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Cotto – Auckland

I tried Cotto for the first time last week.

I know, I know, I am super late on the bandwagon, but I finally made it… and I am so glad I did! It was everything I imagined and more.

Cotto originally opened as a handmade-pasta pop up, but two years later they still occupy the same spot. Why, you may ask? Well, the team behind Cotto serve incredible Italian-inspired food. And some of the most flavourful dishes I have tried in Auckland. And the best part? Ordering 10 plus dishes between four will only cost you around $45, including a cocktail/beer/wine. Such a steal!

Their menu is designed to be shared and is split into four sections by price – $5, $15, $20 and $10. Two of our group were vegetarians, but when looking at the menu, all I wanted to eat were the vegetarian dishes so this worked out really well. Everything we ordered was spot on. And full of cheese. Absolutely brilliant, because cheese is life. Below are all the dishes we savoured:



A delicious crispy bread made with chickpea flour, olive oil and water and topped with sea salt, rosemary and sage.


Heirloom Tomato and Shallot

We decided these were the best tomatoes we had eaten all summer, plus it was the perfect starter to our feast that awaited. 



Spinach and Goats Cheese Dumplings with Fried Sage

Think big buttery dumplings with generous fillings and topped with crispy fried sage leaves. This dish left me oohing and aahing for the duration of the night. These are seriously the real deal. 


Smoked Chickpea Mozzarella Chips with Almond Aioli

Another highlight of the night!
Give me a plate of these any day and I will be one happy gal!


Fried Eggplant with Roast Tomato Basil and Whipped Ricotta

My least favourite dish of the night, however, would have eaten the whipped ricotta on its own… may or may not have dipped my Farinata bread into it too… dreamy!



Basil Gnocchi with Zucchini, Stracciatella and Pinenuts

Soft and fluffy gnocchi and oozing with stringy cheese…! Really enjoyed this dish and could have happily eaten another plate or two. 


Ravioli with Spinach, Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato and Dried Olives 

A lovely simple dish, but quite a small portion for the price. 



Chocolate Nemesis with Salted Caramel

A very rich chocolatey dessert, so best shared with your fellow dining companions!



I have never ever ordered affogato for dessert before, because hey, you can make this at home… but hello dreamy… we left with some huge grins on our faces!


Panna Cotta with Mascarpone Plum and Grappa Sorbet

If you are dining at Cotto in the near future, order their Panna Cotta as your choice of dessert and you will not be disappointed. The panna cotta was perfectly set and melt in your mouth. A beautiful dessert and one of the highlights of the night!


Food aside, service was efficient and the meals arrived in a well staggered manner. The atmosphere is lively, with great music and at times noisy, but the vibe cosy. Note they don’t take small group bookings, so be prepared to not be seated upon arrival, however you are welcome to sit at the bar while you wait… definitely recommend ordering a Spritz or two!

Thank you Cotto for an incredible foodie experience – I cannot wait to go back x

375 Karangahape Road, Auckland / Instagram / Facebook

Cotto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cocoro – Ponsonby

If there was one word to describe Cocoro, it would be… well, to be honest, it would be many words. Exquisite. Superb. Spectacular. Faultless. Sensational. Perfection.

In March of this year, I was invited by Pamu New Zealand to dine at Cocoro, one of the three finalists in the nationwide ‘Pamu & Cuisine Deer Milk Ice Cream Competition 2020’ where chefs were tasked to create their very first Deer Milk ice cream dessert.

You may have heard of Deer Milk… it is like the caviar of milk. Rich and creamy, yet fresh and light. Fun fact: it is actually double the fat and double the protein of regular cow’s milk, making it the creamiest milk you will ever taste. It is also the first of its kind and is made by Pamu on their farm near Queenstown.

Co-Owner and Head Chef of Cocoro, Makoto Tokuyama’s creation was Deer Milk with Shio Koji Ice Cream Manuka Smoke, inspired to reflect Pamu’s deer farm on a Spring morning.

The combination of deer milk with shio koji (salt fermented rice) creates an umami rich ice cream flavour to represent a safari. The ice cream then sits on a layer of daifuku rice pastry for a unique Asian texture. The earth of the scenery is represented by the sesame and red bean crumble as the soil, sesame praline as the rocks, deer milk cheese as snowballs, yuzu powder and deer milk powder as snow, sansho (Japanese pepper) biscotti slices as fallen wood bark, crispy buckwheat noodles as wood twig, green tea tempura bits as the grass, while the Manuka smoke represents the morning fog. The foraged fresh herbs and edible flowers enhance the image with colours and the aroma from nature.

Cocoro’s dessert is the most S P E C T A C U L A R dessert I have ever seen and eaten. It is decadent and daring – to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy all the unique flavours, but all the elements in the dish balanced well. The deer milk ice cream on glutinous rice pastry was the highlight of the night!

Before being wowed by Cocoro’s dessert, we first indulged in their “Omotenashi”, a Japanese word which essentially means to wholeheartedly look after guests. If you choose to experience their nine course degustation, then Cocoro will provide you with the upmost incredible hospitality.

On a Wednesday night, we arrived at Cocoro about 5.30pm and left just before 10pm. While it was the longest dinner I have ever had, the whole experience blew my mind, from the beautifully presented and superb dishes, to the wonderful service and ambience. If you ever get the chance to dine at Cocoro, choose the “Omotenashi” and you will not be disappointed. Below are the dishes we savoured:

Course 1: Chef’s selections of ‘Zensai’ appetizers

Our first course of the night was ‘seasonal welcome snacks’ from the kitchen – a glossy lacquerware box arrived at the table, whereupon our waiter opened the doors to reveal three mini shelves with delicate plates of appetizers. We loved the deep fried Kingfish with ponzu, and rolled venison with kawakawa sauce – a very elegant start to our evening!

Course 2: Sashimi of Market Fish

Next, a platter of fresh assorted sashimi, served with South Island fresh wasabi and three different dipping sauces – ponzu, soy and sesame.

Course 3: Raukaka Bay Blue Paua ‘Chawanmushi’

Followed by ‘Chawanmushi’ which is essentially an umami packed Japanese savoury egg custard, and in Cocoro’s case, made with Raukaka Bay Blue Paua. It was served in beautiful Japanese tea cup, and the Chawanmushi itself was silky and delicate.

Course 4: Hokkaido Scallop Gratin

We loved the presentation of this dish – a single scallop, dissected, served in its shell on a bed of pebbles (reminded me of my childhood when my grandparents would take my sisters and me to rock pools to look for various sea creatures), accompanied by a fabulously creamy sauce made up of soy, miso and gochujang, topped with crispy breadcrumbs, fish roe and seaweed powder.

Course 5: Ora King Salmon Reconstructed “Chazuke”

My favourite dish of the night! Our waiter arrived at the table holding a black tea pot… she then poured this over our reconstructed rolled salmon sashimi dish, and Manuka wood-smoke filled the air! Check it out here.

Course 6: “Kurobuta” Berkshire Pork Belly

Our last savoury course of the night was a juicy, flavourful and tender pork belly served with gyoza fried dumpling, courgette, cabbage, wild foraged greens, housemade tartare, ginger and plum tamari sauce. Delicious.

Course 7: “Torotaku Hosomaki” Toro & Takuan Finger Roll Sushi – 100% farm raised Bluefin Tuna and smoked Takuan pickled daikon radish.

To Finish: Feijoa sorbet with G O L D leaf and Sake chocolate ganache squares, followed by the most beautiful dessert we have ever eaten – Pamu Deer Milk and Shio Koji Ice Cream Manuka Smoke.

A huge thank you to Pamu New Zealand and Cocoro for a night we will never forget!

