder at Health 2000, Binn Inn and selected health stores.

Sujon Berries
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Rice snacks by Ceres Organics

Have you tried Ceres Organics Black Rice Crackers yet? They are ah-mazing!!!


I also love their Rice Cakes! I purchased both at The Food Show and have been non-stop munching! For a great snack, I love a good rice cake spread with nut butter and topped with tomato, like below!


Ceres Organics’ products are available at Countdown and New World, as well as the Ceres shop in Ellerslie.

Ceres Organics
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Little Bird Grawnola by Little Bird Organics


I love Little Bird Organics. Raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free food that is insanely exciting and tasty! Just visit one of their cafes and you will be amazed! They also sell a delicious selection of homemade macaroons, crackers, nut milks, and best of all, grawnola. My favourites are their berry and cacao flavours and I love adding it to my weetbix or sprinkling it on my porridge!

Little Bird Grawnola is available at Little Bird Unbakery (Britomart and Ponsonby branches) and Farro Fresh.

Little Bird Organics
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Sprouted Seed Pizza Bases by Home St. / Bakeworks

Home St. is bringing back bread the way it should be – nutritious, wholesome, delicious, and gluten free. Their bread is baked with sprouted and activated seeds (like sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and linseed), resulting in a soft and chewy texture.


I’m already a huge fan of their Sprouted Good Seed Pizza Bases, having made a Chicken, Caramelised Onion + Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney pizza (mentioned above) and a Margherita pizza (as below)!


Home St’s pizza bases are available at New World, Countdown and Farro Fresh.

Home St. / Bakeworks
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Chocolate Marshmallow Bars by Queen Anne Chocolates


With their chocolate marshmallow eggs only available during the Christmas and Easter periods, Queen Anne Chocolates wanted to make a product that could be purchased all year round. Introducing, Chocolate Marshmallow Bars!


The bars come in a variety of flavours – Dark Chocolate Boysenberry, Dark Chocolate Caramel, Milk Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Caramel and Milk Chocolate Caramel and Strawberry. Yum!

Queen Anne Chocolates are available online and at New World, Pak N Save and Smith & Caugheys.

Queen Anne Chocolates

Chia Seed drink by CHIA


CHIA is a company I had not come across until discovering it at The Food Show last week. It is a beverage made from 90% organic hydrated chia seeds, with the company located in Nelson.

My favourite flavours are the Feijoa & Guava, Mango & Coconut and Blackcurrant & Apple. They also make sparkling coconut water infused with lemon and blackcurrant – lovely!

CHIA is available at New World, Countdown, Scarecrow, Best Ugly Bagels and Commonsense Organics.

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Lebanese products by KOHKOZ


Kohkoz was a new stand at The Food Show this year, selling authentic Lebanese hummus, baba ghanoush, garlic dip, falafel and breads.

I tried all of their products and can say that everything tasted delicious! I bought a packet of their Lebanese wraps, falafel and baba ghanoush dip and plan to eat these in the weekend. Stay tuned on Instagram for my snaps!

KOHKOZ’s products are available at Farro Fresh and online at

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Hope you all enjoyed my faves this week and stay tuned for next week!

For more of Georgieats’ Weekly Faves, click here

The Food Show 2017

Calling all food lovers!

Today, I attended my favourite foodie event of the year, The Food Show Auckland.

Held at the ASB Showgrounds over four days (Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 July), The Food Show showcases the best in food, drink and kitchen equipment from product owners around the country.

There is so much to sample and buy at The Food Show, you get the opportunity to meet and talk with the owners behind all your favourite brands, experience different foodie zones and EAT, EAT, EAT, which is what I really love about this event! Below, I list my favourite zones, stands and products to buy at The Food Show.

Ticket entry also includes cooking demonstrations by some of your favourite culinary stars at the Cooking Theatre! There will be 19 sessions over the four days, featuring headline cook Annabel Langbein, along with Michael Van de Elzen, Ray McVinnie, Simon Gault, Annabelle White, Nici Wickes, Jonny Schwass and French chef Nicolas Bourgois. Check out the timetable here.

Another great thing about The Food Show is the product specials. This is your opportunity to buy your favourite products at a discounted rate, as many product owners will offer a 2-for-1 deal or something similar. Prior to visiting, I usually make a list of what I would like to purchase on the day and the prices for each product. To save you the time, I have listed my favourite show specials of The Food Show below.

