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Georgieats’ Weekly Faves

Following on from my first post of Georgieats’ Weekly Faves, and in memory of attending The Food Show this time last week, I will be sharing my favourite foodie products which I purchased at The Food Show. There were some amazing products, along with some great show specials – I ended up coming home with 7 bags! I have narrowed this list down to my Top 10 products. Enjoy!


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Weekly Faves

Tamarind Chutney by Jenny’s Kitchen


Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney is my all time favourite chutney by far, and something you will always find in our fridge at home. It is the most divine chutney you will ever eat, and tastes great with everything. I love spreading it on pizza, adding it to salads, with vegetables, with lasagna, or simply eating it straight out of the jar. I especially love their X-hot flavour!

Below is a Caramelised Onion, Chicken and Tamarind Chutney pizza by Jenny’s Kitchen to get you drooling. Recipe here.


Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney is available at Farro Fresh, IE Produce and Binn Inn.

Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney
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Silver Fern Farms


Silver Fern Farms makes quality New Zealand lamb, beef and venison. It is expensive, so I have rarely bought it, hence I haven’t tried a lot in their range. They did however have a great special at The Food Show (3 products for $32), so I purchased their Beef Stir-fry, Lamb Stir-fry and Venison Mince. I plan to make thisthis and this. Stay tuned on Instagram for my snaps!

Silver Ferns Farms is available at Countdown, New World and Farro Fresh.

Silver Fern Farms
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Nut Butters by Pic’s


Hands up who’s a fan of Pic’s peanut butter? I reckon it’s one of the best peanut butters on the market and who can resist their latest ice cream collaboration with Lewis Road Creamery? (For more details, click here).

Prior to The Food Show, I had never tried their Almond or Cashew nut butters. They are delicious. So far, I’ve enjoyed both on rice crackers (see below), on toast and of course, eating it straight out of the jar!

Pic’s nut butters are available at New World, Pak & Save, Countdown and Farro Fresh.

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Blackcurrant Powder by Sujon


Sujon was started by two Kiwis, Sue and John Gibb (hence the name) who run Australasia’s first and longest berry company. You can buy their Sujon berries frozen, powdered, mixed and in capsules.

Their blackcurrant powder is our favourite – it is essentially crushed, freeze dried blackcurrants. A load of research has been done on blackcurrants – they are definitely the next superfood! Check out the information here and here! And best of all, the powder, when sprinkled on porridge/cereal, blended through smoothies or mixed with water, tastes delicious! Check out this yummy recipe here.

Sujon’s frozen berries are available to buy at New World and Pak N Save, however you can only purchase the blackcurrant powder at Health 2000, Binn Inn and selected health stores.

Sujon Berries
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Rice snacks by Ceres Organics

Have you tried Ceres Organics Black Rice Crackers yet? They are ah-mazing!!!


I also love their Rice Cakes! I purchased both at The Food Show and have been non-stop munching! For a great snack, I love a good rice cake spread with nut butter and topped with tomato, like below!


Ceres Organics’ products are available at Countdown and New World, as well as the Ceres shop in Ellerslie.

Ceres Organics
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Little Bird Grawnola by Little Bird Organics


I love Little Bird Organics. Raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free food that is insanely exciting and tasty! Just visit one of their cafes and you will be amazed! They also sell a delicious selection of homemade macaroons, crackers, nut milks, and best of all, grawnola. My favourites are their berry and cacao flavours and I love adding it to my weetbix or sprinkling it on my porridge!

Little Bird Grawnola is available at Little Bird Unbakery (Britomart and Ponsonby branches) and Farro Fresh.

Little Bird Organics
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Sprouted Seed Pizza Bases by Home St. / Bakeworks

Home St. is bringing back bread the way it should be – nutritious, wholesome, delicious, and gluten free. Their bread is baked with sprouted and activated seeds (like sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and linseed), resulting in a soft and chewy texture.


I’m already a huge fan of their Sprouted Good Seed Pizza Bases, having made a Chicken, Caramelised Onion + Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney pizza (mentioned above) and a Margherita pizza (as below)!


Home St’s pizza bases are available at New World, Countdown and Farro Fresh.

Home St. / Bakeworks
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Chocolate Marshmallow Bars by Queen Anne Chocolates


With their chocolate marshmallow eggs only available during the Christmas and Easter periods, Queen Anne Chocolates wanted to make a product that could be purchased all year round. Introducing, Chocolate Marshmallow Bars!


The bars come in a variety of flavours – Dark Chocolate Boysenberry, Dark Chocolate Caramel, Milk Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Caramel and Milk Chocolate Caramel and Strawberry. Yum!

Queen Anne Chocolates are available online and at New World, Pak N Save and Smith & Caugheys.

Queen Anne Chocolates

Chia Seed drink by CHIA


CHIA is a company I had not come across until discovering it at The Food Show last week. It is a beverage made from 90% organic hydrated chia seeds, with the company located in Nelson.

My favourite flavours are the Feijoa & Guava, Mango & Coconut and Blackcurrant & Apple. They also make sparkling coconut water infused with lemon and blackcurrant – lovely!

CHIA is available at New World, Countdown, Scarecrow, Best Ugly Bagels and Commonsense Organics.

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Lebanese products by KOHKOZ


Kohkoz was a new stand at The Food Show this year, selling authentic Lebanese hummus, baba ghanoush, garlic dip, falafel and breads.

I tried all of their products and can say that everything tasted delicious! I bought a packet of their Lebanese wraps, falafel and baba ghanoush dip and plan to eat these in the weekend. Stay tuned on Instagram for my snaps!

KOHKOZ’s products are available at Farro Fresh and online at

Instagram / Facebook


Hope you all enjoyed my faves this week and stay tuned for next week!

For more of Georgieats’ Weekly Faves, click here

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