56a Brown Street, Ponsonby, Auckland
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#NZContentCollective Margarita Masterclass with Mexico

Last Thursday night, #NZContentCollective and I hosted a Margarita Masterclass at Mexico in Britomart. 

Credit: Huia Creative

One of my other loves (besides food) is T E Q U I L A!

I mostly like it straight, and of course, in Margaritas – my favourite cocktail! Since travelling around Mexico two years ago (including visiting the Jose Cuervo Distillery in the town of Tequila and learning about the history and how it is made), my passion for all things Mexican (hello calaveras!) has grown and I am an even bigger fan of the spirit. 

So, when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Mexico by organising a Margarita Masterclass with Herradura and El Jimador Tequila, we were in! Plus, the idea of becoming a master in the fine art of making and consuming margaritas simultaneously sounded like our type of evening, so why not share it with 37 other like-minded people, namely content creators, bloggers, foodies, and business owners!

On a chilly Thursday night, we arrived at Mexico in Britomart and were led upstairs to their super cool Mexican-style function area (complete with handcrafted artwork and murals, skulls and even a religious lady who I hope would forgive me by the end of the night for one too Tequilas). Paloma in hand, we took our seats and eagerly awaited for the night to begin…

Our activities for the night included a Tequila Tasting with Herradura, learning how to make the perfect Margarita with El Jimador Tequila (then onto Frida’s Margaritas), and eating all the delicious food from Mexico’s kitchen. Check it all out below, and if you have any questions about the event, please feel free to ask! x


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🌟 Tequila Tasting with Herradura 🌟

Our first activity of the night was a Tequila Tasting with Herradura (an ultra-premium, 100% agave tequila, crafted using only the most mature blue agave). Thanks to Herradura for not only sponsoring bottles of their Plata, Reposado and Ultra Anejo for us to SIP on (who else just likes to shot it?!), but who also granted us with good luck (“Herradura” meaning horseshoe and the sign of good luck and fortune)… I for one am having a seemingly great week!

Our host, Ryan, took us through the history of Tequila, and why it is so much more than cheap shots at 4am! My favourite Tequila of the night was the Ultra Anejo – tastes like vanilla and caramel! If you like Bailey’s, then you are going to love this!

From L-R: Juanita, Amber, Belle, Holly and Jessi

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MEXICO MARGARITA MASTERCLASS🍹🌮💃🇲🇽 Last Thursday night, we hosted a Margarita Masterclass alongside Mexico in Britomart✨ We enjoyed a Paloma on arrival, sipped on three different Herradura tequilas, shaked our own Frida’s margaritas with El Jimador, and learnt all about the history of Tequila. We were also treated to a range of Mexico’s delicious dishes (hola! guac, Mexico fried chicken, chimichangas, quesadillas and CHURROS to name a few💖). We all had SO much fun and every guest left with a FAB goodie bag‼️ Thanks to everyone who came along and a HUGE thank you to our @herradurateq and @eljimadortequila and @mexiconz for being amazing hosts 🙌🏼💃🍹🌮🇲🇽🥳 • • • • #MexicoNZ #Tequila #Margarita #NZCCMexico #Herradura #ElJimador #Event #MargaritaMasterclass #Cocktails #TequilaTasting #MexicanFood #Mexican #Yum #Delicious #Foodie #Blogger #ContentCreator #AucklandFood #NZFood #NZ #AucklandEats #NZEats #Eeeeeats #NZBlogger #AucklandFoodie #NomNom #NZContentCollective #Britomart #Auckland #NewZealand

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🌟 Margarita Masterclass with El Jimador🌟

We were then treated to an interactive Margarita Masterclass, thanks to the number one selling Tequila in Mexico – El Jimador – made of 100% blue agave Tequila. Can confirm Friday was a blur!

Mexico’s Restaurant Manager (and expert barman), Ollie, got up front and showed us how to make the perfect Margarita. Recipe below:

  • Using a “jigger” (15ml/30ml measurer), pour your ideal measures for El Jimador Reposado Tequila, Lime and Sugar Syrup into a cocktail shaker.
  • Fill with Ice until 3/4 of the way up. Then, SHAKE until your arms are sore. 
  • Hold the shaker in your hand you write with and strike it with your other palm. After a few of these, the cocktail shaker should dislodge enough to be pulled apart.  
  • Pour into a sugar rimmed glass and ENJOY!
  • Repeat x 1,000… because one is never enough and your friends will love them too!

Ollie needed a volunteer shaker and my name was screamed out (I’m looking at you Sarah!), so up I went to shake my tail feather in front of everyone. It was super fun and hands on, which I loved! 


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That moment when you’re at an event and the crowd is asked who wants to come up and show everyone how to shake a Margarita💃💃 and YOUR Name gets screamed out!!! [I’m looking at you @sarahpagenz ‼️👀] 😂😂🍹🍹💃💃🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ 📷: @twelvebelles @mexiconz @eljimadortequila @herradurateq @nzcontentcollective • • • • #MexicoNZ #Tequila #Margarita #NZCCMexico #Herradura #ElJimador #Event #Georgieats #Cocktails #TequilaTasting #MargaritaMasterclass #TequilaTasting #MexicanFood #Mexican #Yum #Delicious #Foodie #Blogger #ContentCreator #AucklandFood #NZFood #AucklandEats #NZEats #Eeeeeats #NZBlogger #AucklandFoodie #NomNom #NZContentCollective #Britomart #Auckland #NewZealand

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Armed with cocktail shakers, bottles of El Jimador Reposado Tequila and a table full of mixing ingredients, our guests then created their own Margaritas. Salud!


We also got a chance to make their famous Frida’s Margaritas (if you go to Mexico, definitely order one!) My all-time favourite is the Raspberry & Yuzu, plus other memorable mentions go to:
Blackberry & Coconut… perfect for when you want a delicate start to a debaucherous night
Strawberry & Guava… perfect for when Margaritas are the only thing on your to-do list
Black Plum & Cinnamon… perfect for when you need a worthy subject for your next Instagram post…



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F O O D from Mexico

As well as making one of my favourite cocktails in the city, Mexico also serves mouthwatering food, inspired by the streets of Mexico. Read more about Mexico here and here. Below are the dishes we enjoyed on the night:

To start, Salsa Roja and Guacamole with Housemade Corn Chips

10 - credit @twelvebelles
[Photo credit: Twelve Belles]

Chickpea Patatas

Mexico Fried Chicken7 - credit @twelvebelles[Photo credit: Twelve Belles]

Crispy Cauliflower Florets 4 - credit @foodiestablenz
[Photo credit: Foodies Table]

Chimichangas – my favourite dish of the night!IMG_3084

Three Cheese & Chicken and Jackfruit Tinga Quesadillas

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Margaritas, guac, churros and foodies make for a fabulous evening ✨ . Last Thursday I attended the @nzcontentcollective Margarita Masterclass and had such a BLAST! @mexiconz greeted us on arrival with guac and chips (the way to any foodies heart!) 😍🥑 . The evening continued with tequila tasting of 3 delicious sipping tequilas (yes sipping, not shotting!) My fav was the caramel cookie dessert tequila which was almost creamy like baileys. We finished on a high note as we took to the margarita station and made our own! The plum cinnamon was a fan favourite, as was the blueberry lavender 🥳🍸 . 10/10 would recommmend their margarita masterclass for anyone wanting a hands on evening of tequila and guac! Will have to dust off the cocktail shaker at home now I’m a pro 😉✨ . Thanks so much for organising @nzcontentcollective and looking forward to the next event 💃 📸: @_georgieats_

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And finally, for dessert, Cinnamon Spiced
C H U R R O S !!!IMG_7650

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🌟Goodie Bags🌟

All guests also went home with a FAB Goodie Bag. We cannot thank our generous sponsors enough who provided product for the bags, in particular: Mexico (Frida’s Margaritas and Taco vouchers), El Jimador (mini El Jimador Tequila bottles), Herradura (key rings), Tio Pablo (Totopitos – Tortilla Chips), Culleys (Mexican Seasonings), Delmaine Fine Foods (Red Kidney Beans) and Something to Crow About (Mexican Chilli & Lime Roasted Seed Toppers).


