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Georgieats’ Weekly Faves

Hello Readers!

I would love to introduce you to my new series, Georgieats’ Weekly Faves, featuring a lowdown of my favourite foodie products of the week (some of which are gifted and others I have purchased online or over the weekend). Enjoy!

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Weekly Faves

Mango and Passionfruit Craft Yoghurts by The Collective

I am loving the two new tasty additions to The Collective’s Craft Yoghurt Range – Mango and Passionfruit!


These yoghurts are made the old fashioned way – freshly warmed milk and active cultures are left to naturally set, resulting in a silky, thick and creamy yoghurt. Combine that with a fruity compote and you’ve got a winner!


So far, I have eaten both yoghurts straight out of the tub and made a breakfast bowl (above), with the new Mango yoghurt, Weetbix, chopped mango and fresh passionfruit, in my new Coconut Bowl. Yum!

The Collective / Coconut Bowls


Caramilk & Cadbury Spin Wheel

Happy Belated World Chocolate Day!ūüéą

In the last few weeks, I received two bright purple boxes filled with Cadbury chocolate!

IMG_4544 (5)

The first box was filled with Caramilk.¬†Originally created in 1994, this smooth white chocolate and caramel combination soon became a hit among kiwis. And now, it’s back for a limited time only! It’s deliciously creamy, milky and as my workmate said, tastes just like Russian fudge. Heaven!


The second box was filled with all of Cadbury’s delicious¬†Dairy Milk flavours, including Black Forest, Top Deck, Hazelnut, Caramilk and 3 new special edition flavours: Crazy 4 Caramel block, Mad 4 Mint block and Craving 4 Coffee block.

Cadbury are encouraging us kiwis to branch out and become flavour bravers! From now until 8th August, you can do just that! Look out for the Cadbury Flavour Wheel popping in and out of Auckland, stopping by Sylvia Park, Lynn Mall and Britomart for your chance to spin the wheel and dare to try a new flavour!


Cypriot Halloumi by Food Snob 

Last week, I was sent a beautiful food delivery, filled with Food Snob’s new Cypriot Halloumi, a range of their olives and artichoke hearts, homemade dukkah, extra virgin olive oil, a lemon, a red onion, garlic, rocket, basil and mint plants, a French baguette AND a Lodge cast iron pan – wow!


For lunch one day, I seared Food Snob’s Cypriot Halloumi in my new Lodge cast iron pan and served it with¬†sliced¬†tomatoes, olives and¬†rocket on an olive oil drizzled¬†French baguette, topped with¬†a sprinkling of dukkah and mint leaves. The perfect lunch!

I used a variation of this recipe, minus the salsa. It was incredibly tasty, fresh and very easy to prepare.


There are so many great things about Food Snob’s Cypriot Halloumi – it takes little time to cook, its vegetarian friendly and you can do many things with it – grill it, fry it, bake it, put it on pizza, in tacos, in a sandwich, grate it on top of your spaghetti… literally everything! It’s also super tasty too!

Plus, last night, I made Food Snob’s Halloumi Vegetables Burgers for dinner, using the halloumi, capsicums, courgette, onion and sweet potato. Recipe link is here.


The Food Snob


Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake Mix by The Caker

The Caker, aka Jordan Rondel is one of my idols (read more about that here). I have been following her journey from the beginning – the first time I tried one of her cakes was in 2013! Since then, Jordan has gone on to release two cookbooks, open up shop on K’Road, cater to many events, birthdays and other celebrations, hold baking demonstrations and launch her cake mix selection.

Her cake mixes are super awesome – they give you a chance to recreate The Caker cakes at home, are easy to prepare and you only have to add a few ingredients. The current mix list includes: Coconut Raspberry, Ginger Pear Pistachio and Lemon Plum, plus Apricot Almond Rosemary and Dutch Spice Dark Chocolate cookie mixes.

And now, there’s a new flavour! Introducing… Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake!


Jordan says about her new¬†Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake mix:¬†¬†“Add eggs and butter for, literally, the best chocolate cake you’ll ever eat.” And I totally agree, this is, by far, my favourite cake and until now, it has been a secret recipe – so now at least I know what’s in the cake!

Stay tuned for this weekend – I’m making this cake for my sister’s birthday!

The Caker / Cake Mixes


Peanut Butter Ice Cream by Lewis Road Creamery x Pic’s Peanut Butter

I have a new favourite dessert.

A new favourite obsession.


Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s Lewis Road Creamery’s new Peanut Butter Ice Cream in collaboration with Pic’s Peanut Butterūüć¶ūü•ú¬†It’s the creamiest, dreamiest peanut butter ice cream you could ever hope for!

This new Peanut Butter Ice Cream is available in 470ml tubs – perfect for sharing between two!

Lewis Road Creamery / Pic’s Peanut Butter


M2Woman July/August 2017 Issue

Guys, I’m in a magazine! The¬†M2Woman¬†July/August magazine! So stoked to be featured in their article “6 of the Best NZ Food ‘Grams”! This has made my year!!!


In the article, I share why I started my Instagram and my favourite places to frequent, along with 5 other amazing Instagrammers – Bunny Eats Design, Hadlow Girls, Wellingnoms, Forking Yum and Delish Bella.

Thanks to all of you for supporting my Instagram and blog and for reading my posts – eternally grateful!


M2Woman Magazine


Hope you all enjoyed my new feature and stay tuned for next week’s weekly faves!



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