Also, don’t leave without buying/renewing a magazine subscription – my favourites being Taste and Dish! They will have a special deal on their respective magazine and usually this includes a wonderful goodie bag and sometimes, a delectable treat!

Check out my list below for my favourite zones of the day, stands and show specials, along with a string of foodie photos!


There are many fun and exciting zones to visit at The Food Show, including the Casa Barilla Cooking School, Artisan Village, Huntley & Palmers Cheese Alley, The Healthy Hub, Ceres Organics Healthy Hub Kitchen, Street Food Alley and Countdown Fresh Market. Check these out in more detail below.

Casa Barilla Cooking School

Wanting to learn the art of simple Italian cooking? Well, then the Casa Barilla Cooking School is just for you! Hosted by Executive Chef Andrea Tranchero, these one-hour interactive pasta masterclasses are hands-on, meaning you get to cook your own pasta dish and taste it afterwards!

Executive Chef Andrea Tranchero


There are five sessions each day (10.30am, 11.45am, 1pm, 2.15pm and 3.45pm) and you get to take home a wonderful Barilla goodie bag! The masterclasses are free when you buy a ticket to The Food Show, but spaces are limited.

I attended the 11.45am session today and it was so much fun! We made Penne Rigate with Italian Sausage, Porcini & Button Mushroom in a Bolognese Sauce. It was simple, yet delicious and very convenient as all the ingredients can be found in the supermarket. If you would like the recipe, let me know!

Penne Rigate with Italian Sausage, Porcini & Button Mushroom in a Bolognese Sauce

Artisan Village

This zone is all about handmade, small-batch and traditional high quality goods all in one place. My favourite stands include:

  • Gathered Game X Wild Venison Salami – 100% Wild New Zealand Venison, which comes in four different flavours (mine being the smoked paprika). It’s also dairy and gluten free.
  • Milly Molly Bakes  perfect fit baking paper liners which are pre-cut for baking tins. Such a great idea!
  • The Macho Mini – Auckland-based cupcake company who specialise in mini cupcakes which are soft and fudgy, with delicious fillings such as raspberry coulis and salted caramel.
  • Wild Fennel Co.  gourmet seasonings for your meats and seafood.


Huntley & Palmers Cheese Alley

Cheese, glorious cheese. Head to the Huntly & Palmers Cheese Alley to sample some of the best cheese from makers and suppliers around New Zealand and beyond. My favourite stands include:

  • Huntly & Palmers – delicious crackers to accompany your cheese (my favourite are their baked oat thins, which I eat almost every day!)
  • Ghiotti European Cheeses – I love their Buffalo Mozzarella and Parmigiano Reggiano!
  • Spring Blue Cheese – I love their organic goat feta and haloumi.
  • Mathura YNM Foods – authentic Indian dairy products, i.e. paneer cheese.
  • Sheep Milk NZ – if you haven’t tried sheep milk, you’re missing out! It’s sweet, creamy and has a deliciously nutty taste.
  • Taste Greece – a small family owned business which makes goat and cow feta, as well as barrel-aged feta – a must try!

Spring Blue Haloumi

The Healthy Hub

Always one of my favourite zones at the Food Show, featuring wholefoods and healthy products. A highlight was seeing Ceres Organics again – they have great show specials (see below under ‘Show Specials’) and many tastings! Stands which I also loved include:

  • Bakeworks – Home St. breads – I love their nutritious and gluten free sprouted and paleo breads and pizza bases. Their latest creation is Sprouted Sunflower Paleo Bread, which is absolutely delicious. They have a great Food Show special too (see below).
  • CHIA – a beverage made from 90% organic hydrated chia seeds in Nelson, NZ. My favourite flavours are Blackcurrant & Apple, Feijoa & Guava and Mango & Coconut.
  • Fix & Fogg – three words: Honey Peanut Butter!
  • Kea Cookies – handmade gluten and dairy free biscuits, which are delicious. I love their Hokey Pokey Cookies!
  • KOHKOZ – a new stand at The Food Show this year, selling authentic Lebanese hummus, baba ghanoush, garlic dip, falafel and breads.
  • Little Bird Unbakery – one of my favourite clean-eating eateries in Auckland. LBU are selling their range of macarons, crackers and juices.
  • Sujon Berries – this company was started by two Kiwis, Sue and John (hence the name) who run Australasia’s first and longest berry company. You can buy their berries frozen, powdered, mixed and in capsules. My Mum swears by Sujon’s blackcurrant powder!
  • WaHiki – a new brand to The Food Show this year, WaHiki make creamy coconut ice-cream in a variety of flavours.