If you are interested in coming along to our upcoming #NZContentCollective events, follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook Group to ensure you don’t miss out! If you are also looking for a relaxed place to talk about content creation or are interested in starting an Instagram, Facebook or Blog, feel free to contact us. There are some great events being planned… hope to see you there!


* Disclosure – we received a generous discount from Mexico for the Tequila Tasting and Margarita Masterclass.

A 🌟 BIG 🌟 shout-out to our amazing sponsors… Herradura and El Jimador Tequila! And to Mexico for being our hosts for the evening!

23 Britomart Place, Auckland CBD
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Something & Social – Newmarket



Last Saturday, LauraEvo and I enjoyed ‘Bottomless & Social’ at Something & Social, an all-day modern bar and eatery, brought to you by the team behind the award-winning Pilkington’s, located in Westfield Newmarket’s Rooftop on Broadway.


‘Bottomless & Social’ is Something & Social’s NEW Bottomless Brunch, which kicked off last weekend and is running every Saturday and Sunday… for 6 W E E K S! For the brunch, we were seated in their courtyard – the sun was shining, live music playing the the atmosphere was fantastic. Tickets are reasonably priced at $45 and include a 2 Hour Bottomless Package, with five drink options to choose from: 

  • Grapefruit Splash (Squealing Pig Pinot Gris, Grapefruit and Lime Juice)
  • English Rose (Sparkling Rose and Elderflower Syrup)
  • Estrella Damm Beer
  • Moscow Mule Vodka Cocktail 
  • Cranberry Vodka Cocktail


The crowd favourite was the Moscow Mule! It was perfectly balanced and we loved drinking this in the sun! We also loved the fact that you can drink any of the above during your brunch – you are not limited to one or two choices (unlike other places). 

For food, Something & Social offer three dishes:

  • Smashed Avocado on Sourdough with Haloumi and Free Range Poached Eggs


  • Free Range Eggs on Sourdough with Bacon


  • Brioche French Toast with Cinnamon Sugar Dusting, Whipped Mascarpone and Maple Syrup


Laura ordered the Smashed Avocado, while Evo and I ordered the Brioche French Toast. We also received a complimentary Free Range Eggs & Bacon… to complete the meal experience! Every dish was D E L I C I O U S and we were so happy with the portion sizes – definitely bang for your buck!

If you’re keen on a Social Saturday or a Sunday Session, then I would highly recommend you book ‘Bottomless & Social’ at Something & Social – can guarantee your friends will love it! Plus… who can resist their P I N K signage and design? Swoon.

All the details…
Something & Social
Date: Saturdays & Sundays (from Saturday 7 March to Sunday 19 April 2020)
Two sittings, 9am till 11am and 11am till 1pm
Tickets: Purchase here.
Rooftop on Broadway, Westfield Newmarket, 309 Broadway, Newmarket
Socials: Instagram / Facebook

Something & Social Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

My Favourite NZ Content Creators

[Me at Egg Shop in Brooklyn, New York, holidaying with my friend Christina]

Around five years ago, I started this Blog and my Instagram georgieats as a creative outlet to share all my favourite eateries in Auckland and beyond, my travel adventures and the odd baking recipe. Trying out new cafes and restaurants is my favourite hobby and I am always on the hunt for the latest and exciting thing in Auckland.

Since then, I have also been writing reviews on Yelp and Zomato and attended some very fun events. Meeting people through these two platforms has been a highlight and I still keep in touch with some of them today.

Last year, I became an admin for NZBloggers, a group encouraging, supporting and enabling networking for bloggers and influencers in New Zealand. NZBloggers actually began in 2014, so pretty cool that it has been running for almost five years! I have helped organise and host their monthly Brunch Club events (like here and here and here), plus a few of us put on a very successful and fabulous Pink Ribbon Brunch last May. 


The thing I love most about the Brunch Club and organised events is meeting people whom you follow on social media, but otherwise would not get the chance to meet. I have met many people over the last few years, and some of these people have become close friends!


After a successful year of keeping the #BrunchClubNZ tradition alive and also our announcement at our Xmas Soiree event, we have decided to turn over a new leaf for NZBloggers, by changing our brand. 



While we will continue to support all of New Zealand’s Bloggers, we also want to support and enable networking for ALL of New Zealand’s Content Creators. Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, are an Artist or a Business Owner etc. We Want to Support YOU! Everyone is welcome to join our group!

We will continue to run our monthly Brunch Club events, and plan to host other events throughout the year. 

Check out the new social media pages for NZContentCollective:
Website / Instagram / Facebook Group – Please Join!


In the meantime, I thought it was high time I featured some of my Favourite Content Creators from around New Zealand, whose accounts I love to check out weekly. Hope you enjoy reading about those featured below and click on the links featured… share the love! x

Bunny Eats Design

Who: Genie
What: Freelance Superstar / Blogger / Foodie / Graphic Designer

Location: Auckland

There’s no doubt about it, Bunny Eats Design is my favourite New Zealand Blogger of all time. In fact, Genie’s was the first blog I followed when I started my own blog and one of my sources of inspiration. She is also one of my favourite food photographers and if you check out her website below, you will see why. A few years ago, I met Genie and we have been friends ever since! 

Instagram / Bunny GramBlog

Favourite Post


Baker Gatherer

Who: Dane
What: Sweet Toothed Recipe Maker / Blogger / Foodie / Teacher

Location: Hamilton

My favourite thing about Dane’s Blog and Instagram, Baker Gatherer, is that they are both so aesthetically pleasing – I admit I love to look at both several times during the week! Dane loves to bake and has a major sweet tooth so that resonates well with me. Check out his recipes below!

Instagram / Blog

Favourite Post


Relish The Memory

Who: Kate
What: Food Writer / Gastronomic Traveller / Foodie
Location: Auckland

I am a HUGE fan of Kate’s Instagram page, Relish The Memory. It is one account which I check out daily, especially when Kate is on holiday overseas – I like to screenshot all the cafes, restaurants and foods she is trying so I can follow in her footsteps!

Kate has degree in Human Nutrition, so life does revolve around food, and she is also a food writer, plus is part of the Metro Cheap Eats judging panel. If you are looking for a mix of travel, food discoveries and kitchen creations, then head to Kate’s Instagram stat!


Favourite Post


No Filter Mum

Who: Lisa
What: Girl Boss / Blogger
Location: Auckland

I have had the pleasure of meeting Lisa at a few events, and my favourite thing about her and her Blog and Instagram, No Filter Mum, is that she is the most real and honest person you will ever meet – both online and offline.

Lisa also runs her own business, No Filter Co, where she sells very cool inappropriate greeting cards, mugs, prints and custom art too. Thanks to Lisa, I have an affiliate code just for you! Use “georgieats” for 10% off your next purchase at No Filter Co

Instagram / Blog

Favourite Post


The Forest Cantina

Who: Unna (Pronounced Ah-na)
What: Cookbook Author / Stylist / Photographer
Location: Wellington

Like Baker Gatherer’s Blog and Instagram (see above), I also love to check out Unna’s Blog and Instagram, The Forest Cantina, at least once a week! Both are so aesthetically pleasing, and I dig her style… especially when she comes up with a new recipe or is doing renovations!

I also love Unna’s kitchen and the fact that she shared details and photos of the renovations, read more about that hereUnna has also done a few travel posts – my favourites being about Vietnam and Singapore, as I visited these two places last year. 

Instagram / Blog

Favourite Post


Tasty Twins

Who: Sophie and Emily
What: Recipe Creators / Food & Fitness Lovers / Students
Location: Dunedin

Tasty Twins are true to their name, being run by twins, Sophie and Emily, who post the tastiest looking food! I love their quick and simple dishes, plus their baking always looks mouthwatering.

Also love watching their Instagram stories, where they post ‘What We Eat in a Day’ – a good chance to get some inspiration for your meals! [Secretly hoping they start a blog featuring all their favourite recipes and meal plans…🙌🏼]


Favourite Post


On Her Plate

Who: Thea
What: Recipe Creator / Foodie / Designer
Location: Auckland

I met Thea a number of years ago through mutual friends and we have been friends ever since! During that time, Thea started her own blog, On Her Plate, sharing delicious, simple and affordable recipes. My favourites include her Low Fodmap Saagwala, Raspberry Custard Tarts and Peanut Butter Jelly Slice. YUM!

Thea has also since released her own e-book, namely ‘at the table‘, featuring a collection of her favourite recipes. Can confirm everything looks delicious! Check it out here.

Instagram / Blog

Favourite Post


The Style Aesthetic

Who: Jules
What: Stylist / Event Party Hirer / Blogger / Recipe Creator
Location: Auckland

I recently discovered The Style Aesthetic on Instagram a few months’ ago, and I am so glad I did! Run by Jules, she posts everything from recipe creations, to what she is wearing, to something new she has bought or received. Even though her account is not 100% food, I do enjoy the range of content she publishes. 

Occasionally, I will not watch Instagram stories as they are quite repetitive, but I enjoy watching Jules’ ones – from fast dancing with her children, to receiving deliveries, to her cooking and getting out into nature. I met Jules last year at a Mexico Tequila Tasting Event and she is lovely!

Instagram / Blog

Favourite Post


Eden Vegan

Who: Tess
What: Recipe Creator / Vegan Foodie / Corporate Gal
Location: Wellington

While I am not vegan, I do enjoy cooking and eating vegan food. Tess’ goal is to share how easy it is to be vegan – and that it does not have to be a difficult or expensive journey.

Judging by her Instagram page, Eden Vegan, it does look easy! I absolutely love her recipes, and her photos always look fresh and colourful. Favourites include her Tempeh Poke Bowls,Banana Pops and Cacao Banana Waffles. She also has her own e-book, namely ‘Easy Vegan Eats‘. Check it out here

Instagram / Blog

Favourite Post

READ: A Weekend in Wellington



Who: Cass
What: Digital Content Manager / Blogger / Art Gallery Assistant
Location: Auckland

Cass’ of CassandraMyeeis my favourite blogger when it comes to beauty. She posts everything from beauty talk and reviews, to tips, tricks and beauty hauls. Even though I mainly follow foodies on social media, I enjoy checking out Cass’ Blog and Instagram because I love her style, and her flatlays always look perfect!

Instagram / Blog

Favourite Post


Evie Kemp

Who: Evie
What: Artist / Designer / Creative / Stylist 
Location: Auckland

Evie is very talented – an artist, designer and illustrator, with a love for colour and pattern, with a bit of a retro feel. I first met Evie at a tasting event at Saan a few years ago. I instantly fell in love with her style – bold, bright and colourful – something I aspire to be! She is also a really lovely person. Since then, I have been following her Blog and Instagram, Evie Kemp, which always brights up my day. Side note: I have never actually been to Evie’s house, but I fell in love with it here

Instagram / Website

Favourite Post


In Rhi’s Pantry

Who: Rhi
What: Freelance Recipe Creator / Photographer / Stylist / Foodie
Location: Auckland

Rhi’s Blog and Instagram, In Rhi’s Pantry, is featured in this post because I absolutely love her recipes which are wholesome and delicious! Rhi created her brand to share her love of food, and inspire people to get into the kitchen.

I especially love watching Rhi’s Instagram stories, where she does quick videos of what she is cooking and also tips and tricks along the way. She is also a great food photographer and stylist, and along with recipe creation, Rhi runs her own freelancing business…pretty awesome considering she is only 25 years old!

Instagram / Blog

Favourite Post


Once Upon An Egg

Who: Bec
What: Recipe Creator / Foodie / Spin Instructor
Location: Auckland

I love to bake. Mainly sweet, but on occasion a few savoury treats too. One of my favourite Blog/Instagram’s is Once Upon An Egg, where Bec shares the most delicious looking baking and dessert recipes. Favourites include her Baklava, Mint Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake and Little Molten Chocolate Cakes. Check out more of her recipes below!

Bec also attends our monthly NZBloggers events, and once even hosted a spin class for a group of bloggers, followed by brunch afterwards. [Unfortunately I missed out on this event, but super interested for it to happen again! Hint hint…]

Instagram / Blog

Favourite Post



Who: Tabitha
What: Foodie / Student
Location: Wellington

I love Wellington. In particular, the city’s dining scene, attractions and vibe in general. Every time I visit, super cool places have popped up everywhere and I enjoy checking them out. If you are on the hunt for some Wellington food recommendations, then look no further than Tabitha’s Fattab Instagram page. She posts everything from brunch, lunch and dinner to after work cocktails, the best coffee spots and daily food and drink deals, so you don’t have research them for yourself!


Favourite Post


Sapid Scoop

Who: Nathan
What: Gastronomic Critical Appraiser / Foodie / Doctor
Location: Auckland

My favourite thing about Nathan’s Sapid Scoop Instagram page is his food photography – in particular the lighting. The secret to Nathan’s photos – using a mirrorless camera. In fact, I got to hold said camera last year, when he attended our NZBloggers’ Brunch Club at Meadow. It was super cool to meet him in person and chat about his photography. 

Nathan’s Instagram posts are worth reading too – he publishes noteworthy content and talks about each dish in detail, which is really helpful when trying out a new restaurant or cafe!


Favourite Post


Hello Delicious


Who: Maddy
What: Catering Superstar / Foodie
Location: Auckland

Last but not least, Hello Delicious.

I first met Maddy back in 2017 when she was working for Serious Popcorn and also had a stall at La Cigale Farmers Market in Parnell selling her muesli bowls, mini cakes and slices. Her Chocolate Caramel Slice is the best I have tasted in my life so far!

Fast forward to July 2018, Maddy went full time with her catering business, namely, Hello Delicious, where she offers a variety of morning and afternoon tea goodies, plus catering for lunches, events, bespoke cakes, and grazing tables. Can confirm her food is absolutely scrumptious, as we have ordered her food for our work morning teas!

Instagram / Website

Favourite Post


If you are looking for a relaxed place to talk about everything related to content creation or are interested in becoming a content creator, and would like to attend upcoming NZContentCollective and Brunch Club events, follow us on Instagram to ensure you don’t miss out. 

Here are our NZContentCollective event dates for the next few months:

Saturday 1 February 2020: Meet and Greet / Picnic at Cornwall Park

Thursday 30 July 2020: Mexico Margarita Masterclass

Keep an eye out for our Instagram posts for all the details and hope to see you there!

Georgie x

Bottomless Brunch at Wu & You

A few weekend’s ago, #NZBloggers and I hosted our Xmas Soiree at Wu & You in Mount Eden. This was our last #BRUNCHCLUB for 2019, so we celebrated it in style!