IMG_0409IMG_0410IMG_0406Home St. Pizza – so delicious!


Ceres Organics Healthy Hub Kitchen

A new zone this year, the Ceres Organics Healthy Hub Kitchen will introduce you to some of the tastiest and healthy ingredients to serve up delicious and nutritious meals, thanks to demonstrations by Nadia Lim, Megan May (Little Bird Organics), Lauren Glucina (Ascension Kitchen), Sarah Tanner (Greenleaf Organics) and Olivia Scott (The Raw Kitchen). There are three demonstrations each day (11am, 1pm and 3pm). Check out the timetable here.

Countdown Fresh Market

If you love fresh fruit and vegetables, then definitely check out this zone. You will find the Countdown stand – recipes and tastings for dishes like chorizo sausage bake, tasty soups and the freshest fruit and vegetables. Other stands include: AS Wilcox Inca Gold Potatoes, FreshWest capsicums, Kaipara Kumara, King Avocado, Leaderbrand Produce (love their beetroot), Turners and Growers (their JAZZ Apples are delicious) and my favourite stand, Meadows Mushrooms – be sure to try some of their homemade dumplings matched with kombucha!


Street Food Alley

Returning to The Food Show this year, the Street Food Alley is a food lover’s paradise! It is the perfect zone to chill out, relax, and have lunch, before heading out back into the action! This year, there’s tacos, Vietnamese, burgers, dumplings, crepes, paella, salami and a food truck dedicated to cheese!

We didn’t have lunch until 2pm (!) and by this time, we were so full, that all I could eat was 4 x Akemi’s gyoza dumplings and an IPA beer from Good George Brewing Co.

Akemi’s Gyoza

Authentic Japanese dumplings in three flavours – pork and garlic chives (my favourite), chicken and prawn and miso and shiitake. All dumplings are served with a homemade ponzu sauce and chili oil. Price: 4 dumplings for $5, 9 dumplings for $10 and a frozen bag of 18 dumplings for $15.



Raclette cheese. Need I say more? We didn’t actually purchase a meal from Melt, but I just had to share pictures of their raclette and cheese wheel, as below. Drooling!



Other stands which I loved (not mentioned above) – there were over 270 exhibitors!:

  • Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney – one of my favourite NZ products and the most divine chutney you will ever eat. I love spreading it on pizza, adding it to my meals or just eating it out of the jar. This is a must try at the Food Show! Here’s a pizza recipe to get you drooling…
  • Fresh As – they make freeze dried fruit and powders, and they have two new products – Raspberry Panacotta and Black Doris Plum Panacotta! Simply add two ingredients and you’re good to go! Also, don’t forget to pick up one (or five) of their recipe cards.
  • Marcel’s – delicious homemade gluten free crepes, hotcakes and blini. These are so convenient as all you have to do is reheat and then add your toppings – I like chocolate spread, caramel sauce and pure maple syrup! They have a great show special – see below!
  • 1907 Water is naturally alkaline bottled artesian water and saved the day, when I realised I hadn’t packed a drink bottle! Hydration is key at The Food Show, plus it gets super hot and stuffy when you’re carrying loads of bags round!
  • The Pie Piper & Doornuts – run by the amazingly talented Danielle and Suzanne, who make American style pies, donuts and all things sweet and wonderful. They have a cute shop on K’Road serving the like. Think maple bacon donuts, s’mores tart, rocky road pie, key lime pie… yum!
  • House of Dumplings – I first tried these dumplings at the Seafood Festival two years ago. They are all handcrafted and taste heavenly. My favourites are the Korean Sesame Beef Sprouts and Nepalese Spiced Lamb! ($2.50 each).
  • Pic’s Peanut Butter – who doesn’t love Pic’s? It’s great on toast, on bagels, in smoothies, swirled through ice cream….
  • Queen Anne Chocolates – I love Queen Anne. Based in Christchurch, Queen Anne make a range of chocolates with fluffy marshmallow inside. Absolute heaven. Their latest creation is Marshmallow Bars, which I bought one too many of!
  • Silver Fern Farms – in my opinion, this is the best quality New Zealand lamb, beef and venison. It is however expensive, so I only have it on special occasions. They do have some great show specials. See below!
  • Zebra International – selling Freshpak Rooibos, which is my favourite tea!
  • Taste Magazine – I always update my subscription for Taste at The Food Show, because it is a great deal (12 issues for $58), which also includes a goodie bag!