Wu & You are known for their exciting, dynamic and delicious Asian-Fusion dishes, and on the weekends, they offer Bottomless Bubbles and Brunch🍾🍾 Prior to the event, we loved the sound of their WFC Burger with Wu fried chicken, kaffir lime mayo, lettuce and coriander, the Five Spiced Pork Hawker Roll with hoisin and star anise glaze, Malaysian slaw, fried garlic and peanuts, and the Chili Scrambled Eggs with spicy mayo, fresh herbs, crispy shallots and toasted sourdough. YUM. Check out the rest of their menu here.

On the day, we were seated in their outdoor courtyard and had this to ourselves! We priced our tickets at $40 which included Wu & You’s Bottomless Bubbles & Brunch (usually $49), sweet treats during the event (like Sweet Little Favors Christmas cookies and Krispy Kreme doughnuts), plus a FABULOUS Goodie Bag to take home at the end. We also donated $5 of each ticket to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

For a cool vid of our event, check it out here.


S P A R K L E S ✨ was the THEME and there was a Prize for Best Dressed!🎉 Susan of Otti & Olli messaged us on Instagram saying she would like to donate a Gingerbread House for our event – check it out below! Congratulations to Belle for winning Best Dressed!


For their Bottomless Bubbles & Brunch, Wu & You offer a variety of dishes, and were happy to cater for our vegan and gluten free guests. Check out Genie‘s fantastic photos below.

Here are some of the dishes we enjoyed:

Amber ordered the Green Papaya Salad with shaved coconut, tofu, peanuts, lychee, red chili and nuoc cham


Many of us (including me) ordered the WFC Burger with Wu fried chicken, lettuce, coriander, kafir lime mayonnaise and a side of skinny fries


Emily ordered the Beef Cheek Rendang with coriander, kaffir lime, fried curry leaves and roti


Belle ordered the Eggs Benedict with streaky bacon, poached eggs, edamame, lemongrass, hollandaise and gluten free brioche

Laura ordered the Eggs Benedict as well, but swapped out the streaky bacon for avocado. Love the generous serving!


Emma ordered the Chicky Bao with Wu fried chicken, lettuce and kimchi tartare. YUM!


Tash ordered the Vegan Tofu Taco… stay tuned as this dish will be on their menu soon!


Here are some more photos from our Brunch x


As well as the delicious food and bottomless bubbles, all of our guests went home with a FABULOUS Goodie Bag. We cannot thank our generous sponsors enough who have been in contact with us leading up to our Xmas Soiree – we love you all, and we would not have been able to do it without you!

View this post on Instagram

Damn…it looks like I've been a very good girl this year with this goodie bag from @nzcontentcollective_ Xmas Soiree event! #blessed 🎅🎄🎁 Here's a Xmas cracker joke: What does an angry kangaroo do? Swipe to see the answer at the end! 🦘 #bottomlessbrunch for the Soiree event @wuandyou 2 hrs of free flowing mimosas, good food and festive vibes! 🥂 I had Beef Rendang. The meat was tender and rendang curry was very flavourful. Roti game could've been better tho. It needed to be thinner and more flaky. Five Spiced Pork Hawker Roll looked very insta worthy grammable!! Just look at that stack! Just want your regular white people café food for brunch? They also have eggs benny and WTF burger (fried chicken burger) Thank you @_georgieats_ @lozalock @islandgirlblogger for organising such an epic event!! 👌🙌 It was great to meet new peeps and hear about their talent and creativity! #nzbloggers #nzcontentcollective #foodreview #foodiesofauckland #aucklandfoodie #foodielife #foodbloggers #foodie #topcitybites #foodblogger #aucklandeats #foodgram #foodiesofinstagram #instafoodie #nomnom #newzealandeats #instagramfoodies #instafood #foodiegram #foodsofinstagram #foodphotography #foodies #aucklandeats #aucklandfood #eaaaats #eatingout #eatingfortheinsta #bloggersgetsocial #foodiechristmas

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A H U G E shout out to the following companies who donated their products:

Barker’s of Geraldine – donated bottles of their Raspberry Vinaigrette and Citrus & Soy Dressing


Anathoth Farm – donated tubs of their new Smoked Tomato, Chili & Chia Seed Pickle


Bonk Lube NZ – donated mini tubes of lube!


Cadbury – donated blocks of Caramilk!


Donovans Chocolate – donated their Salted Caramel and Pretzel Clusters


eco store – generously donated both their Purifying Cleanser and Light Moisturiser


Fix & Fogg – provided us with $3 off vouchers
Krispy Kreme – provided vouchers for one complimentary Original Glazed Doughnut at any of Krispy Kreme’s stores.
Lewis Road Creamery – provided vouchers for their Premium Ice Cream. I love their Double Mint & Dark Chocolate flavour!
Mexico – provided vouchers for one complimentary Frida’s Margarita at any of Mexico’s restaurants!
The Avo Tree – provided us with vouchers for 15% off your first box of avocados


Farrah’s – donated their newish Chia Oats & Hemp Wraps, along with recipe cards.


Fresh As – donated their freeze dried Lychee slices and Tropical Panna Cotta dessert sachets.


Goodness Me – donated packets of their Crispy Rice Rounds in Seven Seeds.


Happy Booch – I have never been a fan of kombucha, until I tried Happy Booch! They donated bottles of their vodka kombucha, in Lemon Ginger and Pineapple Mango flavours. Buy Happy Booch here.


Honset Chocolat – provided sachets of their homemade mini marshmallows and cocoa powder.


Lily Bee Wrap – donated their fun and eco friendly beeswax wraps!


Little Bird Organics – donated packets of their Good Nuts range, including Cheesy Chipotle Cashews, Salty Seaweed Almonds and Banana Bread Walnuts


Pause for Tea – donated cans of their Hibiscus & Ginger Sparkling Herbal Tea


Rocket Kitchen – donated these cute Christmas Tree cookies


Wild x Soda – donated three flavours of their vodka soda, including Vodka x Lime, Vodka x Berry and Vodka x Blood Orange. My favourite is the Berry!


🌟Lastly, we made a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at our event…🌟

After a successful year of keeping the #BRUNCHCLUB tradition alive and also running our first charity event #NZBloggers Pink Ribbon Brunch, we announced at our Xmas Soiree that we have decided to turn over a new leaf for #NZBloggers, by changing our brand. 

WELCOME TO… #NZContentCollective!

While we will continue to support all of New Zealand’s Bloggers, we also want to support and enable networking for ALL of New Zealand’s Content Creators. Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or are an Artist or are a Business Owner etc. EVERYONE is welcome to join our group!

Admins for #NZContentCollective are Laura Lock, Evo Malifa and myself. We will continue to run our monthly #BRUNCHCLUB events, and plan to host other events throughout the year. Check out our Instagram page here, and join our Facebook group here

From left: Evo, myself, Laura and Jules

If you are looking for a relaxed place to talk about content creation or are interested in starting an Instagram, Facebook or Blog, and would like to attend upcoming #NZContentCollective and #BRUNCHCLUB events, follow us on Instagram to ensure you don’t miss out. There are some great things being planned for 2020… hope to see you there!

^ Georgie x

Wu & You
399 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland
Socials: Instagram / Facebook

Wu and You Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Taste of Auckland 19


November is the most exciting month of the year, for three reasons:
1. It is my birthday month;
2. It is starting to feel like summer; and
3. Taste of Auckland has arrived – woohoo!

On Thursday night, I attended my sixth Taste of Auckland, including the VIP Opening, where Taste presented the ‘Best in Taste Awards’, judged by MARCO PIERRE WHITE (and daughter), Tony Stewart (Clooney), Chand Sahrawat (Sid at The French Cafe/Cassia) and Amanda Linnell (VIVA). The winning dish was the Beetroot Taco Pao with Pulled Sticky Pork Belly, Pickled Carrot and Crispy Shallots by Nanam.

Jessabel Granada / Executive Chef at Nanam

Plus, a new award this year – ‘People’s Choice Award’ – judged by Nicole O’Brien, who won a VIVA competition to become the judge! Her top pick was the “Miann Hot Dog” with Chocolate Parfait, Eclair, Passionfruit and Raspberry by Miann. Read more below to see a picture!

Held over four days (31 October – 3 November), Taste of Auckland is ideal for those who love food, cooking and everything in between. In other words, it is the event for ultimate foodie heaven! Taste showcases some of Auckland’s best restaurants, all in pop up style at the festival, and each restaurant offers 3-4 dishes for you to try. Check out the restaurant menus hereTaste has their own festival currency, namely ‘Crowns’ ($1 = 1 crown). You use a Crown card to purchase food, drinks and experiences. Restaurant dishes cost between 8 and 20 crowns, while a restaurant’s ‘Icon Dish’ (limited availability) costs between 12 and 45 crowns. Crown cards are available for purchase at the entrance, and are also included in some of the ticket options. Festival glasses (used for drinks and tastings) are $5 and can be purchased onsite as well. Best part, you can keep your glass… just don’t put them in the dishwasher… they shrink! More about crowns and tickets here.

Taste of Auckland are very excited to announce that world renowned British chef (and youngest chef to receive 3 Michelin stars), MARCO PIERRE WHITE, will be at the festival for his first New Zealand public appearance! As part of your ticket, you can see Marco cook live in the SUB ZERO & WOLF Living Kitchen. Just arrive early to get a good seat!

Your ticket entry to Taste also includes trying new and existing food products from all over New Zealand and listening to live music while enjoying the sun and sea.


Taste is being held in the same location as last year, occupying the entire space of Queen’s Wharf on the waterfront! I am in love with this seaside location, as it is more spacious, and easier to get to. You could drive, but why not walk down from work or take public transport if you can?!

Check out my highlights below at Taste of Auckland 2019 over two sessions. Enjoy!

Restaurants at Taste

There are 14 restaurants to try at Taste of Auckland this year, including: Maori Kitchen, The Shucker Brothers (Seafood), Andiamo (Modern Italian), &Sushi (Sashimi Bar), Miann Chocolate Factory (Desserts), Epicer (Modern Indian), Xoong (North-East Asian), Nanam (Filipino), Culprit. (Modern Kiwi yum cha), Low Brow. (Contemporary fast/good food), Hugo’s Bistro (good food and good conversation), Crab Shack (Seafood, with an emphasis on Crab) and Oyster & Chop (Steak and Seafood).


Plus, Collab Kitchen, featuring five top chefs cooking in the same kitchen: Nick Honeyman (Paris Butter), Josh Barlow (ex Sugar Club), Hayden McMillan (Ex Etta, Melbourne), Lucas Parkinson (Ode, Wanaka) and Phil Clark (Phil’s Kitchen). Check out the restaurant menus here.

Here is what we ate: 


I have never tried Andiamo‘s food before, so I was really excited to see them pop up at Taste this year. Located in Herne Bay, Andiamo serves modern Italian-inspired cuisine, and upon reading their menu, I was interested in trying every single dish! I tried four out of their five dishes:

ICON DISH: Barbequed Prawns with Pancetta and Puttanesca Sauce
= 25 crowns

IMG_6999 - Copy

Rigatoni, Seven-Hour Veal & Pork Bolognese with Parmigiano Reggiano
= 12 crowns


Burrata, Roast Tomatoes and Basil
= 12 crowns


Lamb Meatballs, Preserved Lemon, Kale and Parmesan
= 12 crowns


Socials: Website / Instagram / Facebook


I was so excited to hear that &Sushi would be popping up at Taste this year, because I am a HUGE fan of their Japanese/Korean delights! They are also the festival’s first dedicated luxurious Sashimi Bar! Read more about &Sushi here. 

Thanks to &Sushi, we tried the Sashimi Bowl with King Salmon, Marinated Wild Caught Yellowfin Tuna, Avocado, Edamame, Seaweed and Flying Fish Roe
= 10 crowns

IMG_6984 - Copy

And, some delicious Sashimi


Socials: Website / Instagram / Facebook

Collab Kitchen



Lemon Meringue, Raspberries, Lemon, Almond & Fennel with Salted Shortbread
= 13 crowns


We also tried the Glazed Wagyu Cheek with Whisky and Coke, served with Pickled Vegetables by Josh Barlow
= 13 crowns


The Shucker Brothers

The Shucker Brothers are back this year, serving their delicious ocean-fresh oysters (freshly shucked to order) that are sourced locally from Clevedon, Mahurangi and Waiheke’s Te Matuku. Yum!

Freshly Shucked Oysters with Lemon and Mignonette
= 12 crowns


Socials: Website / Instagram / Facebook


Nanam have brought a unique and modern interpretation of traditional Filipino cuisine to Taste of Auckland this year! A must order is their Taco Pao (below). 

ICON DISH: Beetroot Taco Pao with Sticky Pork Belly, Pickled Carrot and Crispy Shallots
= 14 crowns

IMG_6962 - Copy

Socials: Website / Instagram / Facebook


After winning ‘Best in Taste 2018’, XOONG are back for another year, serving North East Asian fare, with tastes inspired by Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.

Ruakaka Kingfish Sashimi with Apple, Celery and Avocado
= 10 crowns

IMG_7041 - Copy

Socials: Website / Instagram / Facebook

Low Brow.

Low Brow. are forever creating a stir on Auckland’s foodie scene with their infamous free-range fried chicken…

So, you must order some of it when you are at Taste of Auckland!

Two Organic Fried Chicken Wings (Original Spice)
AND Lowbrow Fried Hot Chicken Mini Sando
= 8 crowns / 9 crowns


Socials: Website / Instagram / Facebook


Last but not least is Miann, who are back for their second year, being the only eatery serving just desserts! I have been following Miann’s journey from the beginning and they make some outstanding desserts, plus I love their handmade chocolates and ice cream. Read more about Miann here and here.

Miann Hot Dog, Chocolate Parfait, Eclair, Passionfruit and Raspberry
= 11 crowns

How freakin’ cool is this dessert?!


Tiramisu with Marsala and Coffee Espuma, Cacao Nib Gelato and Marsala Sponge, served in an Edible Coffee Cup!
= 14 crowns


Socials: Website / Instagram / Facebook


You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to the beverage choices at Taste, whether it be wine, spirits, beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Perfect to enjoy with your favourite restaurant dishes, or while lounging in a sun chair, listening to live music and enjoying the sunshine – bliss. Check out the beverage options available below:


If you only have one drink at Taste of Auckland, make it a BLUSH Gin Slushy. You won’t regret it. Plus, who says no to a pink drink?!



Sip, swirl and savour these wine options at Taste of Auckland…

  • From Malborough, No.1 Family Cuvee Estate, Yealands and O:TU Wines
  • From Auckland, Villa Maria
  • From Waiheke, Man O War
  • From Central Otago, Te Kana Estate, Mount Michael Wines and Gibbston Valley

No1. Family Cuvee Estate


Debuting at Taste of Auckland, Schweppes will be showcasing its newly launched 1783 range, crafted by leading UK mixologists, with natural flavours to deliver the perfect pairing with the finest spirits.

IMG_7009 - Copy

Aperol Spritz

It is Aperol Time! Bring a touch of Italy to your Taste of Auckland experience with Aperol Spritz and Aperitivo, Italy’s iconic take on happy hour. The perfect Aperol Spritz is made by mixing equal parts Aperol and Prosecco, with a dash of soda and wedge of orange in a wine glass full of ice. Be prepared as these are STRONG!