Raspberry Panacotta





Below are a list of my favourite show specials for some great products:

– Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney aka the most divine chutney you will ever eat! Special: 2 jars for $20. (Retail price: $14 each)
– Meadows Mushrooms have a great special! 3 for $5 for their Chef’s choice mixed mushroom medley. (Retail price: $5.49 each – such a steal!)
– Fresh As are selling their freeze dried fruits and powders. Special: 4 x new panacotta powder mix for $10.
– Little Bird Unbakery are selling their macaroons and crackers for $10 each, otherwise 2 for $15 and their grawnola for $15 each or 2 for $25. (Retail prices: $11.75 for macaroons, crackers around $11 and $17.90 for grawnola).
– Yocomo makes coconut yoghurt and is offering a great deal: 2 small yoghurts, 2 large yoghurts, a chiller bag and the chance to win a trip to Fiji!
KOHKOZ – authentic Lebanese hummus, baba ghanoush, garlic dip, falafel and breads. Special: 1 dip + 1 falafel pack + pita bread for $15
– Sujon Berries blackcurrant powder is great on porridge or cereal. Special: $30 for 180g pack, $60 for 500g pack. (Retail price for the 180g pack is $30!)
– CHIA drinks have a great special – 1 bottle for $4 or 3 bottles for $10 or 4 bottles for $12 (I went with the latter!)
– House of Dumplings aka one of my favourite dumpling brand are selling their special sauce pack (Chili Oil and Mum’s Sauce) – both for $25.
Fix & Fogg’s latest product is honey peanut butter and this, among all their other nut butters are on special for 2 for $10.
– Spring Blue make the most delicious haloumi and feta. Special: 3 products for $10.
Huntly & Palmers make the best crackers ever! Special: 2 products for $5, plus receive a free packet of buckwheat and millet rice crackers.
Inca Fe is all about coffee! You can purchase takeaway coffees for $4 each. Special: 2 bags of coffee for $14.
Pic’s Peanut Butter are selling their 380g peanut butter jars for 2 for $10, their almond and cashew butters for 2 for $15 and their 1kg jar for $15. (Retail prices are $6.50 for peanut butter and $18.50 for 1kg). AND, $11 for their cashew and almond butters, so this is a great special!
– Queen Anne Chocolates have a new product (as mentioned above) which is their Chocolate Marshmallow Bars. Amazing. Special: 2 bars for $5, 3 bars for $7 (otherwise they are $3 each)
– Gathered Game sell premium venison sticks and salami. Special: Sliced venison packs for $13 and deer sticks for $10.
 Zebra International – Rooibos Tea aka my favourite tea! Special: 40g pk $3.50 or 2 for $6, 80pk for $6 or 2 for $10.
– Bakeworks and Home St. are selling their pizza bases (2pk) for $6, bread for $6 and their new paleo bread for $8. (Retail prices are $8 for pizza bases and $10.50 for bread).
– Marcel’s make delicious, ready to eat hotcakes, crepes and blini. Special: 1 pack for $3, 2 packs for $5 (includes everything in their range). Great deal!
– Silver Fern Farms make quality New Zealand lamb, beef and venison. Special: 3 for $32 (includes 7 choices), 3 for $42 (includes 6 choices) and 3 for $52 (includes 3 choices).
– Ceres Organics offers a range of specials, including: 3 packets of rice crackers for $5, 3 packets coconut smiles for $6, 3 packets of seaweed for $5, and so much more!
 Taste Magazine is my favourite foodie mag and is offering a great deal on their subscription, $58 for 12 issues (2 year subscription), PLUS a goodie bag!
 Dish Magazine is also offering a subscription show special ($38 for six issues), which comes with a bottle of wine and a wonderful goodie bag.

If you have any questions about the products, feel free to ask! If you are heading to the show this weekend, have a fabulous time!

All the details…

The Food Show Auckland
Dates Thursday 27 July to Sunday 30 July 2017
Times Thursday to Saturday (10am to 6pm) and Sunday (10am to 5pm)
Venue ASB Showgrounds, 217 Green Lane West, Greenlane
Tickets Online ($26) otherwise at the gate ($28), $14 for under 12s, under 5s are free
Parking $10 at the gate (cash only), or you could Uber like we did!
Instagram / Facebook / Website