Artisan Producers

I was disappointed by the lack of artisan producers this year, compared to previous years. I found there were more stands serving alcohol than food, which was a shame, because really we are coming for the food!!!

Also, many stands were not doing samples, and others were not even selling their products, which was another big shame! There were only three stands I really enjoyed:

The Lucky Taco – head here for free mini tacos! Plus, sign up to their mailing list for your chance to win The Lucky Taco at your casa!

Green & Blacks – loads of chocolate samples – we love the Dark Salted Caramel!

Forty Thieves – one of my favourite nut butter brands – don’t leave without trying the Salted Macadamia and Hazelnut Crunch!!!

All the details…

Taste of Auckland
Dates Thursday 31 October to Sunday 3 November 2019
Times Friday (12pm to 4pm & 5.30pm to 9.30pm) Saturday (12pm to 4pm & 5.30pm to 9.30pm) and Sunday (12pm to 5pm)
Venue Queens Wharf, 89 Quay Street, Auckland
Tickets Available on the day or via the Taste website – GA from $25, Premium $65 and VIP from $95.
Getting there Walk from work, Uber, take a bus or train, catch a ferry, or park in the nearby Downtown Parking Building or Britomart Car Park.
Socials Website / Instagram / Facebook

This post is not sponsored, however the lovely people at Taste of Auckland, Lemongrass Productions and Sauce Shop PR provided my entry. All opinions are my own.

Bodrum Market – Newmarket

Over the weekend, two friends and I were invited to dine at Bodrum Market in Westfield Newmarket’s new rooftop dining precinct. It was a fantastic lunch, thanks to the lovely food, cocktails, ambience and service.

Bodrum Market is run by one of my favourite hospitality companies – Nazar Group. Founded by Alex Isik and Nigar Ivgen, they own restaurants all over Auckland, including Feriza’s, Miss Istanbul, Ottoman Mezze Lounge, NOA Chargrill + Burger, Devon on the Wharf, Mozaik Caffe, Deco Eatery, Casablanca and Bodrum Kitchen. All of their restaurants bring a slice of the Mediterranean to the table – featuring Turkish, Greek, Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes… so we were really excited to check it out!


Walking in, we absolutely loved the interior of Bodrum Market, which is inspired by Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and the streets of Bodrum City. While I have not yet been to Istanbul (it is on the list!), I immediately felt transported to an exotic city! We were seated in one of their booths, which overlooks the dining area and bar. 


If you dine at Bodrum Market, you must order a cocktail! We tried three which were all refreshing and delicious. My top picks are the Bombay Masala Talkies – Gin infused with masala tea, butterfly pea flower syrup, lemon juice and Mediterranean tonic water; the Sultan Treat with Russian vodka, rose petal water, fresh pomegranate, lime juice and pomegranate molasses; and the Aam Pana Cooler with Tequila, orange liqueur, raw mango puree, roasted cumin powder, lemon juice and lemonade. (Seriously, typing this now makes my mouth water!!!)


And now for the most important part, the food!

Bodrum Market is offering diners an authentic experience by serving four different cuisines – Indian, Italian, Turkish and Latin American Asado, just like the traditional food markets of the Mediterranean. Their aim is to showcase unique flavours from each of their teams’ homelands. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak through their kitchen and admired their Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, Asado Grill and Doner Kebab machine. 


There are many options on the menu to suit a range of palates, and I recommend sharing if possible so you can try a few dishes. We trusted the team to bring us a few of their favourites from each of the four cuisines to try:

IMG_6805Olives and Feta with almonds and dates

Chicken Lollipops with chili sauce

Grilled Octopus with new potatoes, paprika butter, garlic aioli and parsley

Beef Short Ribs with Chimichurri sauce

Prosciutto Pizza with fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan

We loved that everything was super fresh, flavourful and tasty, plus every dish was full of colour. Our favourites were the Beef Short Rib – lathered in a beautiful Chimichurri sauce and the meat was melting off the bone! The Chicken Lollipops were also a highlight, and we surprisingly enjoyed the Grilled Octopus… must admit those tentacles freaked us out a bit!

For dessert, we tried their Loukoumades – light and fluffy Greek honey puffs, drizzled in chocolate sauce and served with pink fairy floss, ice cream and pistachios. You will definitely want to save room for this dessert!


For a further sweet treat, head outside to the entrance of Bodrum Market to admire the displays of Baklava, Chocolate Baklava and Turkish Delight – definitely recommend buying a few pieces for the ride home.


Thank you Bodrum Market for a FAB dining experience – we cannot wait to come back! x

Address: Westfield Newmarket, Rooftop, 277 Broadway, Newmarket
Socials: Instagram / Facebook / Website

Bodrum Market Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups


I don’t know about you, but when I hear ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Peanut Butter’ in the same sentence, I get REALLY REALLY EXCITED!

I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but unfortunately they are full of sugar and also not good for the waistline, and because I love to eat a variety of chocolate during the week, I wanted to find a balance between the two. 

Below is my recipe for Vegan Peanut Butter Cups – they are super simple and easy to make, and only require 4 ingredients! Can also guarantee that your friends and family will love them!

Makes 24 mini cups.



For the Peanut Butter Cups:
1 cup smooth peanut butter (I used Revive Peanut Butter)
3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted (I like Blue Coconut)
1 tablespoon maple syrup

For the Chocolate Topping:
1 cup of coconut oil, melted
3 tablespoons maple syrup
2 x 100g blocks of 70% Lindt chocolate (it is in fact vegan – yay!), roughly chopped and melted


1. Pop 24 mini muffin cases on trays. 

2. Combine the coconut oil, maple syrup and dark chocolate in a bowl and stir until it looks silky. 

3. Spoon chocolate mixture into each muffin cup (fill about 1/3 of the case). 

4. Place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, or until chocolate is set. 

5. While the chocolate is hardening, combine the peanut butter, coconut oil and maple syrup in a bowl and whisk until all the ingredients are well mixed.

6. Remove tray from freezer and spoon peanut butter mixture into each muffin cup (fill another 1/3 of the case).

7. Pour a little of the chocolate topping over each mini cup, until you can’t see any peanut butter. Pop them back in the freezer to fully harden. But don’t worry, they won’t take long!

8. Store these in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 weeks or the freezer for 2-3 months. If freezing, thaw a few minutes before eating. 


Enjoy! x

Bread & Butter Bakery and Cafe


Last month, I organised #
NZBloggers October #BRUNCHCLUB which was held at Bread & Butter Bakery and Cafe in Grey Lynn!

Owned and run by Isabel Pasch, Bread & Butter Bakery specialises in making traditional European and naturally leavened sourdough breads. All of their bread is certified organic and tastes delicious! You may have tried their bread before, especially because Bread & Butter generously donated their sourdough loaves, bagels and cinnamon brioche for our Pink Ribbon Carnival back in May of this year! 

Bread & Butter have three bakeries in Auckland – Ponsonby Central, Milford and Grey Lynn. At the Grey Lynn branch, this is where all of their breads are baked onsite, and this is where we had our brunch. We were seated in their ‘Plate Room’, a private dining room, where the sun poured in (great for pictures!) and it had the most lovely feature wall (below).


At our brunch, Isabel spoke to us briefly about her background (she is a trained scientist and science journalist, but after moving to New Zealand with her family, could not find any good organic sourdough bread anywhere, so she started her own small bakery (Paris Berlin in Ellerslie), which later became Bread & Butter Bakery.

She also spoke about her bakery’s ethos and her blog, Bread Politics, which was very interesting and a great opportunity to learn more about how their bread is made. If you are interested, Bread & Butter Bakery also run Sourdough Bread Baking Classes on a semi regular basis, where you learn how to make sourdough baking, plus the nutritional and environmental issues around breads and other foods. Check out their Facebook page here for more information. 

For brunch, we enjoyed some of following dishes: 

Evo and Belle ordered the Bread and Butter Benedict with poached eggs, spinach and brown butter hollandaise on sage and leek bread pudding with Manuka Smoked Bacon. Both enjoyed this dish, and Belle was able to swap out the bread pudding with Gluten Free Toast – yum!

Photo Credit: Belle

Laura ordered the Avocado Brekkie Salad with rocket, vine tomato, poached egg, crispy sourdough croutons, bacon, pecorino and citrus vinaigrette. Laura loved everything about the salad – it was fresh, creamy and delicious. The citrus vinaigrette also gave the dish a nice zing!

Photo Credit: Laura

MichelleJessi and Rachael tried the Smashed Avocado & Edamame Luxe – a very generous dish of marinated feta, poached egg, rocket, chili oil, pumpkin seeds and semi-dried tomato on red quinoa sourdough. As I was sitting near Jessi and Michelle, they both loved the fact that literally a whole smashed avocado was served on the plate!


Yuzu, Corrine and I ordered the Clafoutis. I have fond memories of Clafoutis, as growing up, my Mum used to make this dessert often and still does to this day. Bread & Butter’s take on the Clafoutis is making it into a PANCAKE! It is served with mixed berries, raspberry mascarpone, gingerbread and a beautiful cardamom spiced crème anglaise. It was a lovely dish and my sweet cravings were satisfied. 


Nicola ordered the Super Grain Porridge and while she was skeptical at first (being porridge), was surprised by all the added condiments – fig jam, mulled wine braised plums, whipped cashews, puffed grains and seeds! Also, how lovely does it look?


Cheryl and Maggie ordered the Bread & Butter Pudding, made with hot buttered rum sauce and topped with cashew crusted banana, poached fruits and roasted white chocolate. 


View this post on Instagram

We had the Clafoutis (french pancake) $19, which was light but flavourful with its lemon notes, paired perfectly with a raspberry mascarpone. The Bread & Butter Pudding $16 was served with a beautiful hot buttered rum sauce which was rich and sweet, alongside a cashew crusted banana and poached fruits. If you're looking for a healthy drink option, the Clean & Green Smoothie $9, is chock full of nutrients from the spinach, celery, cucumber and other fresh ingredients in the vege-packed beverage. Or, if you can't live without your coffee in the mornings, Bread & Butter offer their own blend as well, roasted by Espresso Workshop, and their large option is even served in a bowl! Talk about a caffeine bomb!

A post shared by Bean There. (@beantherewbu) on

At the end of the meal, Bread & Butter Bakery gave everyone a surprise gift – either a Mixed Grain Loaf, Rye or Walnut Loaf to take home, which was amazing. I picked up a Walnut Loaf and have been toasting it for breakfast all week!


Overall, it was a great morning out – delicious food, set up and most importantly, the lovely company! A huge thank you to Isabel and the team at Bread & Butter Bakery for your hospitality!

Check out the blogs and social pages of those who came along:

Bean There WBU

Cecilia Lal

Chan Can Eat

Corrine Lynskey
Website / Instagram

Website / Instagram / Facebook

Island Girl Blogger
Website / Instagram / Facebook


Michael Khu

Rose Room
Website / Instagram / Facebook

Sunday Dreams

The Foodie Inc
Website / Instagram / Facebook

Twelve Belles
Website / Instagram

Two Feet One World
Website / Instagram / Facebook

If you are looking for a relaxed place to talk about blogging or are interested in starting an Instagram, Facebook or Blog, and would like to attend upcoming #NZBloggers and #BRUNCHCLUB events, follow us on Instagram to ensure you don’t miss out. We have two events left for the year and are also planning some awesome events for 2020.

Address: 34 Westmoreland Street West, Grey Lynn
Socials: Instagram / Facebook / All Day Brunch Menu

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Meadow – Auckland

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After a successful #NZBloggers Pink Ribbon Brunch last month (more details here), we are back doing our usual brunch clubs!

#NZBloggers is a group encouraging, supporting and enabling networking for bloggers and influencers. We host a monthly #NZBloggers #BRUNCHCLUB event, where a few of us take turns organising (I previously organised March’s one at Ozone Coffee Roasters). A bunch of bloggers and influencers meet up to have brunch and learn more about blogging. The thing I love most about these events is meeting people whom you follow on social media, but otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to meet. 

This June, our #BRUNCHCLUB was held at Meadow in Meadowbank! Meadow is a sophisticated and modern bistro and bar, taking local neighbourhood dining to the next level. Offering a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, plus elegant interior and an expansive courtyard – perfect for al fresco dining!

Meadow put on a beautiful morning for us – we were seated outside in their courtyard under a private marquee (surrounded by plants and trees), and they decorated a long table with a navy blue theme in mind. They also added special touches, such as blue flowers and personalised name cards. We also loved the fact that we had our own hashtag #MeadowXNZBloggers and custom made cookies by The Cookie Collective. They even provided us with navy blue blankets and heat lamps in case we got cold.

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Today was a special day ⁣ ⁣ It was the first time I attended a brunch club (which I felt privileged to be part of as a recreational grammer!!) hosted by @nzbloggers and was able to meet a group of talented bloggers in Auckland. ⁣ ⁣ In a stunning marqueed set up at @meadow_auckland , with great food to match, this brunch undoubtedly felt next level! And not to mention the details in the décor, and provision of custom cookies by @thecookiecollectivenz that completed the experience. ⁣ ⁣ If you’re a blogger/Instagrammer who wants to reach out to others doing a similar thing or want advice on starting up, then give @nzbloggers a message!⁣ ⁣ I’m utterly excited for more brunches with this bunch – give them a follow!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ @nzbloggers @_georgieats_ ⁣ @lozalock @adiandbert @bunnyeatsdesign @eatitauckland @twelvebelles @onceuponanegg @thefoodieinc

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Prior to our brunch, their all day menu had us salivating – with dishes such as Chorizo Croque Madame with béchamel, fried egg and mustard sauce, Meadow Huevos Sucios with slow cooked pork, fried eggs, harissa, chilli and labneh and Grilled Chicken Burger with avocado, brie, tomato, rocket and TRUFFLE FRIES! 
Check out their menu here.

Here are some of the dishes we enjoyed:

TRUFFLE Fries with Parmesan and aioli…. so dreamy!!!

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Eggs Benedict on sourdough with bacon and a side of maple syrup

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Meadow Huevos Sucios with slow cooked pork, fried eggs, harissa, chilli and labneh





Chorizo Croque Madame with béchamel, fried egg and mustard sauce

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Crepes with strawberries, chocolate, caramel mascarpone and maple syrup






Overall, it was a great morning out – delicious food, set up and most importantly, the lovely company! A huge thank you to Meadow for their hospitality!

Check out the blogs and social pages of those who came along:

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Belle of Twelve Belles
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Claudia of adi&bert
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Genie of Bunny Eats Design
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Georgie of Georgieats
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May-Lee of Eat It Auckland
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Michelle of The Foodie Inc
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Nathan of Sapid Scoop
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If you are looking for a relaxed place to talk about blogging or are interested in starting a blog, and would like to attend upcoming #NZBloggers and #BRUNCHCLUB events, join the Facebook group to ensure you don’t miss out. There are some great things being planned for the rest of 2019… hope to see you there!

* Disclosure – we received a small discount on each of our meals. Thanks Meadow! x

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